Victoria Lympus

Victoria Lympus – Editor

Non-fiction book editor. Over a decade of experience, including highly illustrated books. Subjects include anything from art to zoology.


Hello, I am a non-fiction book editor who has worked in publishing for over a decade.

I enjoy working on general reference on anything from art to zoology. However I have an MA in art history and a lot of experience in highly illustrated books, so subjects such as art and craft are particularly up my street. Other areas I have a particular interest in are history, memoir, MBS and business.

I enjoy working with first-time authors and those who might not consider themselves "writers" but who have knowledge or a story they want to share.
Architecture Art Biographies & Memoirs Design DIY & Crafts Health & Wellbeing Home & Garden Religion & Spirituality
English (UK)

Work experience


Aug, 2016 — Present

• Project management
• Copyediting
• Proofreading
• Anglicization/Americanization
• Picture research
• Author commissioning
• Any other ad-hoc editorial requirements

Quarto Publishing

Nov, 2014 — Jul, 2016 (over 1 year)

I came up with, researched, conceptualized and commissioned creative and commercial book ideas.

• Researched trends, ideas and competition
• Conceptualized the look, format and extent of the book
• Discovered, attracted and retained talented authors
• Briefed authors on content creation
• Commissioned designers, illustrators and photographers
• Arranged, co-ordinated and supervised photoshoots
• Critiqued layouts to make them more logical, work harder and look great
• Wrote and edited synopses

Quarto Publishing

Jun, 2010 — Jun, 2014 (about 4 years)

Project-managed illustrated co-edition titles for clients in the USA and in the UK.

• Planned and maintained schedule and budget
• Identified and troubleshooted problems
• Developed content
• Identified and solved international issues with content
• Assessed and edited manuscripts
• Critiqued layouts
• Collated author’s, publisher’s and editor’s corrections and took them in to files
• Proofread final layouts and plotters
• Americanized and Anglicized text
• Liaised with and supported authors
• Managed freelance copyeditors and proofreaders
• Commissioned illustrators
• Arranged, co-ordinated and supervised photoshoots
• Built and maintained successful working relationships with publishers

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