Victoria Colotta

Victoria Colotta - Editor

NY/NJ Metropolitan Area

I am an artist & author. At VMC Art & Design I work with authors/publishers on editing, designing, & promoting their books.

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About Victoria, the Highly Caffeinated Author & Artist
Victoria Colotta is an artist, author, and award-winning graphic designer for her work at VMC Art & Design. With a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and a voracious need to constantly be reading, Victoria managed to merge the two loves in her life…art and books. As an artist, she is constantly exploring new ways to create and share her artwork. As an author, her goal is to write stories that she would love reading no matter what the genre and push herself to explore all the aspects of her characters.

Spending most of her day in her studio with her crazy dog Lizzy, Victoria loves to stay connected with readers, fellow book nerds, coffee addicts, and artists through social media.

About VMC Art & Design
VMC Art & Design works with authors, publishers, and small businesses to make a lasting impression. From developmental editing and beta reading to book design (cover design and interior layout design) to eBook production to website design/production to social media marketing, we understand that choosing the right company to work with you can be an overwhelming process.

Deciding who to choose, what services you would like to utilize, and what your budget is, can make anyone’s head spin. Whether you are an author, a small start-up business, or a large corporation looking to outsource design work, VMC Art & Design breaks through the confusion and gets to the core of what you need.

With a client base across the United States, we offer the same level of high-quality craftsmanship and a continuing commitment to all of our projects. We become your personalized consultants in order to develop the image that you want to convey. By listening to what your needs are, VMC Art & Design can provide creative solutions to any project that you present to us. You will be in the hands of an experienced professional from beginning to end.

Publishing Services
➤ Beta Reading
➤ Line Editing
➤ Developmental Editing
➤ VMC Virtual Assistant
➤ VMC Book Planner
➤ Book Cover Design
➤ Book Layout Design
➤ Typesetting
➤ eBook Design, Conversion, & Production
➤ Illustration & Photography
➤ Author Websites
➤ Author Branding
➤ Social Media Marketing

Business Services
➤ Branding
➤ Print Marketing
➤ Social Media Marketing
➤ Website Design & Production
➤ Illustration & Photography

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