Vanessa Wright

Vanessa Wright – Editor

25 years’ experience. Passionate about creating high quality business, YA/childrens, legal, art and psychology content for all formats.


I’m a professional editor with 25 years' experience in publishing – business, commercial and not-for-profit.

I’m passionate about structuring ideas and polishing copy and love working with authors to pull their precious manuscript into a professional, organised project space where we can work together to produce something really special!

Key topic areas: Business, legal, YA/children’s fiction, psychology, art, non-fiction.

Clear communication is important. We’ll discuss your content at the beginning to ensure I understand exactly what you need so we can get your copy in shape ready to publish as soon as possible. I understand that we need to strike a balance between a meaningful story and commercially viable, high-quality content.
Art Business & Management History Philosophy Psychology Religion & Spirituality
Children's Young Adult
English (AUS)

Work experience


Jan, 2008 — Present

Consulting to local and overseas clients, writing/ghost-writing, copy-editing and proofreading texts for articles, books and websites to specific styles/requirements.

Topic areas: Business, legal, YA/children’s fiction, non-fiction (finance, natural disasters/meteorological, history, art, psychology, life stories, etc.), academic, technical standards, training manuals.

Clients have included: Federation Press, Sydney; Harper Collins, Sydney; Pindar Publishing, (New Zealand base sourcing clients globally); HR Help, Sydney; LexisNexis (legal division), Sydney; FUSION Australia; Welfare Rights Centre, Sydney; Bombora Café, Manly, Bloomsbury.

Standards Australia

Jan, 2014 — Mar, 2021 (about 7 years)

Substantive structural and stylistic editing and proofreading. Working closely with industry experts in a wide range of technical fields to draft accurate and succinct Australian Standards for use nationally and internationally. Project management through various stages of publishing production through to publication in hardcopy and on digital platforms.

LexisNexis Asia Pacific

Jan, 1998 — Jan, 2014 (about 16 years)

Strong English language, grammar and research skills applied to legal commentary, books and online content. Proofreading, copy-editing and project management. Coding of content to publish on multimedia platforms (ie. hardcopy and digital).

Vanessa has 11 reviews





Atefeh H.

Atefeh H.

May, 2023

I am so pleased with Vanessa work.
Vanessa W.
Thankyou Atefeh. It's lovely to work with an author who has so many original ideas. :)
Lesley H.

Lesley H.

Apr, 2023

I really liked working with Vanessa,she was responsive to my input and I really liked that. I would definitely work with her again.
Vanessa W.
Thankyou Lesley. It's terrific to be working with someone who cares so much about their writing and wants to produce quality work.
Lamar G.

Lamar G.

Apr, 2023

Wow, Vanessa exceeded my expectations and gave me valuable insights into how and why to write a certain way to draw readers in. I'm very pleased with what she produced for me so I highly encourage you to use her for your projects. What's even better is that she gave me helpful tips and hints that I can apply to future books. Thank you Vanessa and I can't wait to use you again.
Vanessa W.
Lamar, you have been a joy to work with and I appreciate your enthusiasm to make the world a better place. I can't wait to see your fully illustrated book on the (e)shelves!
Kelsay B.

Kelsay B.

Jun, 2022

I appreciate your editing so far, and really appreciate your feedback on my work. You provided the utmost respect when correcting, and added a lot to the piece that I never realized was lacking. Thank you so much!
Vanessa W.
I very much enjoying inhabiting your imaginary world with Jacques and Alois while I edited your manuscript. Thankyou for sharing it with me and I look forward to seeing you in print! :)
Katie D.

Katie D.

Jun, 2022

Vanessa was fantastic to work with and I would hire her again without hesitation.

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