Jasmine Gower

Jasmine Gower - Editor

Beaverton, OR, USA

As a fantasy author with a Master of Arts in Book Publishing, Jasmine knows the editorial process from every angle.

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As an author myself, I’ve been working with editors for over half a decade in preparing projects for publication, ranging from short stories to full-length novels. In addition to my familiarity with the various stages of editing and foundational knowledge of the conventions of genre fiction, I’m also well-acquainted with writing and editing marketing copy that is valuable in promoting books, including blog and social media posts. From my experience in the author’s position, I am highly sympathetic to the author’s vulnerability in the editorial process and understand how to navigate between editorial suggestion and an author’s creative vision.

My graduate degree in Book Publishing from Portland State University was earned by working in a hands-on publishing environment via PSU’s Ooligan Press, a fiction and non-fiction publishing house run directly by the graduate students in the Book Publishing program. In my 2 and a half years working at Ooligan Press, I became practiced in the various methods used by publishers to bring a book into the world, such as acquisition, editing, marketing, design, and business operations. My skills as an editor were trained on actual manuscripts, including my developmental editing efforts on Connie King Leonard’s Sleeping In My Jeans, which went on to win the 2018 Oregon Spirit Award for a debut book and receive a nomination for the Oregon Book Awards’ Leslie Bradshaw Award for Young Adult Literature.

In addition to editorial work in the publishing industry, I also have experience writing, editing, and proofreading in business and academic environments. This includes 1.5 years experience creating and polishing internal documentation for Providence Health Plan and 3 years copyediting and proofreading internal and public-facing memos and reports from the Dean of the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University. My variety of experience in multiple industries allows me to be flexible in my editorial approaches and meet the needs of various types of text beyond the genre fiction I work with in my writing career.
English (US)
Epic Fantasy
LGBTQ Fiction
Literary Fiction
Urban Fantasy
Young Adult Fantasy

Work experience

Freelance Editor

June, 2019 – Present (about 3 years)

Developmental editing, line editing, and copy editing for works of fiction, particularly in the genres of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and young adult. Additionally, I provide editorial assessment for projects in their earlier stages. I've worked with works of numerous formats, including single short stories, short story anthologies, novellas, and novels.

In addition to my professional editing work, I am also a volunteer member of the publications team at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), where I regularly provide line edits on non-fiction articles that publish to the SFWA Blog.

Graduate Publisher

Ooligan Press
January, 2017 – June, 2019 (over 2 years)

As a student in Portland State University's Book Publishing Graduate Program, I worked in a hands-on capacity as a publisher at the graduate program's own press, Ooligan Press. Ooligan Press publishes fiction and non-fiction about the Pacific Northwest region and is run by students in the Book Publishing program. In my time at Ooligan Press, I fulfilled multiple roles within the press, including in the spheres of marketing, promotion, digital, and design, but my worked leaned particularly toward editing.

I provided editorial assessment for a number of titles coming through our acquisition channels, including multiple titles that went on to be published by Ooligan, including Three Sides Water, Breaking Cadence, and Odsburg. Additionally, I provided copyediting and proofreading for marketing and supplemental materials for the promotion of At the Waterline, as well as editorial assement and developmental editing for Elephant Speak. However, my most involved project at Ooligan Press was Sleeping in My Jeans, for which I was on the publication team from acquisition to publication, and I had a hand in the editorial, marketing, and design process at nearly every step of this book's publication journey.

Freelance Author

January, 2014 – Present (over 8 years)

As an author, my primary job involves conceptualizing, writing, editing, and marketing works of fiction, particularly fantasy and cross-genre speculative fiction with a queer and disabled voice. While my shorter fiction is now out of print, my debut novel Moonshine published in 2018 and was nominated for an Endeavour Award. I continue to write and edit speculative fiction novels and engage in the science-fiction/fantasy sphere on panels regarding the craft of writing. My author website can be found at jasminegower . com.

Portfolio (11 selected works)


Gower, Jasmine

Sleeping In My Jeans

Leonard, Connie King

Unspeakable: A Queer Gothic Anthology

Frohn, Celine, Gibson, S.T., Reid, Jude

Blurred Lines

Ricci, Caitlin, Gower, Jasmine, Lynn, K., Hart, Sian, Tudor, Kathleen

At the Waterline

Friesen, Brian K.

Three Sides Water

Donahue, Peter

Jasmine has 8 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Ben Stava
Jasmine did an incredible job and not only elevated my manuscript, but provided so much helpful feedback that'll be useful going forward.

Ben Stava, June 2022

Seth Warkentien
Jasmine provided great edits for a short story of mine. She has a good eye and caught a number of things I had missed. Her suggested changes very much improved my story.

Seth Warkentien, May 2022

Jessica Kiedrowski
Jasmine works professionally and communicates exceedingly well. I was scared to share my manuscript for the first time but she was able to help explain what needed to be changed and worked on with both understanding and extensive experience. I enjoyed working with her on a variety on different levels because she was able to explain the process of editing, publishing, and more for the sake of he...
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Jessica Kiedrowski, December 2021

Stephanie Chapman
This is my second time working with Jasmine and she's still just as awesome as she was the first time. She's one of my favourite professionals on Reedsy.

Stephanie Chapman, December 2021

Jasmine left thoughtful comments and constructive feedback that I felt was both pertinent and actionable. Also, it was helpful to discuss the book and ask questions during the meeting after the editorial assessment was delivered. I'd definitely recommend Jasmine and will be working with her again in the future.

T. AC, December 2021

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