Tom Howey

Tom Howey – Designer

Award-winning designer of some major international titles. Modern, clean, graphic style. Love a complex or unusual subject to get into.


I've designed hundreds of book covers, and dozens of complete books, during a decade-and-a-half in publishing in London and Berlin. Many books proved to be very successful, and were translated into multiple languages and published across the world. Some books were even lucky enough to win or be nominated for awards.

My emphasis is on working closely with authors and editors to create designs that work. A book should look good–it needs to be eye-catching and appealing–but aesthetics aren't enough on their own. To be successful a design needs to communicate the book's content, respect the context of the wider genre, and appeal to those that might wish to read it.

On occasion I've put pen to paper myself and contributed to books about typography, design and architecture, so I understand some of this from the other side, as a writer. I also worked in bookshops for several years, so have an understanding of how books behave in their natural habitat. I read widely, and one of my favourite parts of this job is learning about new subject areas, and trying to figure out how best to represent them visually.

Press reviews of one of my previous designs:

The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti

Winner of 'Art Book of the Year' at the 2014 Los Angeles Book Festival

"The art book to beat all art books"

Huffington Post

"It’s beautiful"

New York Times

"A piece of art in and of itself"


Praise from authors, as passed on by editors:

"It is perfect!!! Please thank the designer for me." –R.M.

"I'm seriously delighted, do please let the designers know, won't you?" –K.M.

"I love these. This is just the sort of thing I envisioned. My thanks to the designer." –J.S.

"There are five of the authors in the room just at the moment and they all went 'wow!' when they saw the covers!" –E.C. & D.B.

"Please do pass on my thanks to the design team for their work, and for so clearly working to my preferences." –N.A.

"We are very pleased with the cover designs! Bravo to the artist who synthesized our various suggestions and images into such a beautiful design! We love it. Love it." –S.A.S., J.E.F. & T.J.G.

"I'm really pleased with the design that the team have come up with... could you please send on my compliments and let them know how happy I am with their work?" –K.K.

'The author is too excited to choose: "Love them!!!"' –M.M.

'The author has replied with the exact words "Wow, they both look fantastic!"' –M.J.

'The author absolutely loved the concept! She "adores them both" and wanted to express her "gratitude to the incredible design team."' –S.G.

'The author said the suggestions were "amazing."' –M.E.

"Thank you for designing such a great cover for my recently published book–I'm very happy with the result and I've already received a lot of positive feedback." –H.L.

Art Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Fashion & Textiles History Music Philosophy Political Science & Current Affairs
  • MA Graphic Design
  • PhD studies in typographic design
  • BA Theory of Architecture

Work experience


Nov, 2014 — Present

Freelance book cover design and book design

Quintessence Editions

Mar, 2010 — Nov, 2014 (over 4 years)

Coffee table books on art and culture


In recent years, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) athletes have received more media attention than ever before. Declining levels of homophobia across the Western world has facilitated a greater acceptance of LGBT athletes among heterosexual teamm... read more
This is a book about collaboration in the arts, which explores how working together seems to achieve more than the sum of the parts. It introduces ideas from economics to conceptualize notions of externalities, complementarity, and emergence, and playfully exp... read more
Populist Discourse

Marcia Macaulay

This edited collection draws on case studies from around the world to shed light on the sometimes contentious topic of populism. Examining diverse contexts including North America, Latin America, Europe, New Zealand, and Russia, the authors employ different ap... read more
Analyzing Digital Discourse

Patricia Bou-Franch

This innovative edited collection presents new insights into emerging debates around digital communication practices. It brings together research by leading international experts to examine methods and approaches, multimodality, face and identity, across five ... read more
This book deals with one the most interesting aspects of human life—the search for meaning. It discusses how the science of semiotics is equipped to provide insight on what meaning is and how we produce it. Why is it that certain people routinely put their sur... read more
This edited volume explores the diversities and complexities of women’s experiences in higher education. Its emphasis on personal narratives provides a forum for topics not typically found in in print, such as mental illness, marital difficulties, and gender i... read more
Soft Power Made in China

Claire Seungeun Lee

This book analyzes the ways in which China’s soft power growth faces dilemmas in East Asia through both online and offline platforms. One dilemma for China’s transnational soft power-field expansion lies in the intersection of its source and receiving countrie... read more
Heidegger with Derrida: Being Written attempts, for the first time, to think Heidegger's philosophy through the lens of Derrida's logocentric thesis, according to which speech has, throughout the history of metaphysics, been given primacy over writing. The boo... read more
This book offers an interdisciplinary study of hip-hop music written and performed by rappers who happen to be out black gay men. It examines the storytelling mechanisms of gay themed lyrics, and how these form protests and become enabling tools for (black) ga... read more
The Politics of Drugs

Susanne MacGregor

This book explores the complexities of drugs policy in Britain, contradicting the over simplified representation found in the public sphere. It focuses on developments in Britain since the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971, covering debates at national level and loc... read more
This book analyzes the history and development of settlements—from the earliest periods in human history to the present day—from a Darwinian evolutionary perspective. At the foundation of the evolutionary model is the argument that the human capacity for compl... read more
Conspiracy & Populism

Eirikur Bergmann

Europeans are being replaced by foreign invaders, aided by cultural Marxists who are plotting an Islamist subversion of the continent. The Bilderberg group – and/or the Illuminati – are instating a totalitarian New World Order. Angela Merkel is the secret daug... read more
Mass-Market Fiction and the Crisis of American Liberalism, 1972–2017 tracks the transformation of liberal thought in the contemporary United States through the unique lens of the popular paperback. The book focuses on cultural shifts as they appear in works wr... read more
This book considers a crucial moment in the development of English higher education, and also provides a new and comprehensive history of the early decades of Durham University. During the Age of Reform innovative ideas about the role and purpose of a universi... read more
This book is a critical re-evaluation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s phenomenological ontology, in which a theory of egological complicity and self-deception informing his later better known theory of bad faith is developed. This novel reinterpretation offers a systema... read more
From driverless cars to pilotless planes, many functions that have previously required human labor can now be performed using artificial intelligence. For businesses, this use of AI results in reduced labor costs and, even more important, creating a competitiv... read more
As a student and disciple of Karl Popper and longtime managing editor of Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Ian C. Jarvie extended the notion of Critical Rationalism to be useful in anthropology, aesthetics, film studies, and various social sciences. In this F... read more
This book considers how Samuel Beckett’s critical essays, dialogues and reflections drew together longstanding philosophical discourses about the nature of representation, and fostered crucial, yet overlooked, connections between these discourses and his ficti... read more

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Audrey S.

Audrey S.

Jun, 2024

Tom was a pleasure to work with. His correspondence was timely and thoughtful. He is a talented designer, and I think we have a delightful cover for my book Pondering the Mystery of Life. Audrey Shields
Aaron T.

Aaron T.

Mar, 2024

I had a great experience with Tom. He was really good at responding to a varied brief and came up with a good range of potential options. Together, we narrowed it down and came out with a cover we were both really happy with It was a very easy process and he gave a really clear sheet that helped focus my ideas. This was my first time doing a cover with a designer and he made the process easy....
Read more
Dakota S.

Dakota S.

Aug, 2023

Tom Howey was an amazing collaborative partner. He listened to our needs and provided strong, constructive feedback. Always professional and extremely capable, Tom provided a level of service beyond what I could have expected. Tom worked with us to complete a complicated series of spreads for our world-building activity book (our first ever venture into publishing) with the goal of creating a...
Read more
morgaine G.

morgaine G.

Jul, 2023

Tom delivered a number of ideas for my book cover and I loved 2 of them - he was happy to tweak both until I made a final decision. It’s was a bumpy star in our communication but once we were on the same page, the final result was great!
Shimon G.

Shimon G.

Feb, 2023

Always very professional and great.

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