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Stuart Grant - Web Developer

Norwich, United Kingdom

I'm a digital specialist in Website design and social media. Claim your space on the net and sell more books. Let's build something great!

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I'm a first book author, with a second book on the way, so I feel I truly understand what an Author is looking for.


I have been working with Authors for over 5 years now and have lots of experience helping to sell books using a slick, contemporary and easy to update website. I now specialise in Author websites and have a large portfolio which you can see below!

Maybe you are right at the start of a career or someone much more established who is looking to update and modernise their website. I can help either. If you are looking for an effective, easy to use website then I can definitely help.

I run a digital agency specialising in website design, mobile app creation and social media. I create beautiful websites for many kinds of businesses, but as a very active member of Mark Dawson's Self Publishing Community, I really want to help authors claim their space on the internet.


I've got a few big hitters on my portfolio ->
As you can see one of my latest projects was for James Blatch, from the Self Publishing Formula, as James was looking for an effective website with which to launch his new book.

I have also created the website for Fuse Books - A publishing house launched by Mark Dawson and James Blatch.

Mark Dawson and the team from the Self Publishing Formula (show) asked me to create the Module in the 101 training course on how to create an Author Website using WIX, so I am confident I know what I am doing and I will give you full training on how to use your website!

I have created many websites for Authors, and also for Restaurants, Public figures, Events and Charity Organisations amongst others, and some other work in the Self Publishing community.


I build all my websites on Wix - I have used many web builders and Wix is without a doubt the easiest, most powerful and offers great value for money.


Each project is bespoke and individual but as a rule,

My price includes:

Full Design of your website

Complete build of your website on Wix

1 piece of 3D cover art if needed

Full SEO optimisation (making sure search engines can see and read your website)

Full desktop and mobile optimisation

Connecting Social media accounts

Creating extra assets where needed (things like a Favicon - which is the little icon at the top of a browser when you look at a website)

An hours training via zoom or skype


I completely appreciate that a website is a critical tool for authors, to showcase their works and to collect data and mailing lists. They should have functionality and style. They should, be reflective of the Author and their work.

Please don't worry where in the world you are, I am well used to working with authors in different time Zones, it's always possible to find a time that works for both of us.

As I mentioned I am involved and work with Mark Dawson's Self Publishing Formula, and I built the SPF Mobile App which you can download from your app store.

Mark Dawson also asked me to donate a website for his campaign to raise money and awareness for a friend of his that was suffering from Cancer.
Mark wrote a novella, (Phoenix) and I created the website for this Novella to help promote the book and give a 'one stop shop' for anyone who wanted more information about the Book and the cause.

I also help with Social Media and I am happy to help with setting up accounts (on all platforms) and optimising them. My speciality is Instagram. I wrote a book called 'Instagram for Authors' with Mark Dawson and SPF. I can also help with Social media growth and advice. Again, please contact me if you would like help with this.

I would really love to chat to you about your project. I am happy to work on ANY genre and will happily discuss your needs, no matter what genre you write in, or who your audience is. Let's build something great!

I look forward to having a chat with you about your website!

Action & Adventure
Humor & Comedy
Literary Fiction
Mystery & Crime
Science Fiction
Short Story
Thriller & Suspense
Young Adult
Works with


  • SFEDI LEVEL 2 Award - Social Media- Principles of Social Media advertising and promotions
  • SFEDI LEVEL 3 Award - Social Media- Principles of Social Media advertising and promotions

Work experience

Website and Mobile App designer and social media expert

April, 2014 – Present (about 7 years)

I create beautiful websites and mobile apps, to help our customers claim their space on the internet and on their customers/readers mobile phones.

I've created websites and apps for a number of Businesses (including Authors) and seen great success.

Now is the time to make sure your website is mobile optimised, and to have your listing in the App stores.

I pride myself on great customer service and great products. As a budding author, I am very sympathetic to the needs of Authors trying to promote their books, and I would love to help you put your work live on the web. I build Websites on multiple platforms including Wix, Strikingly, Squarespace and Weebly! I can give you advice and information on what works best for you.
I've worked with hugely successful Author Mark Dawson, and The Self-Publishing Formula and I look forward to adding you to our list of happy clients.


FUSEBOOKS - Publisher - []

Mark Dawson and James Blatch from the Self Publishing Formula, launched an imprint/publishers and wanted a slick, simple website for their project.
We worked on a functional landing page that is intended to capture emails and also promote books on their rosta. It is also a place for authors to submit their manuscripts and a point of contact.

Zach Beard - Sci- Fi Author - []

Zach wanted a brand new, stunning website to launch his new sci-fi novel. He has a stunning cover and I used the colours and style as an inspiration for his website.
He was so pleased with how easy to update it is, and with the sylish, slick finished product!


J David Simons needed a new website. His old one was out of date and limited, he also struggled to update it and found his old website builder confusing and difficult.

I built a clean, contemporary site that showcases his books and his work.
I added a place for people to order signed copies of his book, and easy contact forms for readers to use.
See below the images from his website and check out his 5 Star review!

Oscar Silver - Author

Oscar Silver was launching a new book and wanted a contemporary, easy to use website. Oscar wanted to be able to update the site as and when needed. I took the design inspiration from the book cover and used colours and styles that perfectly matched his cover and style.
Launching the website with some key functions was important, including - Contact, sign up, reviews and bio - and of course links to buy the book!

James Blatch []

James was looking for a refresh on his website and so I made a few options for him to choose between. He like the side swipe version where the pages move from right to left on a desktop.

James wanted a website that fitted the style and theme of his upcoming release and a place to gain email subscribers.

We included a sign up form on the home page, and included details about his new book. We also included a bio, contact form and links to all his social media platforms.

James was very pleased with his website and is now looking forward to the release of his book!

Dave Bartell Author Website (

Dave contacted me through Reedsy to create his brand new website for his new novel.

We talked through his requirements and started the build.

We included all the things that Dave required on his website including a Bio, Sign up section, information on his book and some teaser info on his upcoming novels too.

We also created Dave's first email campaign in Mailerlite.

This is a multi-page site with the emphasis on showcasing Dave's books.

He was very pleased with the design and the process and I encourage you to read the review that he left for me about us working together.

"Stuart recommended what turned out to be a much-needed shift in my website approach > move from Wordpress to Wix. That resulted in a more modern looking site and with better web tools. Stuart was fast and completed some last-minute changes without complaint. His communication was top-drawer especially considering our time-shift California to UK. I would hire him again."

Dave Bartell, July 2019

Gordon Campbell Author (

Gordon contacted me on Reedsy to ask if I could help him create a new website that he would find easy to operate and update. He was launching his first book and required a website that would show off his new novel, and give some information about him as an Author. We worked on some ideas around the style of the new website and started the design.

I also set Gordon up with an Author Facebook page, and perhaps more importantly for him, I set up his Mailerlite account and created the first email that would be sent out when visitors entered their email address on his site and joined his mailing list.

If you are struggling with any aspect of your website build, please do reach out so that we can have a chat about your needs.

This is quite a bespoke website which has a 'side swipe' functionality and a strong design.

Mark Dawson - ( - Promotion for Novella - Phoenix

Mark Dawson contacted me to ask for help with a project that was created to raise money for treatment for a friend of Marks, suffering from Cancer. Emma had just given birth to a baby boy Phoenix, and Mark wrote a Novella to raise money for her treatment.

Mark needed a website to promote his book, that contained all the links to all the places that the book could be purchased, from Amazon, Kobo, iBooks etc. I created the Website for this purpose and to date, Mark has raised over £10,000 for this cause.
It was a pleasure to be part of this project and hopefully demonstrates our skills, and speed as Web designers.

I want to help Authors have beautiful websites for their profiles and their books, so please get in touch so I can discuss your project!

Mark Dawson's Self Publishing Formula Mobile App

Mark Dawson has created a huge Community of Self Published Authors, and to consolidate all of the assets from The Self Publishing Formula, we have created a Mobile App for them.

With the App you can watch and listen to the latest Podcast, you can log into any courses you have purchased, contact The Self Publishing Formula team via the app and be the first to get information and updates.

There is a great deal of functionality and has been downloaded many times. It is a powerful tool and available on all App stores, worldwide. We worked with the Self Publishing Formula to create an app that presented the users with all of their assets and information.

Pet Milestone Cards (www.petmilestonecards)

Pet Milestone Cards is a company that sells Pet Milestone cards to customers who would like to mark the memories of their Pet with cards at certain points of their development/life.

The website was designed primarily as an E-commerce website enabling customers to buy the cards from a clean, easy to navigate website.

The brief was that it was to be clear, fresh, and uncluttered. The idea was to showcase the product and make purchasing the product very simple.

Hustle Website and Mobile App - (

Hustle is one of the biggest Urban Events in the UK and they wanted a website and Mobile app to promote their monthly event. The Website and the app needed to reflect the brand, host the latest music, info and contact details for each event.

The App is used to communicate to users using Push Notifications and also for special offers and info.

The Website is a multipage website, hosting the lastest videos, information, mixes and an E-commerce shop selling all kinds of clothing for Men, Women and Children.

The Maltings - ( - 2 Websites & Mobile App

The Maltings is an entertainment venue with a Restaurant (The Mill Bar and Grill) and a Club venue (Carbon).
They asked for two websites, one for each of the key venues.
They also wanted a mobile app for both aspects of their business.

The websites are designed to give all the information that a customer may require including What's on, Menu's, fast contact and the latest news.

The App is used for Push notifications and to consolidate all their assets.

The brief was for fresh, mobile optimised websites that rank well and perform well for SEO.

BOSS:TALKS - ( - Website and Mobile App

A national social enterprise wanted a brand new website (And Mobile App) to promote their work.
The brief was a 'long-page' website and a fully functional App that hosted their work and latest content.

The app is used to send push notifications for the latest uploads and the website is designed as a landing page for users to find out what's happening with the Project.

The Website and App were designed to host and play the lastest podcast, allow fast contact, and collect data from interested parties.

Stuart has 13 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

David Horn
Stuart built me a great looking professional website for my book series, and then walked me through how to update it all myself with a very thorough walkthrough. Fantastic! He was very efficient and responsive to all my needs as well. Thanks so much!

David Horn, June 2021

Priya V
Stuart is very professional and flexible. He accommodated the difference in time zones and answered my numerous questions very patiently. He held several training sessions to get me going and made changes based on my skill level and suggestions! I am totally delighted with the web site Stuart designed for me and will definitely look him up for additional work in future! Thanks Stuart!

Priya V, June 2021

Susan Philpott
I just can’t say enough about Stu! He created a beautiful web site for me. He really captured everything I wanted it to be. Once he was at a point where he felt comfortable, he set up calls and walked me through the site and showed me how I can manage it myself. He was patient and very responsive. Just awesome on every level. I highly recommend Stu and will definitely request his services again.

Susan Philpott, May 2021

Stuart Grant
Thanks Susan, this is wonderful to get another 5 star review. I really enjoyed working with you and I am so glad you love your site. I wish you all the luck with the launch and sales of your book! ...
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Reply from Stuart Grant

J David Simons
I recently used Stu to help me build a new website around the launch of my latest novel The Responsibility of Love as well as to provide my readership with access to me snd to all my previous novels. The task involved transferring over my previous website which was in a terrible state and no longer manageable. Stu was happy to arrange the transfer for me which was not easy due to various issue...
Read more

J David Simons, April 2021

Uzoma (Uzo) Ezekwudo
Stu is great; I'm glad to have him as my web designer. I highly recommend him. Uzo

Uzoma (Uzo) Ezekwudo, March 2021

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