Stuart Grant

Stuart Grant – Web Developer

I create stunning websites that sell books for authors like you. Clients: Mark Dawson, James Blatch #1 Designer on Reedsy 100+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews



I'm a "first book" author, with a second book on the way, so I feel I truly understand what an Author is looking for.


I have been working with Authors for over 5 years now and have lots of experience helping to sell books using a slick, contemporary and easy to update website. I now specialise in Author websites and have a large portfolio which you can see below!

Maybe you are right at the start of a career or someone much more established who is looking to update and modernise their website. I can help either. If you are looking for an effective, easy to use website then I can definitely help.

I run a digital agency specialising in website design, mobile app creation and social media. I create beautiful websites for many kinds of businesses, but as a very active member of Mark Dawson's Self Publishing Community, I really want to help authors claim their space on the internet.


I've got a few big hitters on my portfolio ->
As you can see one of my latest projects was for James Blatch, from the Self Publishing Formula, as James was looking for an effective website with which to launch his new book.

I have also created the website for Fuse Books - A publishing house launched by Mark Dawson and James Blatch.

Mark Dawson and the team from the Self Publishing Formula (show) asked me to create the Module in the 101 training course on how to create an Author Website using WIX, so I know what I am doing and I will give you full training on how to use your website!

I have created many websites for Authors, and also for Restaurants, Public figures, Events and Charity Organisations amongst others, and some other work in the Self Publishing community.


I build all my websites on Wix - I have used many web builders and Wix is without a doubt the easiest, most powerful and offers great value for money.


Each project is bespoke and individual
I provide a premium 'done for you' service.
Fast turnaround with lots of communication telling you where I am with your project.

My price includes:

Full Design of your website

Complete build of your website on Wix

1 piece of 3D cover art if needed

Full SEO optimisation (making sure search engines can see and read your website)

Full desktop and mobile optimisation

Connecting Social media accounts

Creating extra assets where needed (things like a Favicon - which is the little icon at the top of a browser when you look at a website)

Full training via zoom or skype


I completely appreciate that a website is a critical tool for authors, to showcase their works and to collect data and mailing lists. They should have functionality and style. They should, be reflective of the Author and their work.

Please don't worry where in the world you are, I am well used to working with authors in different time Zones, it's always possible to find a time that works for both of us.

As I mentioned I am involved and work with Mark Dawson's Self Publishing Formula, and I built the SPF Mobile App which you can download from your app store.

Mark Dawson also asked me to donate a website for his campaign to raise money and awareness for a friend of his that was suffering from Cancer.
Mark wrote a novella, (Phoenix) and I created the website for this Novella to help promote the book and give a 'one stop shop' for anyone who wanted more information about the Book and the cause.

I also help with Social Media and I am happy to help with setting up accounts (on all platforms) and optimising them. My speciality is Instagram. I wrote a book called 'Instagram for Authors' with Mark Dawson and SPF. I can also help with Social media growth and advice. Again, please contact me if you would like help with this.

I would really love to chat to you about your project. I am happy to work on ANY genre and will happily discuss your needs, no matter what genre you write in, or who your audience is. Let's build something great!

I look forward to having a chat with you about your website!

Action & Adventure Children's Humor & Comedy Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense
Writing & Publishing
Works with
Shopify Squarespace Weebly Wix
  • SFEDI LEVEL 2 Award - Social Media- Principles of Social Media advertising and promotions
  • SFEDI LEVEL 3 Award - Social Media- Principles of Social Media advertising and promotions
  • ALLi (Alliance of Authors Partner)
  • Wix Partner - Legend Status

Work experience


Apr, 2014 — Present

I create beautiful websites for authors, to help them claim their space on the internet , promote themselves and most importantly sell more books.

I've created websites for over 200 authors now and seen great success. I have had a number of clients come back for a separate, 2nd project.

Please read my reviews for a sense of my work ethic.

I pride myself on great customer service and amazing design. Having been in the industry for over 6 years, I am very sympathetic to the needs of Authors trying to promote their books, and I would love to help you put your work live on the web. I can give you advice and information on what works best for you.

I've worked with hugely successful Author Mark Dawson, and The Self-Publishing Formula and I look forward to adding you to my list of happy clients.


Conrad Conley

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stuart Grant is amazing. If you want a website that “Rocks”, go with Stuart. Once he see’s the cover of your book and the message your trying to communicate, he goes off and creates “Gold”! Thanks Stuart

C.E Taylor

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I selected Stuart Grant as my web designer after reviewing his work, which I was highly impressed with. As a consultant, he was professional, as well as attentive and patient with my requests. He responded to my messages and questions in a timely manner, explained things well and clearly before and after the site was built, and post-build, he made the process of understanding and editing my site easy and accessible. I would not have figured it all out on my own without his assistance. Stuart is well-versed in the product he uses for web design, and highly professional in his interaction with his clients. I most definitely recommend him and his work to other authors.

Will Marler

I am excited with the website that Stuart created and extremely satisfied with the hour plus tutorial he presented over ZOOM. I feel like I'm a WIX website design expert now. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Louis Berry

I can unequivocally recommend Stuart for your author website project. He was professional and performed the work within the allotted timeline (actually a little ahead of schedule in my case. But I don't wish to increase expectations). ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ox Devere

Stuart was enthusiastic, communicated clearly, and had a real vision for bringing our work to life. Any changes we requested were done promptly and really came in line with our ideas. His teaching and instruction on navigating our own website was immensely valuable. Feeling confident in making future updates was an essential part of establishing this platform, and Stuart was exceedingly helpful in that regard. He was the first site designer we wanted to hire, and we're so pleased that we were able to work with him. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jim Perakis

Stu is especially helpful at training in Wix at end of website construction. Very satisfied customer. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Preston Antunes

"Stu was always able to answer my questions and gave thorough advice throughout our time together. He is professional and courteous. I am happy to have worked with him."

John McAneney []

Stuart was pleasant and helpful to work with. He made it look easy. He provided me with a video of the training lesson, so I can fine-tune the website and make alterations as needed. Along the way, he also sorted out things like the privacy statement and Search Engine Optimisation, which I had not considered. I'm delighted with the result and can't recommend him highly enough!


James Kaine []

Stu designed an absolutely amazing website for me. It was exactly how I wanted it and he was very thorough in incorporating my notes during the process. He answered all my questions and left me with the skills/knowledge to update on my own going forward. I would highly recommend Stu to any writer looking to get an awesome website design!


Dawn Glasco []

Stuart is awesomely, wonderful! His professionalism, artistic talent, and engagement is beautiful! Stuart’s work is impressive. He’s just an amazing human being. Dawn G.


Benjamin Goldstein []

I was initially attracted to the idea of hiring Stuart Grant for this project after seeing a video in which he discussed websites and author's needs. When I contacted him he sent me some complimentary designs which further proved his creative abilities. Once we got started, Stuart was very professional and responsive to the needs of the project. He contributed creatively in terms of design and was quick to make necessary changes and adjustments. With all best wishes - Ben


Susan Permut []

Stuart put together a beautiful, easy-to-use website that highlighted the book, the author and the designer. I think he underestimated my lack of expertise with all things digital, but he was very patient with me and we managed to overcome my ignorance and put together a truly delightful website. He helped me figure out what I needed on the site and added a few things I wasn't familiar with, which made it really special. I am very happy with the results and would recommend Stuart to anyone needing a website put together to their specifications.


Charles Schaefer []

Working with Stuart on my website was both pleasurable and informative. He has a great combination of technical and creative skills. He's very personable and offered many alternate ideas on the layout and design of the site. I highly recommend utilizing his services to anyone looking to build a new website.


Miriam Verbeek []

Stuart was great to work with. Unexpectedly, my life became very topsy-turvy soon after I engaged Stuart to help me with my website. Note only did Stuart do a great job in re-designing - with some really neat concepts - the website, he uncomplainingly and patiently worked around my mucked up schedule. He's professional, knows what he's doing, friendly and flexible.


Jeff Lichtenstein []

Stuart was terrific. I needed help with out of the box solutions on a workbook for a seminar and he totally delivered and gave me options. In addition, he was creative, methodical and put up with me asking for a few different looks. Not once did he push me along. I appreciated it and LOVE my site and LOVED working with Stuart!


Michael Maloof []

I knew Stuart by reputation, but have to admit, I had my doubts about using WIX. I'm now a convert, and that's thanks to Stu's design and guidance. He created a very attractive author website, in my humble opinion, but equally important, he gave me the keys to the kingdom to extend and shape when needed. I have decades of software development experience, so I consider myself a harsh judge of both Stu's design and the platform - both are great.

I can heartily recommend Stuart to anyone needing his web design services, and I suspect you'd be well served selecting Stuart for any project he bids.


Veronica Ford []


Stephen England []


Sean McLachlan []


Sassy Monroe []


Jonathan Young []


Jeff Farrell []


James Blatch []

" I love my site! "

Graham Whitlock []


George Koons []


Craig Dawson []

"The old cliche goes that you can only ever have two from “fast, fair and good” but Stuart proves you can have it all.

Wonderful work as ever, and a pleasure to deal with."


Cameron Oliver []

No question - 5 Stars - would highly recommend.

C M Neary []

Awaiting review


Carlo Hart []

Stuart is awesome. Not only did he make me a fantastic and professional site but he helped me out in ways that went above and beyond. Stuart has done work for the Self Publishing Formula crew. That's James Blatch and Mark Dawson, for the three people that don't know - in the self publishing world they are the gold standard. To work with someone who has done work for them meant I had an instant heavy hitter on my team. It was clear to me that Stuart should be my guy by looking at his portfolio. He makes web sites for authors. That should tell you everything, His sites look exactly as I wanted mine to look - like a professional authors. So it was easy to chose him. The work he did for me is great and totally on brand. He had good looking design ideas and he implemented them quickly and easily. I didn't have to wait around for him to do something. He gave my site (horror genre) the perfect little touches you would expect from a cool web site. He did two zoom sessions with me for longer than he needed to. He made sure I was up to speed on all of the small details that can be overwhelming if you don't have someone to show you the way. And he recorded our sessions so I didn't have to rely on my ridiculously tattered memory!! But here is where Stuart really stood out - he helped me with things that were more than just a web site. He totally helped me with my second cover and I ended up getting a new one that is actually on brand and looks like part of a series unlike the one I had before. Now my series looks like a real series! He also helped me with author career stuff. He has worked with enough authors to have an experienced perspective on things. He strongly encouraged me to get my books out there instead of sitting around and planning. Now my books are on preorder and things are moving in an exciting direction rather than static non motion. He gave me the kick I needed. In short if you want a professional author web site, Stuart is your guy. If you want extra help with email responders, and branding, and cover design and career advice then Stuart is definitely the guy for your team. No need to hesitate, save the thinking for your next book. Just hire him, it's an easy decision. If you want to see what he made for me - go to (and get your free box set! haha!!)


Rhonda Mailey []

Stuart Grant did an amazing job of designing my WIX website. He immediately understood my priorities and knew how well WIX could provide a truly effective website for my needs as an author. Stuart went through WIX, step by step & I'm so excited to have my site up and running. Can't recommend Stuart enough!


Stephanie Queen []

Stuart is a master at creating dynamic websites and goes the extra mile to customize the site to suit you. He went out of his way to understand what my books are about and make my website the kind of place where my readers would feel excited about. He gets that the experience and aesthetic impact is important.


Jan Sayer []

It was great to have Stuart's professional eye overseeing my new website design. I had never used WiX before and was initially anxious about making a change but he reassured me that it was easy to use. His training was clear and fun too!

Delighted with my new site, which is already attracting new subscribers, and feeling very confident that it will have a positive effect on my book sales.


Esme King []

Stu was flexible, professional and went above and beyond to help. He listened and took account of exactly what I was looking for.


Caroline Henderson []

I am delighted with the website that Stuart built for me. He was really patient because it took me AGES to get myself sorted. Stuart kept in touch with me all along and once I had what I needed, he finished my website really quickly. I am absolutely delighted with it! We had a Zoom lesson where he showed me how to run my website, which was brilliant. I feel confident enough to take it from here. Stuart is friendly, helpful, and approachable and has made me very happy :) I recommend him to other authors looking for a website.


Stephen Marriott []

My author's website was in need of a facelift and Stuart's fantastic design met all of my expectations, and more. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Stuart.


Sally Rigby []

Stuart was great to work with and the design he came up with fantastic. I'm getting so many positive comments on my newly designed website and the traffic has increased beyond my expectations. Stuart's customer service was second to none and he worked hard to make sure I was pleased with the results. I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone wanting an exceptional and innovatively designed website.


Vera Lucia Lima []

Stuart provided me with excellent work, which will undoubtedly propel me forward in promoting my books. I recommend him and his work.


Tom Martz []

How to write the perfect review for a perfect experience with a perfect professional? Let me just say, sincerely, if you are fortunate enough to work with Stuart you will be working with the best! Why can I say this? After a 40 year career in US higher education and leading the teams that over saw all the external affairs at four of the eight universities at which I had the pleasure to work, I have never found a more professional or knowledgeable person than Stu to work with. His is not only professionally capable he is a fun, nice person to work with. At each of the universities I was fortunate enough to have teams of people do with me what Stu was able to do on his own. The most important thing for me is that he led this 74 year old new novel writer through the technology effortlessly to establish what many visitors have said is a "wonderfully easy", "visually pleasing" and "amazing" website. I have one comment for you who have read this. Hire Stu! You will have the best team member you could ask for to work with on your website! Tom Martz


Paul Scheuring []

Excellent all around. Great dude, great deliverables!


Paul Klein []

Great experience. Stu is very experienced and provides helpful guidance throughout process.


Nisha []

It was great working with Stuart. He is very patient and listens to your ideas and incorporates into the website. Thank you Stuart for your diligence and your hard work.


Nick Holmes []

Stu is brilliant. If you want a top notch website look no further than Stu. He rebuilt mine to look cutting edge and professional. He knows websites inside out and was very astute at working out what suited my genre. He chose the right style and backgrounds very effectively. He's also very good at training you to use your website. Zoom calls are recorded so you can go back and check what he said which is a great time-saver. Overall, Stu is hugely experienced and will be able to deliver the website solution you want.


Mary Maclean []

Stuart created a beautiful website for me and showed me very clearly how to operate it. He was helpful and understanding at all times and made our collaboration enjoyable even for a technophobe such as myself. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to any author.


Margaret Garberick []

Very patient, had a sense of humor thank goodness, and excellent communication! I highly recommend him!


Joseph Doria []

Stuart was absolutely amazing!! My site looks fantastic! He walked me through every step of the process and responded to every question and suggestion. Cannot recommend him enough!


Gabe Deremiens []

I'm completely blown away by my new author website. Working with Stu was phenomenal. Easy to work with, professional, super competent. I LOVE my new site, and others I've shown it to are also likewise impressed, especially the 3D animation. Stu went over and beyond, taking into account my extraordinary personal circumstances. His kindness, combined with his professionalism, eagerness to complete the job early with flawless execution the first time while also setting clear expectations and validating scope were immediately readily apparent. The collaboration project had a two-week deadline, but the author website was completed within days!! Truly amazing. I was very picky and had quite a few minor changes, but this was due to me not being 100% clear on scope and how I wanted the page to look. But Stu's guidance was top-notch, and he never once complained about me being so picky. A true professional indeed. Due to the aforesaid personal circumstances, I was unable to attend the Zoom training Stu provided as part of this collaboration; however, Stu volunteered to do a personal video training for me instead. I didn't even have to ask him for this; it's something he automatically offered. The bonuses too were awesome, providing additional benefit to an already value-packed engagement. Very easy to see why Stu has 75+ five-star reviews and is #1 on Reedsy. Well done, Stu. Thank you so very much! Regards, Gabe Deremiens


Essmat Sophie []

Working with Stuart as a web designer was fantastic. He was really committed and flexible. He paid attention to everything I requested and also contributed some of his own ideas. He was incredibly patient with me, responding to each of my messages right away and giving me lots of helpful advice. The design and advice Stuart provided for my website have made me tremendously satisfied. Very delighted with the new website. Modern, polished, and simple to use. The training session and subsequent video were quite helpful. Stuart was on time, accommodating, and patient. Thank you Stuart for your diligence and your hard work. I wholeheartedly recommend Stuart to everyone...


David Oxley []

Really enjoyed working with Stu. He knows what works for authors and gave us huge confidence he could build us something great. Very pleased with end product. WIX also a really easy platform. Two thumbs up!


Dale Nelson []

Stu was fantastic to work with and I can't recommend him highly enough. He's well known in the author community for designing attractive and engaging websites. He understands our business and builds the sites accordingly. I also appreciate that he took the time to familiarize himself with my books before proposing a design, so that he captured the look and feel of my stories. There were a lot of little touches as well. Stu provided a slew of graphics (like 3D book covers) that I could use, free of charge, whether I worked with him or not. He created an image toolkit to create custom buttons for the various bookstores I'll sell at. He also provided a 90 minute training session, which he also recorded so I can reference later. Stu gave me a great website that I am proud to call my own and one that represents the care I put into my novels. He's excellent to work with. If you need an author website, Stu is your guy.


Colin Falconer []

Really happy with the new website. Professional, modern and easy to navigate. Particularly liked that Stu was able to evoke more than one genre. Liked the fact that each page was 'the same but different'. Stu was quick to respond to queries and made the process pretty painless. The training session and subsequent video were invaluable.


Claire Louise Poole []

Absolute gem! I can't praise Stuart enough. I love the website he designed for me. Great value for money. And Stuart has the patience to guide you through the workings of your website, and respond to your questions promptly, and with understanding. I will definitely use Stuart again.


Ann-Louise Graham []

Stuart is very professional and produced a beautiful website. He was also very kind and easy to work with and made sure I had a great handover. Thank you!


Adam Evans []

Fantastic from start to finish. Starts hands-on approach enabled me to not just build a website, but give me the tools to make alterations for myself in the future. Would highly recommend Stuart and his service was well worth the money.


Reen Jones []

Stuart was brilliant to work with. He was very patient with all my questions, and explained everything I asked. He did everything he promised and more, and provided me with a final video that I can refer to if there is anything I’m not sure about. I have already recommended him to a friend.
If I could give him six stars I would!


Maurice Draine []

My experience working with Stuart on an author website was smooth and seamless. This was my first site of this magnitude, and Stu was there for me everything step of the way; I never felt ghosted or alone during this process. His website quality is top notch, and he finished the site far before the deadline. He even gave me a website tutorial and taught me how to edit my own website. If you need an author website done on time, for a great price, and with quality, Stu is your guy!

Shoot him a message today!



Mario Mugan []

Stuart was a wonderful web designer to work with. He was very dedicated and extremely adaptable working around my hectic schedule. He listened to everything I wanted in the spec and also added his own suggestions. All my message were responded to promptly and he was very patient with me, explaining every step of the way and offering loads of advice. I would completely recommend Stuart to anyone needing a website constructed for them. I was so impressed I will be keeping him on as a retainer to work on my future book projects.


Lawson McDowell []

Stuart Grant designed and built my author website. He blew me away with his creativity, broad knowledge and professionalism. At the same time, he listened carefully to all requests and comments to make changes where needed. As the work was nearing completion, Mr. Grant spent time with me by Zoom to afford training for future tweaks and changes. My straight five-star rating is legitimate in each category and well-deserved. I have not yet signed up for the retainer option, but may do so should I stumble and fall in his high-tech world. One word review would be: OUTSTANDING.


Jerren Alcalde []

Stuart was fantastic. Made something truly great and went above and beyond to make sure I understood it all. Would recommend to anyone for their website design.


Gail Nastasia []

Worth every penny! I’m incredibly happy with my website, Stuart’s design, and guidance. Stuart was prompt, responsive, and patient, as I am a novice regarding all things website-related. Highly recommend!!


G. Ryan Ansin []

Stu is a gentleman. He is effective at drawing out my needs and creating tangibility, functionality, and beauty from my scattered brain. I already want to work with him for more projects and highly recommend his services.


Eugene Miskelly []

Working with Stuart has been an absolute pleasure. At the outset he set out in perfect detail what he would do and anticipated my needs even before I knew them myself.He delivered fast and accurately per my brief, on time and within budget. The quality of the work was excellent. Stuart responded promptly to my requests for fine-tuning, made constructive suggestions and made sure he trained me to carry out essential updates all by myself - which I managed to do. The overall experience was better than I expected and I would not hesitate to recommend Stuart.


Dave Maughan []

Stu was great to work with. He's been very helpful and I think he did a great job on my website. I'd recommend him to anyone.


Daanyel George []

Stuart is fantastic. My new website looks amazing. I understand why he is the number one web designer on Reedsy. Will gladly work with him again.


Carey Patrick Wertz []

I recommend Stu. He offered way more services at a lower price than others. He was easy to communicate with and very responsive. He tries to capture the essence of authors as people in his website design instead of just creating something generic. I think you'll like him.


Jon van Dine []

Stuart created a web page for me and guided me in creating a fb page. He was great to work with. He was patient with a social media novice. He knows what communicates. He communicates clearly. He took time to make sure I understood the processes of the software so I can maintain it.


Calli Lee []

This experience was smooth and efficient, and I enjoyed working with Stuart. I am thrilled with the final product. I have zero experience in the recommended platform. I was concerned about our ability to accomplish this task given my lack of knowledge, the time difference in our respective locations, and communicating mainly through email. I needn't have worried. Stuart has his process down to a science. His communication with me was easy to understand, clear, and thoughtful. He answered all my questions and explained his rationale when suggesting something. PLUS, he's got a sense of humor and an easy way about him. He finished within budget and early! I will continue to consult Stuart and use his services. Don't look any further if you need someone to design your website!


Charlotte Frohwitter []

In short: HIRE HIM! Seriously, 5 stars is not enough for Stu. He went above and beyond, was super fast, super responsive, super attentive, super detail oriented, super friendly, just super duper perfect in every way. And after he made me my dream website, he took over an hour to explain to me how in the future I can edit it myself.
Hiring Stu, will be the best choice of your day!


Adriana Guyton []

My collaboration with Stuart involved designing and launching a new website. From the beginning Stuart set out clear guidelines on what to expect, when to expect it and what he expected from me. It made the process effortless.

I also asked Stuart to come up with some ideas for a logo for me. He swiftly provided draft ideas and immediately responded to any changes I requested. Managing time zones is not always easy, but Stuart ensured I had answers to questions swiftly regardless of the 12 hour time difference. As a result, I not only have a brand new "all bells and whistles" professional website which I'm delighted with, but a new slick logo and at a fee which is modest and excellent value for the amount invested.

I would highly recommend Stuart as a consummate professional who is not only creative and knowledgeable, but an absolute joy to work with.


Gary Marsh []

I was pleasantly surprised when I first talked to Stuart. I basically knew nothing about websites and Stewart reassured me that he would work with me and any questions I might have that he will answer them until I am comfortable with the site and our arrangement.

He worked with me on the payment plan, answered all my questions, met with me online through zoom as he demonstrated how the site worked, and had it recorded so I could download it and listen to it over and over again until I get it down pat. And I can still at anytime ask him questions I might have and I am sure I will have some as time goes on. This is a learning curve for me and it's really nice to have someone who understands and works with me. I appreciate his kindness and thoughtfulness.

I truly appreciate working with you Stuart and may the good Lord present you with many customers.

Gary Marsh


Matthew Waite []

Stu had my beautiful website made well before the deadline.
Check it out:

I wanted to do almost nothing myself, I wanted to have everything done right with a minimum of fuss. I wanted the whole cycle idiot-proof.
Stu did exactly that, fast and skillfully, then gave me a thorough training session so I'd know what to do in the future (though I reckon I'll just hire him again if/when the website needs any changes).
I couldn't be happier.


Elena Kaufman []

Stu is quick, efficient, and clear in his communication and training. After some decision-making (on my side) during which he offered different versions of the design for me to consider, I was able to discover what I needed for my site. He impressed me with his ability to take in a lot of disparate information and make a holistic, beautiful, and useful author/performer/coach site. Thank you! I'd definitely recommend him.


Reesha Armstead []

It has been a pleasure working with Stu on my brand new author website, and he's met my brief perfectly. Stu has a wealth of experience and offers sound advice on how to make your work stand out at its best.

Communication has been excellent with all my questions answered. Any amendments I wanted have been
made and all in a timely manner. Stu offers comprehensive training on how to manage and maintain your site and I now feel confident to do this.

I can't thank him enough for all he has done and I highly recommend Stu to anyone who needs a website designed!


Tracey Lampley []

Stuart is a joy to work with. His professionalism and attention to detail is outstanding. Since I am not technologically savvy, I relied on him to bring my vision for a website to fruition. I'll definitely recommend him to others. Hiring him is well worth the money, and I'm completely satisfied with his service. He will walk you through the entire process. If you hire him, you'll receive outstanding customer service.


Gregory Covert []

I'd use again.


Vern Buzarde []

I had put together my author website myself and thought it looked OK. But when I saw Stuart Grant interviewed on a podcast, then looked at some of his website designs, I realized mine was woefully inadequate. Stuart did a fantastic job on my new site and I couldn't be more pleased. Highly recommended!


Shereen Vedam []

Enjoyed working with Stu, who answered all my questions with patience and creatively explored solutions. This has been a joyful, collaborative experience. He designed an easy-to-manage site and taught me so much about maintaining it that it made me unafraid to explore and learn even more on my own. I love my new website. Thanks!


Jim Sack []

I attempted to build a website a couple of years ago and, while serviceable, it was very amateurish and I struggled with every aspect. When I recently decided to hire a professional web designer, I received ten bids, with Stuart standing out for the following reasons:

1. He responded quickly with a detailed proposal and included images using my book covers in different ways. It was clear that he had done his homework on who I am as an author and also as a person.

2. Stuart made me comfortable with our collaboration- not an easy task as I'm exceptionally "tech limited". He's been very patient and willing to do anything to help the process be smooth and meet/exceed my expectations.

3. I'm not used to spending large amounts of money in my author business. However, Stuart was flexible in this area. He wasn't the least expensive, as quotes varied widely, but I felt that the value I'd receive was certainly worth the investment.

4. From the initial "draft" of my site, it's been all about what I desire as an author. Questions are answered, advice is given, and I have no doubt that Stuart will be available for instructions and help as I move forward.

This collaboration has worked out perfectly- certainly meeting and exceeding my expectations!

Jim Sack


Shawe Ruckus []

Collaborating with Stu has been very enjoyable. He is patient, responsive, has an eye for details, and knows his onions in designing websites for authors. He has transformed my old site into one that speaks much more of my books and persona.


Kedmon Hungwe []

I enjoyed the collaboration and I am very happy with the final product. Stu was able to take my ideas and transform them into an engaging website. I also appreciated the one-on-one meeting at the end. It was very instructive.


Helen Ellwood []

I am enjoying working with Stuart Grant. He has shown great flexibility and spent time getting things how I want them. He is also an excellent teacher.


Jeffrey Richards []

I cannot say enough good things about working with Stuart Grant (Stu) in regard to designing my author website. He truly did not have a lot of direction from me beyond the basics and he came back with such an amazingly dynamic and spot-on site that completely wowed me.

Stu kept on track with the timeline, even during a bout of Covid! And at the end, he spent an hour with me via Zoom for a thorough tutorial to ensure I was set up to maintain the site moving forward. Really beneficial!

I will definitely work with Stu again and cannot recommend him enough.

Thank you, Stu!!!



Joan Smyth []

Stuart was fantastic to work with! His design was exactly what I was looking for and his explanation of how to use the website was so good, I was in playing with things almost immediately just to make sure I was familiar with it. He is a great designer and I highly recommend him.


Brenda Dinges []

Stuart does a wonderful job! The website is better than anything I could imagine. He is knowledgeable and explains the mechanism of the site when completed. Highly recommend Stuart!


Jerald Bishop []

Jerald was looking for a professional website to showcase his books but also to create a community around some very sensitive subjects.

He was thrilled with his website and left this five star review -

"I looked at several Reedsy website professionals for this project. I culled through nearly everyone listed and started with a list of 7 individuals who might be a good fit for me, my attitudes and the project I wanted to do. That's important... find someone who will do what I need, not what they think I need. While I had Stu in mind from the start (based on what I saw in his portfolio) I left him until last in the process of talking and interviewing so I could get my feet on the ground with the process here.

The moment we started communicating I knew without hesitation he could do what I needed and would be responsive to the project schedule and sensitivities. I have not looked back. His pricing was about dead center in the pack of seven. He saw all my issues and several more and has been a real professional to work with. He's got some very broad experience and has offered several valuable tips on related aspects so I knew where and how to get the job done. All props to him as he has met my schedule and intentions. I look forward to working with him on follow-up as I put this into action. Hire this guy.... he knows what he's doing."


Robert Morgan Author []

Robert was looking for a site that matched the style of his cover and also encouraged people to sign up to his mailing list to take part in a competition.

The site is kinetic and has movement to reflect the cover. It also pulls people in to read reviews, and get involved.

Robert Rengold Author - []

Robert was looking for a very stylised and moody website to reflect to reflect the impact of his covers.
We worked with interesting fonts, and lots of atmosphere.
Featuring artbooks and other material too.

Robert left this review after our collaboration -

It was a pleasure to work with Stuart. He knows what to do, how to do it and was flexible enough to accommodate for the particular style of website I had in mind.
Would recommend.


John Deal Author - Mystery, Thriller and Suspense []

John had two new books and wanted to give them a stunning home on the internet, to promote them and get readers to sign up to his mailing list!
I worked around a sense of foreboding and mystery with a website that draws you in straight away with the top section video. Focusing your eye on the books!

John was thrilled with his website and left this review -

Stu did an excellent job in refreshing my website. He polished the entire site up so it has a more modern feel, added the ability to collect subscribers and link to my books, and enhanced the SEO. He even finished ahead of schedule. Highly recommended. - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Carlo Hart - Thriller/Horror Author []

Carlo was looking for a dark, moody website to match the themes of his books. We worked around the darkness, and blood as central to the design. The website has movement and encourages readers to sign up to the mailing list! Carlo was very pleased with his website and left this great 5 star review..

"Stuart is awesome. Not only did he make me a fantastic and professional site but he helped me out in ways that went above and beyond.

Stuart has done work for the Self Publishing Formula crew. That's James Blatch and Mark Dawson, for the three people that don't know - in the self publishing world they are the gold standard. To work with someone who has done work for them meant I had an instant heavy hitter on my team.

It was clear to me that Stuart should be my guy by looking at his portfolio. He makes web sites for authors. That should tell you everything, His sites look exactly as I wanted mine to look - like a professional authors. So it was easy to chose him.

The work he did for me is great and totally on brand. He had good looking design ideas and he implemented them quickly and easily. I didn't have to wait around for him to do something. He gave my site (horror genre) the perfect little touches you would expect from a cool web site.

He did two zoom sessions with me for longer than he needed to. He made sure I was up to speed on all of the small details that can be overwhelming if you don't have someone to show you the way. And he recorded our sessions so I didn't have to rely on my ridiculously tattered memory!! But here is where Stuart really stood out - he helped me with things that were more than just a web site. He totally helped me with my second cover and I ended up getting a new one that is actually on brand and looks like part of a series unlike the one I had before. Now my series looks like a real series!

He also helped me with author career stuff. He has worked with enough authors to have an experienced perspective on things. He strongly encouraged me to get my books out there instead of sitting around and planning. Now my books are on preorder and things are moving in an exciting direction rather than static non motion. He gave me the kick I needed.

In short if you want a professional author web site, Stuart is your guy. If you want extra help with email responders, and branding, and cover design and career advice then Stuart is definitely the guy for your team. No need to hesitate, save the thinking for your next book. Just hire him, it's an easy decision. If you want to see what he made for me - go to (and get your free box set! haha!!)

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Carlo Hart, Sep 16, 2021

Andrew Hallman - Fantasy writer -

Andrew wanted an atmospheric and interesting site to showcase his books and attract readers.
With the use of some video and movement Andrew now has a site to be proud of and show off his writing! - You can read Andrew's five star review here -

"Stuart has been a joy to work with! I'm very pleased with my website as he has designed it, but also, and I think more importantly, with my confidence in being able to make modifications to it moving forward (and to be able to reach out to him for guidance if needed). He was very proactive in keeping the project on schedule and on target. I highly recommend!"

Adrian Cousins []

Adrian wanted a new simple, clean and modern design to show case his books.
Using one of the book covers as a background really works well and this simple and easy to navigate design lets the reader find the books, sign up to the mailing list and more.

You can read Adrian's 5 star review here ->

"Brilliant work with fantastic support. Delighted.
As a new author, finding professional support can be difficult. I plumped for Stuart to build my website because of his great reviews, and they have proven to be accurate. Stuart guided me through the whole process, building my website to a high standard that I am delighted with and coaching me so I can maintain the website in the future.
Thank you, Stuart, it was a pleasure working with you.
Anyone out there not sure who to use, I suggest Stuart, you will be delighted."



The team at Ortac press are launching a new press/publishing house, and wanted a clean, modern website to launch their portfolio. I took inspiration from the logo to create the pallet and styling and included little touches like the flying birds in key positions on the website. The website was designed to showcase new signings, allow authors to send submissions and encourage people to sign up to the mailing list.

Jennifer Layer - Author []

Jennifer has written a contemporary self help non fiction book and wanted a website that reflected her style and theme. She had tried to use Wordpress, but could not get along with it at all. I suggested she moved to Wix and she is now so glad she did! She has a slick, interesting website with some great features. Designed to collected emails and promote her book, Jennifer was thrilled with her new site.
- On the subject of Wordpress she said “I thought building and updating a website was a really difficult thing to do in general. But it turns out it was just because I was using Wordpress instead of wix. Wix is exponentially more customizable, and user friendly. Wix simplifies the process and allows you to do so much more in a much shorter time frame.”

This is Jennifer's review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Stuart was beyond worth his cost. (Not to mention his fees are very affordable compared to others offering the same services).
He understood the vibe I wanted and was creative in putting the brand and ideas into concrete visuals. He also was helpful and quick to respond to all and any questions that I had.
I will defiantly hire him again should the need arise and I highly recommend him for your website needs.

Jennifer Adams, September 2021 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Little Big Girl - Children's Book -Author Reginald Barnes - Author []

Reginald had finished his first book, and wanted a playful site with colour and fun. I carefully chose the background and added little features like staples in the paper, and painted handprints to give a sense of childhood and fun.
We added a sign up for a mailing list, a quiz and links to the book for purchase. Reginald was so impressed with my work, that we are currently working on a second site for his Author and business profile.

Justin Richman - Sci-fi -Adventure Author []

Justin had a new series emerging with 2 books finished and one on the way. He wanted me to completely overhaul the website he had attempted to build. His style and genre was based on superhero's and adventure - quite dark and moody... but contemporary and stylish.. adding the video of rain at the top of the site was a killer stroke and really sets the scene for the site and content.

I added a reader sign up form and contact responder.. as well as showcasing all the books and pointing readers to where they could purchase the books.

Justin left me this review:

"Stu was incredible to work with. He was very professional and was communicating throughout the entire project. He took the time to redesign my website and did a fantastic job making it stand out far beyond what my original site looked like. He made sure I understood how to manage the site before handing everything off to me. Stu did a great job and I'd recommend him to anyone looking to build their first page or redesigning their website."

Justin Richman, Aug 21, 2021

Susan E. Reynolds - psychological suspense []

Susan wanted a new site for her psychological suspense novel.

We added a sign up form for readers and added some really cool video backgrounds to create a sense of style and sexuality.

Susan was very happy with her site and left me a 5 star glowing review:

"I just can’t say enough about Stu! He created a beautiful web site for me. He really captured everything I wanted it to be. Once he was at a point where he felt comfortable, he set up calls and walked me through the site and showed me how I can manage it myself. He was patient and very responsive. Just awesome on every level. I highly recommend Stu and will definitely request his services again."

Susan Philpott, May 29, 2021

Louise Branson - Political Non Fiction []

Louise wanted a website to showcase her books and collaborations with her husband. She wanted a formal look to the site to reflect the subject matter and content. The site allows readers to find out about the books and Louise, but also provides multiple links for where the books can be purchased.

Louise left me a 5 star review -

"Stuart was great and his price reasonable. He transferred my domain over to Wix, patiently worked with me and my indecision, making suggestions and changes, explaining the right plan to purchase, then giving me a tutorial over Zoom to explain how to manage the Website going forward. He will continue to be available if I need added guidance or cannot figure something out on the site. I tried (and failed) many times to build my own Website. I wish I had turned to Stuart earlier and saved myself the frustration."

Louise Branson, June 2021

Eudora space kid - Kids Sci-fi books -David Horn []

David was launching his first book and wanted his site to be all about the book and not him. The result is a fun, engaging site that includes quiz's, activities and the ability to capture readers email addresses.

David was extremely happy with his website and has now learnt how to update and change his site after the training I provided.

He left a 5 star review...

"Stuart built me a great looking professional website for my book series, and then walked me through how to update it all myself with a very thorough walkthrough. Fantastic! He was very efficient and responsive to all my needs as well. Thanks so much!"

David Horn, June 2021

Pria Dee - Children's Author []

Pria wanted a brand new website to showcase her colourful and fun children's books. We worked on the theme of fun and colour to attract kids and parents.

The website can collect email information, has a quiz and links to where her books are for sale. I used a playful font and bright, eye-catching colours.

Pria was delighted with her site and is now more than able to update and change her site when she needs too.

Her 5 star review -

"Stuart is very professional and flexible. He accommodated the difference in time zones and answered my numerous questions very patiently.

He held several training sessions to get me going and made changes based on my skill level and suggestions!

I am totally delighted with the web site Stuart designed for me and will definitely look him up for additional work in future!
Thanks Stuart!"

Priya V, Jun 7, 2021

Maxine Burges - Fiction []

Maxine was a first time author and wanted a colourful, easy to update site to launch her books. I worked with her cover as inspiration for the site and produced a site that capture emails and points reader to where they can buy her books.
Maxine was a novice with technology, but is now confident to update her site after the training I provided.

Maxine was thrilled with her site and this is what she had to say about our collaboration -

"I enjoyed collaborating with Stuart very much indeed. He was very professional and also patient. I was definately worried about creating an online presence as I am a little old fashioned but Stuart talked me through every step which helped with my confidence. i would certainly recommend him to other writers "

Maxine Burgess, June 2021

Scott Estrella - Steam Punk Fiction []

Scott wanted a steampunk themed website to match the genre and style of his book.
I focused the design around cogs, steam and industry. Scott was blown away with the final design and now has beautiful and unique website.

FUSEBOOKS - Publisher - []

Mark Dawson and James Blatch from the Self Publishing Formula, launched an imprint/publishers and wanted a slick, simple website for their project.
We worked on a functional landing page that is intended to capture emails and also promote books on their rosta. It is also a place for authors to submit their manuscripts and a point of contact.


J David Simons needed a new website. His old one was out of date and limited, he also struggled to update it and found his old website builder confusing and difficult.

I built a clean, contemporary site that showcases his books and his work.
I added a place for people to order signed copies of his book, and easy contact forms for readers to use.
See below the images from his website and check out his 5 Star review!

Oscar Silver - Author []

Oscar Silver was launching a new book and wanted a contemporary, easy to use website. Oscar wanted to be able to update the site as and when needed. I took the design inspiration from the book cover and used colours and styles that perfectly matched his cover and style.
Launching the website with some key functions was important, including - Contact, sign up, reviews and bio - and of course links to buy the book!

James Blatch []

James was looking for a refresh on his website and so I made a few options for him to choose between. He liked the side swipe version where the pages move from right to left on a desktop.

James wanted a website that fitted the style and theme of his upcoming release and a place to gain email subscribers.

We included a sign up form on the home page, and included details about his new book. We also included a bio, contact form and links to all his social media platforms.

James was thrilled with his website and we have recently added the ability to buy a signed copy of the final flight.

Dave Bartell Author Website (

Dave contacted me through Reedsy to create his brand new website for his new novel.

We talked through his requirements and started the build.

We included all the things that Dave required on his website including a Bio, Sign up section, information on his book and some teaser info on his upcoming novels too.

We also created Dave's first email campaign in Mailerlite.

This is a multi-page site with the emphasis on showcasing Dave's books.

He was very pleased with the design and the process and I encourage you to read the review that he left for me about us working together.

"Stuart recommended what turned out to be a much-needed shift in my website approach > move from Wordpress to Wix. That resulted in a more modern looking site and with better web tools. Stuart was fast and completed some last-minute changes without complaint. His communication was top-drawer especially considering our time-shift California to UK. I would hire him again."

Dave Bartell, July 2019

Gordon Campbell Author (

Gordon contacted me on Reedsy to ask if I could help him create a new website that he would find easy to operate and update. He was launching his first book and required a website that would show off his new novel, and give some information about him as an Author. We worked on some ideas around the style of the new website and started the design.

I also set Gordon up with an Author Facebook page, and perhaps more importantly for him, I set up his Mailerlite account and created the first email that would be sent out when visitors entered their email address on his site and joined his mailing list.

If you are struggling with any aspect of your website build, please do reach out so that we can have a chat about your needs.

This is quite a bespoke website which has a 'side swipe' functionality and a strong design.

Mark Dawson - Promotion for Novella - Phoenix

Mark Dawson asked to help with a project that was created to raise money for treatment for a friend of Marks, suffering from Cancer. Emma had just given birth to a baby boy Phoenix, and Mark wrote a Novella to raise money for her treatment.

Mark needed a website to promote his book, that contained all the links to all the places that the book could be purchased, from Amazon, Kobo, iBooks etc. I created the Website for this purpose and to date, Mark has raised over £10,000 for this cause.
It was a pleasure to be part of this project and hopefully demonstrates our skills, and speed as Web designers.

I want to help Authors have beautiful websites for their profiles and their books, so please get in touch so I can discuss your project!

Mark Dawson's Self Publishing Formula Mobile App

Mark Dawson has created a huge Community of Self Published Authors, and to consolidate all of the assets from The Self Publishing Formula, we have created a Mobile App for them.

With the App you can watch and listen to the latest Podcast, you can log into any courses you have purchased, contact The Self Publishing Formula team via the app and be the first to get information and updates.

There is a great deal of functionality and has been downloaded many times. It is a powerful tool and available on all App stores, worldwide. We worked with the Self Publishing Formula to create an app that presented the users with all of their assets and information.

Stuart has 125 reviews





Nicholas H.

Nicholas H.

May, 2024

Stuart's service and professionalism exceeded my expectations. He has crafted an absolutely brilliant author website for me which I am absolutely thrilled about. The website tutorial he offered via zoom was constructive and authoritative and has equipped me with the skills I need to continue to maintain my website. I would thoroughly recommend Stuart to anyone looking to get an author website b...
Read more
Tony A.

Tony A.

May, 2024

My collaboration with Stuart was nothing short of fantastic. I honestly don't think I could have asked for anything more. he was professional, friendly, patient and extremely helpful. The website turned out exactly as I had envisioned it and he also provided useful tips and tools to assist with any issues I may encounter. It was a great experience and I'd recommend him to anyone seeking to crea...
Read more
Jose Luis M.

Jose Luis M.

May, 2024

I'm very much obliged to Stu and Ellie for their closeness. They've been very easy to work with. I now have a fantastic website and, more importantly, the peace of mind that comes with having their help. So, if you're looking for a web developer, don't miss out on these professionals!
Bruce B.

Bruce B.

Apr, 2024

I can't say enough good things about Stuart and his great team! They were polite, professional, and prompt in their service. Their creative and artistic capabilities in the design and creation of my website were awesome. My friends and leaders love my new author website. The briefing and discussion video we shared late in the process was a highly useful and educational experience. Stu is wide o...
Read more
Neil L.

Neil L.

Apr, 2024

Stuart was absolutely brilliant. Not only did he nail my vision for the site almost immediately, but he also made it far better and more eye-catching. He was also a joy to work with -- I had all kinds of technical issues before he could start to design, and kept delaying and delaying. But Stu was always patient with me and willing to walk me through even the smallest technical detail or tweak. ...
Read more
Stuart G.
Thanks so much Neil, it was great working on your site, it was of real interest, and I am so pleased you were happy with the process and end product, we do really try hard to make sure people are a...
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