Stephanie Kawada

Stephanie Kawada – Editor

Perfecting your text using new lens requires tenacity. My 25-year medical journal career led to book editing, juggling between pets and koi.


My professional experience includes more than 30 years of publishing with Williams & Wilkins and Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, as well as other publishers (editing and adhering to the AMA Manual of Style, the Chicago Style Manual, and inhouse style guidelines; reviewing all documents to ensure journal consistency; organization of workflow of accepted manuscripts; tracking key documents; systems analysis; managerial, administrative, and budgetary skills).

Currently, I am a freelance editor who enjoys working on nonfiction books and scientific papers, primarily in medicine and the humanities, while taking care of an active household consisting of a blue merle sheltie, several cats, colorful koi, and finches.
Biographies & Memoirs Education & Reference Humanities & Social Sciences Medicine, Nursing, & Dentistry Philosophy Psychology Technology Writing & Publishing
English (UK) English (US)
  • Award for outstanding achievement and commitment as Managing Editor to Critical Care Medicine at the 25th anniversary of the journal, January 1997
  • PUBLICATION: Dreams and Life, in “26 Angels: Words for a Healing Heart” by Oumar Dieng. Dedicated to the families and all of us affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy, a series of haikus evoke imageries that conjure treasured memories, raucous laughter, sunny smiles, and brilliant childhood and lives abruptly terminated. These incidents stir us to move forward to a better tomorrow, unmarred and hopeful.
  • PUBLICATION: "Our Personal Gaman: A Poetic Palette in the Circle of Life" by Stephanie Kawada, Archway Publishing, 2023. "Gaman" is a Zen Buddhist term that expresses perseverance and stoic discipline in the face of adversity. This anthology of poems—free verse and haiku—represents the story of our family which has been dealt a certain deck of cards and is challenged to make certain choices. The poems depict the dilemmas of our family members as well as portraits of furry companions and people who have made an impact in our lives and have motivated us to gain strength and cope with utmost grace and choose a better path. Weaving a poignant and inspiring story, this anthology aims to remind us to persevere and always move forward, despite our challenges and afflictions, and not allow personal turmoil to occupy center stage.
  • MA, French Literature, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Teaching Certificate, Secondary Level, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Work experience

IEEE Computer Society

Jan, 2001 — Nov, 2009 (almost 9 years)

Collaborated with conference chairs to organize and produce conference proceedings (total = 50 projects/year). Worked with chairs and artists to design and finalize cover art. Formatted and finalized front matter and author index and built complete electronic documents into a single PDF file for submission to the printer.
Prepared promotional products and CD-ROMs at the chair’s request. Designed CD labels and final layouts for more than 35 CD-ROMs for conferences, a compilation CD-ROM of 11 conference proceedings (750 papers), and a CD-ROM of 1,660 files (7,000 pages).


Mar, 2000 — May, 2000 (2 months)

I had the following responsibilities:
Edited (Excel template) mathematics and language arts lessons—using proper grammar and level of instruction appropriate to grade-school children.
Developed a company style manual.
Prepared instructive material for the Web; condensed a 60-page document to 4 pages.


Jan, 1995 — Present

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Edit books: health-related and medical.
CodeMantra: Edit entire content for nonfiction books: general; medical; humanities.
diacriTech: Edit entire content for nonfiction books: medicine; general.

MBL Communications, New York, NY: Edited articles on psychiatry.
Castle Connolly Institute, New York, NY: Edited a book on medicine.
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, MD: Edited articles for medical journals.
Demand Media Studios, Santa Monica, CA: Copyedited articles.
Cadmus Communications, Columbia, MD: Edited articles for medical journals.
IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, CA: Edited and proofed conference proceedings; produced
Shores Editorial Services: edit, format, and finalize text for conference proceedings and medical journals.
American Journal Experts: Edit manuscripts on medicine; critical care medicine; endocrinology; psychology; psychiatry.
Enago: Edit medical manuscripts.

Society of Critical Care Medicine

Jan, 1975 — Feb, 2000 (about 25 years)

My 25-year career as Managing Editor involved the following responsibilities:
Met manufacturing deadlines of Critical Care Medicine (monthly publication), New Horizons (quarterly publication), Special Publications (three annual textbooks), and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine (quarterly publication).
Edited and read every article in all journals.
Planned an annual budget and worked to stay within the financial constraints outlined by the Society of Critical Care Medicine; recommended plans for increasing the publications’ revenues.
Organized the departmental workload and supervised the editorial and production staffs.
Produced the organization’s Style Manual to ensure style consistency in all publications.
Recommended software programs and procedures to facilitate the electronic production of the journals.
Communicated with authors and sponsors interested in producing special symposium supplements and assisted with the organization, editing, cover design, and final production of supplements.


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Charting the period that extends from the 1860s to the 1940s, this volume offers fresh perspectives on Aestheticism and Modernism. By acknowledging that both movements had a passion for the ‘new’, it goes beyond the alleged divide between Modernism and its pre... read more
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Mark R.

Mark R.

Oct, 2020

Stephanie was an extremely thorough and meticulous copy editor for me. She went out of her way to look up references and my esoteric material. She was careful to point out to me where her edits might change the meaning I had intended and worked with me to find clear alternatives. She was very timely as we sent edits up and back to each other. She explained the reasoning behind her edits when...
Read more
Stephanie K.
Dr. Ragins is a highly respected psychiatrist worldwide. It is a privilege to collaborate with him on his book, which takes you on journeys that expand your perspectives of people with a vast array...
Read more
Dominic B.

Dominic B.

Jan, 2024

I recently had the privilege of working with Stephanie Kawada on my manuscript, and I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. Stephanie's editorial skills are nothing short of stellar. Her keen eye for detail, combined with her profound understanding of narrative structure and character development, has significantly enhanced the quality of my work. From the very beginning, Stephanie approach...
Read more
Stephanie K.
Working on Dominic’s project was analogous to working on a challenging yet well-produced script which reflects an astounding, unique, and exceptional quality of vivid and harmonious text and which ...
Read more
Michael Z.

Michael Z.

Sep, 2023

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Stephanie on my first-ever manuscript. As an aspiring author, I approached the project with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, aware that my words would be under the microscope. From our initial consultation, [Editor's Name] instilled a sense of confidence in me that I didn't know I needed. For someone as detail-oriented as I am in my medical p...
Read more
Stephanie K.
It was an absolute delight to collaborate with Dr. Zgoda on his book, "Enlightening the Path: Essential Strategies for Bedside Teaching in Health Care," which provides invaluable insight and meticu...
Read more
Christian N.

Christian N.

Nov, 2022

Thank you Stephanie for the great work, it was an amazing experience working with you.
Stephanie K.
It has been a pleasure to edit and read your work, Dr. Ntizimira. I have learned so much about your culture and the importance of empathy and understanding with regard to the patients and their fam...
Read more
John O.

John O.

Jun, 2021

I was very pleased with Stephanie. She was prompt with her review and always communicated any queries she had. I was expecting to be made aware of far more errors, alternative language or suggestions than I received but this may have been reflective of my continued and frequent review of the text.
Stephanie K.
Working with Dr. Odell was a delightful and challenging experience. His expeditious responses to my queries enabled me to complete this lengthy project in slightly over 1 month. Performing multiple...
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