Skye Loyd

Skye Loyd – Editor

Copy editor for 20 years with SAGE and Wiley. I have a background in science, literature, art, and music. Nothing gets by me!


I am cursed with noticing everything! The details won't leave me alone! I will find your errors wherever they hide, your overrepeated ideas, your bits of flotsam that get in the way of lucid thought. I will leave only clear prose, easily read and understood, in your unique voice, to be embraced by millions of grateful readers.

I have copyedited books and academic articles for 20 years. I'm proficient in Chicago and APA styles. I have a wide background in art, music, and wildlife biology, which helps me to comprehend and improve on a wide range of subjects. I enjoy bringing out clarity from confusing or muddled sentences.

My clients have included Wiley, Rowman & Littlefield, and SAGE. I edited nonfiction books and academic journal articles for these publishers. I also freelanced as a book project manager for Wiley, which gave me insight into how a multiauthored book comes together.

Now I do developmental editing and copyediting of novels, and I love it! I've found that my eye for details honed on academic books helps me catch those troublesome little turns of phrase that make writing less than elegant.

When I work with you, I always remember that you are the author. It's your voice that must come through, no matter how much is changed. I use Tracked Changes so that you can accept my changes or not. I leave lots of comments to help you understand certain changes or to make suggestions. I am very flexible, and I will help new authors through the process of getting a book ready for publishing. I truly enjoy learning from each author.

Member of the Editorial Freelancers Association.


"Skye is an incredible editor to work with. Her edits and suggestions were spot-on, crystal clear, and highly insightful. She improved my manuscript immensely. I also appreciated her excellent and prompt communication with me. In addition, she is a compassionate and empathetic person. A truly gifted editor, writer, and thinker!"

DJ Lee, author of essay collection

"Posting this review feels counterintuitive as I would love to keep Skye’s expertise all to myself (tongue in cheek). But the truth of the matter is that Skye is both gifted and a gift to the literary world. It’s difficult to fathom that an individual—a stranger no less—can be so attentive a listener and so intuitive a mind as to instantly understand my intended meaning, even when what I wrote was not exactly what I meant. Her editorial genius is awe-inspiring, and working with Skye was as easy as breathing.

"She will embellish your words, not by attempting to enhance them with her own, but by removing distractions and allowing your words to take the spotlight—and your characters center-stage. She is immensely talented and a consummate professional. Ultimately, your choice is in your own hands; but mine will always be Skye."

Ibrahim A., novel author

Action & Adventure Historical Fiction Young Adult
Art Earth, Space, & Environmental Sciences History Life Sciences Music
English (US)
  • B.S., Conservation Biology, Brigham Young University
  • English minor, Brigham Young University

Work experience

Wiley (freelance)

Sep, 2008 — Dec, 2021 (about 13 years)

I performed freelance copyediting for Wiley for 13 years. I copyedited life and earth science books for them using Chicago style.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (freelance)

Jan, 2008 — Dec, 2009 (almost 2 years)

I copyedited nonfiction books on history and entertainment for this publisher.

SAGE Publications (freelance)

Jul, 2000 — Mar, 2008 (over 7 years)

SAGE is a publisher of more than 500 academic journals. I copyedited social science journal articles for them, using mostly APA style. I started in-house full-time as a proofreader.


Developmental Editing Copy Editing Proofreading
The House of Spark

LaFlash, Luminita

Developmental Editing Copy Editing
Developmental Editing Copy Editing
Copy Editing Proofreading
Developmental Editing Copy Editing
Developmental Editing Copy Editing
Developmental Editing Copy Editing
Copy Editing
Developmental Editing Copy Editing Proofreading
Class of 1967

Bateman, Randy

Copy Editing Proofreading
Copy Editing
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Combating Hatred

Terrance L. Furin

Hatred and violence in our nation's schools have made headlines in recent years. Violence often grows from student alienation, intolerance, and prejudice, and it is not limited to schools maki... read more
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Brian Dolan's social and cultural history of the music business in relation to the history of the player piano is a critical chapter in the story of contemporary life. The player piano made th... read more
Copy Editing
The Historical Dictionary of Modern China (1800-1949) offers a concise but comprehensive examination of the political, military, economic, social, and cultural development of modern China. Ins... read more
Copy Editing

Skye has 51 reviews





Ron C.

Ron C.

Oct, 2023

Skye did an excellent job on the copyedit of my book. She caught some inconsistencies that shows that she read the manuscript very carefully.
David C.

David C.

Sep, 2023

I went with Skye partly because of her academic editing background, since my project was heavy on science. She helped me make the science manageable for a general audience. She did an excellent job and was also quick to respond and clear when communicating about the project. I highly recommend Skye!
Ruby R.

Ruby R.

Jul, 2023

Skye was a great help for my 180-page project. She caught many corrections that I didn't notice no matter how many times I read it through and helped me make some decisions on how to format some unusual paragraphs for cohesion across the board.
Taylor A.

Taylor A.

Jun, 2023

Working with Skye was an absolute delight. She provided exactly the level of editing I asked for, she turned the work around super fast and ahead of schedule, and her comments were both helpful and insightful. Will definitely work with her again on any future projects!
Bonny G.

Bonny G.

May, 2023

When Skye says she notices everything, she is absolutely right! No detail gets by her. She did an excellent job copy editing my 99,000-word historical novel and I could not be more pleased. Not only did she address all the technical details but, where warranted, she made helpful suggestions pertaining to phrasing, words or word order, and arrangement of words or phrases to improve flow or under...
Read more

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