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Michael Sanders – Editor

After 10 years editing at Simon & Schuster, I wrote 5 of my own books, 3 published by HarperCollins. I know my craft and publishing.


I started out as a nonfiction editor at Simon & Schuster in NYC before morphing into a writer as well. Today I do a mix of projects, with a preference for long term collaborative editing, and work with a team to provide all services from interior and cover design through upload and print distribution, even publicity.

I have worked with C-suite execs in a hurry to get their thought leadership books out to the world through a traditional publisher, and also with individuals who will likely only publish one or two books ever, a self-published memoir or personal story intended for family and friends. To all clients I bring the same intensity and knowledge, particularly trying to respect the golden rule of editing: First, do no harm. It is YOUR book, YOUR ideas, YOUR words, and my job is to help you put your best out there while changing the least to do so.
Biographies & Memoirs Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits Technology
Historical Fiction Mystery & Crime
English (UK) English (US)

Work experience


Jan, 2008 — Present

Historical fiction, autobiographical nonfiction, business innovation, mystery--these are just a few genres in which I have worked long-term with a variety of authors published by mainstream houses like St. Martin's Press and Chelsea Green and self-published as well.


Developmental Editing Copy Editing Editorial Assessment
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The author relates her struggle as a teacher in a New York City school and her battles against bureaucracy and functionally illiterate students
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The Genomic Kitchen is a system of cooking and eating that directly connects the food you eat with the behavior of your genes. Flexible to your needs, it's easy to follow framework helps you c... read more
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Developmental Editing Copy Editing Editorial Assessment

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Kraig K.

Kraig K.

Jun, 2024

I worked with Michael starting in December 2023 and our job ended sometime in April 2024. He conducted deep-dive edits to include a developmental edit, copy edits, and a proofread. Michael is an experienced editor and knows how to make your book better. But you had better bring your A-game as he will push you for your best work. I feel my book after the editing phase is ready to be released...
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Michael S.
Kraig was a superlative collaborator because he understood a few things. He had to trust me. He had to work hard. He had to make significant changes and rethink some characters. He had to approach ...
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Paula H.

Paula H.

Apr, 2024

Why I recommend Michael as a book editor. Michael is experienced in the art of writing and editing. He understands what it takes to turn a drifting but nagging thought into a complete work. Michael's keen eye for details and ability to hone your personal writing style, helps to ensure your work is told in a clean and clear voice that resonates with readers. If the relationship of an author an...
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Peter R.

Peter R.

Mar, 2024

Michael is a professionally adequate editor for query letters. He offered good and relevant suggestions and comments.
Michael S.
Some people are hard to please. But we try and are always professional.
Kealy D.

Kealy D.

Nov, 2023

Michael replied promptly in all communications. He also completed the assignment two days early.
Marion A.

Marion A.

Feb, 2023

Provided a lot of food for thought. Much of the edit I agreed with immediately but need some time to collect my thoughts and ask questions. about other issues. Michael is happy to give me that time. I am pleased with edit and when eventually finish rewrite would like to work with Michael again.

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