Sara Graham

Sara Graham – Web Developer

My craft lies in creating beauty and compelling stories and I believe that design has the power to evoke emotion and transform business.


As both a designer and a writer, I delve deep into the heart of a brand — learning its history and identity. I extract the intangible aspects that make the business unique and translate them into a rich visual experience that fosters a sense of connection with a website visitor.

My design philosophy centers around function, simplicity and distinctiveness. I design with the end-user in mind, optimizing flow, story and layout to be smooth and intuitive, for all devices (UX).

The value that I bring to you:

* Expertise: I belong to an exclusive group of Squarespace Experts, meticulously curated by Squarespace and promoted on their website. I am also a Certified Squarespace Trainer.

* Experience: I have worked with more than 800 clients across the globe over the course of a decade.

* Bespoke Design: All of my designs are custom. Your website will be entirely unique to you, your brand and identity, and will stand out.

* Training: I offer a full hour of 1-on-1 training at the conclusion of every project — on Squarespace, in general, and any unique elements of the site — so that you will have the confidence to manage your site going forward.

From the initial concept to the final execution, I collaborate closely with my clients, ensuring that their vision is realized while providing my expertise and guidance throughout the process.

The process begins with a questionnaire to set the overall design direction. You’ll also be asked for all of your content assets at this time. If you need stock images, I’ll help you with this. For the site copy, I’ll be keeping an eye on spelling, grammar and punctuation and even flow with light editing as part of this project. If you need help writing copy from scratch, I can provide recommendations for online courses or custom copywriters. This will need to be completed before the design phase begins.

The following is a detailed timeline:

1. Client questionnaire delivery

2. Content and existing branding collection

3. Branding / image search (optional)

4. Initial home page draft

5. Home page approval

6. Additional pages design

7. Desktop design approval

8. Mobile layout completion

9. Training (including SEO)

10. Site launch

-- Testimonials --


“We recently hired a candidate that, while researching caterers throughout the Bay Area, found our old site and applied based on our prime location and impressive clientele.

After being scheduled for an interview, she revisited the site and was impressed - the new layout and style really spoke to her. She found it fresh and innovative and that is why she ultimately decided to take the position.”

— Sam Collier, Taste Catering


“We reviewed over 15 web designers and ultimately chose EngageTaste. It turned out to be the best decision we could have made.

Sara understood our vision and gave us direction when needed. Her professional design has improved our visibility and most importantly… revenue.”

— John Rothschild, Precision Handicapping

Let's create something beautiful!

Architecture Art Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits Design Home & Garden Law Music Nature
Works with
  • Squarespace Expert
  • Squarespace Certified Trainer
  • Squarespace Circle Member

Work experience


Jan, 2013 — Present

I offer a suite of services including website design/management/training, SEO, branding, social media management/training, newsletter and blog writing.


A Contemporary Portfolio for Studio HA/WA

Studio HA/WA is an interior design firm that focuses on high-end residential, commercial and hospitality projects that elevate the human experience. They create sophisticated, timeless spaces that stand the test of time, designed with their surroundings in mind.

The design objective for the new website was to mirror their clean aesthetic and bespoke style. Generous white space is punctuated with superb project imagery and just enough story, inviting visitors to dive deep into their portfolio and start dreaming of their own reimagined spaces.

Painting a Striking Story for Elizabeth Butler

In her paintings, Elizabeth explores the very heart of beauty, the unrepeatable flow of nature. “It is seen in the breaking open of the sky when it rains, the mountain grasses in the wind, the grounding earth-red boulders, or the light bouncing off and through a lemon tree.”

Her website needed to also express her deep connection to the natural world, showcase her art, and invite visitors to shop and learn in her classes and workshops.

Framing Historical Artistry For ArchElements

ArchElements offers a collection of classical Chinese window and door panels from the period of the late Qing Dynasty. Their new website presents pieces for sale and will be including an in-depth feature of select pieces in their blog.

Creating Inspiring Spaces With Wield Creative

Wield Creative is a design studio that creates meaning and connection through immersive spaces and physical experiences for clients in fashion, jewelry, retail and hospitality. Their approach is founded in storytelling and an appreciation for history, community and craft, leaving no detail overlooked.

Likewise, their website also provides an experience, welcoming visitors into their digital space with expressive imagery and a project portfolio for those who want to dive deeper.

Celebrating a Rich Legacy and Vibrant Community for Compton Heights

Compton Heights, a storied neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri, was designed in 1888 and features gracefully curved streets and deep setbacks to create a pleasant vista and reduce traffic. Many of St. Louis' first families settled in here — corporate leaders of Anheuser-Busch, Falstaff, Magic Chef, Monsanto (Bayer) and Pet Incorporated — and a number of the homes still remain in the families some 100+ years later.

The new website showcases dozens of photographs of the neighborhood’s historic homes, thoughtful landscaping, architectural details and streetscapes. The website houses a lot of information — ticket sales for cherished annual events, a detailed history and resources for current residents — but clear navigation keeps things simple and allows visitors to quickly find what they are looking for.

Taking Action with Tri-Cities Homelessness

The Tri-Cities Homelessness Initiative works with those dealing with housing insecurity or who have lost their homes in Denver, Colorado. After a rise in cases in recent years, this foundation was formed to offer a collaborative response through a consortium of over 30 ground-level service providers and regional leaders.

The website serves three communities — those seeking help, those wanting to help and those looking for reporting on the Initiative’s efforts. The site is well-organized to help visitors get to where they want to go quickly while providing a welcoming visual experience.

Inspiring the Senses with Salazar Tea & Spice Cellar

Salazar Tea & Spice Cellar offers specialty teas, spice blends, specialty salts and flavored sugars that inspire the senses.

Their simple website features tantalizing photos of their loose-leaf teas and spices sure to capture sales and inspire cooks. Also included is a blog that invites visitors to return for new recipes and tips while also taking advantage of the high SEO returns for blog pages.

Art That Starts Conversation With Michael Denny

Each of Michael’s pieces is sculpted with layers of fabrics, objects, textures and colors to create art with movement and are coveted by galleries and display homes throughout Texas.

The website is light and simple, letting the art provide the color and intrigue. An integration with Artwork Archive allows for a unique display and purchase option right on the site. And a plugin allowed a bit of flair with a “mega menu” to display the collections pages.

RV Adventure Podcast with Ambitious Hippies

After Courtney and Michael purchased an RV and spent a few months traveling with their two dogs and a cat, they wondered if there were more people out there adventuring just like them. They decided to launch a site to build a community in which they can share their wild ride.

The website design features a colorful aesthetic that is reinforced through fun photos and a vibrant color palette. A video on the home page invites visitors to join them on their journey. And their blog and Buzzsprout podcast provide rich detail.

Striking the Right Chord for Kingsley Chan Music

Kingsley Chan is a pianist and vocalist who offers performance, teaching, accompaniment and recording in Hong Kong and across the globe. The goal for the rebrand and redesign of his website was to offer more authority and resonate with audiences young and old.

The new site uses dramatic colors and bold shapes to both play off of a reimagined logo and the clean lines of a sheet of music. The effect is a clean, elegant presentation that stands out.

Producing Some of Canada’s Most Popular TV With Proper Television

Proper Television has become one of Canada’s most successful production companies, producing many highly-rated reality, lifestyle, and documentary programming, such as Motel Makeover (Netflix), Vegas Rat Rods (Discovery, Velocity), Mary Makes It Easy (CTV, Food Network US), Family Home Overhaul (HGTV Canada, Hulu); along with big international formats: MasterChef Canada (CTV, Cooking Channel US), The Great Canadian Baking Show (CBC, Netflix) and Iron Chef Canada (Food Network, Discovery Plus).

Their new website is the home base for all current projects, with a full rundown of all current projects and a popup trailer for a quick synopsis of each one. A dark palette lets the media stand out.

A Cinematic Presentation For Filmmaker Christopher Glatis

Combining a unique visual and narrative voice with technical expertise, Christopher strives to push the boundaries of cinematic storytelling. His new website serves as a digital resume, sharing clips of his award-winning films and projects currently in development and even a book.

Out of This World Concept for duz recordings

Space-age imagery set the otherworldly aesthetic for this eclectic music label specializing in synth, techno, ambient, house, hip hop, disco, funk, soul and juke.

Setting Up Reel Success For Lemongrass Films

Award-winning producer and director, Zach Meyer, started Lemongrass Films to create playful video ads from prep to post.

His reimagined website reflects this spirit in the lemongrass color theme, custom code to round out buttons and form elements, and video clips front and center.

Literature and Libations with Flyleaf

Flyleaf is a bookshop, bistro and bar all at once, offering an intimate gathering place with great coffee, delightful fare, boozy libations and a thoughtfully curated selection of books. Located in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, the venue is the brainchild of Lindsay Scallen and reflects her love of community and passion for dining, entertaining and literature.

Their website is highly branded, as unique as their business model, with moody imagery overlaid with a deep navy set against rich copper and cream.

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