Elena Saygo

Elena Saygo – Web Developer

I'm interested in learning more about your work and exploring ways to tell a story on your website.


Whether you are an author just starting, in need of a brand new website, or you already have one and are looking for some customization, I can help out. Reach your audience with a user-friendly, engaging website that works flawlessly on every device!

Every website is tailored to your needs, packed with state-of-the-art lifetime software, and ready to start working for you and bring in leads, traffic, readers, and sales. I can create a site that’s not only beautiful and easy-to-use but will help you grow your writing career.

ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっWhy work with me?

Six years ago I started website design and development as a hobby and made me realize this is what I wanted to do full time. I left my job in Finance and Financial Reporting as a chartered qualified accountant and followed my passion. I put a lot of work and love into each project and go above and beyond to meet the client's requirements.

I build all my websites on WordPress, the world's most popular Content Management System (it powers around 35% of all websites on the internet). WordPress is highly customizable and easy to edit yourself once the website is built.

Services available:

• Design and development

• Maintenance

• Branding

• Training on using your website


• Analytics

• Mobile optimization

• Hosting advice and set-up

• Domain set-up and integration

• Email account set-up

• Social media integration

• Newsletter sign-up with a lead magnet

• Landing pages

• Event and calendar pages

• Blog set-up

• E-commerce

• Graphics (including book cover mock-ups and 3D book covers, social media covers, and more)

Services I do not offer: Marketing, Promotion, Facebook, Amazon, etc. Ads

Fun facts about me:

- I love coffee.

- I lived in three different countries over the last ten years.

- I don't like potato chips (or crisps for my Irish and British friends) and haven't met anyone yet who doesn't like them.

I am happy to work on any genre and would love to hear about your project.

Let's make your website stand out!

Children's Fantasy Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense Young Adult
Computers & Internet Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits Health & Wellbeing
Works with
Shopify WordPress
  • Full stack web development - Coding Dojo

Work experience


May, 2020 — Present

I founded my Freelance web consultancy business to help authors, small businesses, and non-profits with their online presence.

Washington Autism Alliance

Sep, 2016 — Present

I work part-time for WAA as a web administrator and offer technical support for their website and other platforms.


L. Thorsrud - author website (lthorsrud.com)

Immersive and cool animations for an upcoming fiction series about a British neuroscientist who leads a team to collaborate with an advanced race to prevent Earth’s demise.

Manda Mac - Children's Books Author Website

Colorful and playful design, subtle animations, downloadable coloring sheets and coloring book lead magnet.

Alder House Books - Publisher (alderhousebooks.com)

Website featuring dynamic books and author pages, donation forms, manuscript submission, fiction prize forms, blog, and newsletter.
I loved working with Nadine and bringing her ideas to life.

Tricia Elliott - Fantasy Author and Blogger (triciaelliottauthor.com)

Tricia needed a home for her upcoming book that represented the ideas of near-future dystopian, magic, and hope. I created a temporary book cover and a design to align with the elements of the story.
I also migrated Triacia's blog from another website; she is an amazing photographer and blogger.

MamaBear Books (mamabearbooks.com)

Children's Books Publisher website with a Shopify store, downloadable coloring pages, and lots of fun in creating it.

Rob Sheely - Author and Software Developer (robsheely.com)

First-time author of Fantasy and Thrillers. The website features a blog, which will be a major part of the website, along with building a mailing list.

B.R. KEID - Space Opera, Sci-Fi (brkeid.com)

Website for the upcoming book and series, email list building, and lead magnet via Mailerlite.

Stella Atrium - Fantasy and Sci-Fi (stellaatrium.com)

Stella Atrium's style is a complex mix of modern and classic, with philosophical and religious references.

Sharon Wagner Books - Supernatural Author (sharonwagnerbooks.com)

Website for upcoming books and series, with a touch of magic and mystery.

Debra Borchert - Historical Fantasy (debraborchert.com)

Debra's stories are around the French Revolution, vineyards, and strong women fighting for their rights. We wanted to capture all these in the design and of the website. The Eiffel tower is a french landmark and a symbol to commemorate 100 years since the French Revolution, so it felt like a great idea to use it for the lead magnet subscription.

Luke Villermin - Invest Now Play Later (lukevillermin.com)

Investing in the stock market for kids and teens - strong visuals presented in a fun and engaging way. Worksheets based on the books are sent to subscribers via email automation through Mailerlite.

T.I. Frazier - Inspirational and Children's book author (tifrazier.com)

Tim wanted a classy and uplifting vibe for his inspirational book and a playful and colorful look for his upcoming children's picture books. We worked to incorporate both on the website and give each genre its personality.
The website features a shop for selling signed paperbacks, and it's integrated with a shipping platform.

Myles Schulman (mylesschulman.com)

Myles wanted a minimalist and elegant website to showcase his upcoming book. The result is a slick and modern website.

Books by I.L. Cruz (booksbyilcruz.com)

Heidrun Metzler - baking and recipies book (heidrunmetzler.com)

Dayton Shaw Books - SCI-FI and Dystopias (daytonshawbooks.com)

I was intrigued by the pen name of this author, and was happy to find depth and layers in their stories.

A.E. Lee (authoraelee.com)

Stacey O'Neale - Young Adult Fantasy (staceyoneale.com)

Author website with e-commerce, mailing list signups, reader magnet delivery, and Goodreads book club widget.

Maria Lahman - children's books author (marialahman.com/childrens)

Maria Lahman - Author, Professor and Speaker (marialahman.com)

Simon Hargreaves - Supernatural Suspense for Kids (simonhargreavesauthor.com)

This project was a lot of fun. Simon had a basic website on Google Sites and we decided to scale it up and moved over to WordPress. This not only allowed for more complex integrations but also offered increased flexibility for the design. The book cover was great to work with and it fit a dark theme perfectly.
The website featured a fun animation on the home page, the ability to easily add more books, contact forms, and email list sign-up integrated with Mailerlite.

Lora D. Roland (loradroland.com)

I worked with Lora D. Roland to create a modern, chic website for her steamy romance books. Peach is her favorite color, so I said why not use it in abundance; it contrasts nicely with the covers and it defines the author's style. I also set up email automation with a lead magnet in Mailerlite and two landing pages to capture subscribers. At the time of posting this, we are still waiting for the cover of the third book and the pre-order link, but I am always happy to update these when they're available, even though the project is technically finalized.

Jodi Burnett - website redesign (jodi-burnett.com)

Jodi Burnett writes suspense thrillers with K9 features, and her books are constantly best-sellers. Jodi was looking for an easy-to-navigate layout, clean, uncluttered. We kept the original hero and logo but redesigned and rebuilt everything from scratch. I organized her books with filters by series and book formats, and the entire sitemap was redone. As the previous website was indexed and cached by Google and other search engines, I set up redirects for all the URLs we changed. The loading speed was improved to an A grading from an F, and I replaced all resource-hogging plugins with more performant ones.
New books can be easily added, and all the relevant pages will automatically update.
I loved working on this project, and Jodi had great input and feedback.

Ryburn Dobbs - author website (ryburndobbs.com)

Ryburn trusted me with building his website on WordPress and moving away from Weebly.
Ryburn's background in forensic anthropology reflects in his writing. I loved working on this project, and I can't wait to pick up one of Ryburn's books.
The website features his books, a blog, newsletter sign-up via a static form, and a pop-up. Ryburn is also a speaker, and he can be booked via a form on the website.

J.L. Hancock - The Hawk Enigma (jlhancock.com)

Jim is a writing techno-thrillers, and he was so kind to let me read the manuscript of The Hawk Enigma ahead of the publication date. I loved the book, and this only added to my passion for working on his project. The website features a blog where Jim shares behind the tech information that got into creating the story. A lead magnet is set up via Mailerlite and subscribers will receive "free intel".

Ursula Hughes Author Website (ursulahughes.com)

Ursula's website showcases her new book release, Picking Up Breadcrumbs, in a modern, minimalistic style. The website includes a page for upcoming events and speaking engagements, a lead magnet integrated with Mailerlite, a contact form, and it's easy to add more books.
I enjoyed working with Ursula and crafting a website to suit her personality.

Betty J Head - Author and Musician (bettyjhead.com)

Betty wanted a website to showcase her personality as a musician and writer, classy, modern, and joyful.
The website includes a shop for Betty's music and pre-orders for signed copies of her upcoming children's book.
Betty can easily add more books via the custom post type created in the backend.
It was a pleasure working with Betty; her book was being illustrated while working on the website and the cover and the website launch were celebrated with balloons and announcements on her Youtube channel.

Deb Stories - Children's Book Author (debstories.com)

It was so fun to work with Debbie on this project. Her books are full of color and learning opportunities for little kids. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed them, and who is a better judge than the target audience? :)

The Anger Makeover - Synthesis Journeys (synthesisjourneys.com)

Walter Polt's new book release, The Anger Makeover is featured on the newly re-designed Synthesis Journeys website. The Sandia Mountains in the background blend beautifully with the theme bringing to you a modern-looking clutter-free site. Besides the book details and testimonials from people who have benefited from it, Walter is using his tremendous experience to offer coaching programs. With dedicated pages that allow visitors to browse the online courses or contact Walter for a personalized coaching session, everything is designed to offer a premium experience.

Dr. S.K. Burkman - The Dragon Doc (thedragondoc.com)

This was one of the most fun projects to work with, and you will understand why after seeing it :)
The Dragon Doc, aka Dr. S.K.Burkman is a vet in real life and her blog reflects her tremendous sense of humor. We thoroughly enjoyed and laughed throughout this project and Sherilynn organized a photo session with real dragons :))

Amity Grays - author website (amitygrays.com)

Amity writes western historical fiction and wanted a website to showcase her books and to allow adding new ones easily. Amity also wanted to start a blog on subjects dear to her, and we created a space for this. I loved she went for a dark theme, as it blends beautifully with her style.

Janis McCurry Author (janismccurry.com)

I loved working on the redesign of Janis' website. Janis loves the color green and tiger lilies, so I used these in the design. The style of her writing is modern and upbeat and we wanted to capture this with a colorful and modern design. Janis is also passionate about cooking and her several recipes are now beautifully featured in the Cookbook section.

Vince Young Author (vinceyoungauthor.com)

Vince wanted a website for his recent book, A Gift from the Wise Men, and a way to interact with his readers. He is planning to publish blog posts and initiate a discussion based on topics from his book. Readers will post comments and submit their ideas via a contact form.

Deborah Linn Books (deborahlinnbooks.com)

Deborah Linn is a teacher and a lover of the American written word, especially the American Classics. She is also doing workshops, speaking engagements, and conferences. Her first novel, Just Daisy - A Great Gatsby Retelling, is featured on her brand new website. The theme of the website captures her love for the classic mingled with a modern, clean, minimalist layout.

Author Anthony Cassino (acassinonovel.com)

Anthony's first novel, Pious is a fast-paced thriller, exploring subjects like religion, LGBTQ, and the problems faced by the African American people. I wanted to capture Anthony's retro style into the design of the website.

Author Antonio Rosario Ortiz

Antonio wanted a website to showcase his recently published book, Destined to Change. I loved working on this project as Antonio gave me free rein over the design, color scheme, and branding.
The website includes two lead magnets, a donation form, and the option for the author to add more books that will automatically show up under Books.

Writers for Rights - Nonprofit organization

This was an amazing project to work on. Writers fo Rights is a nonprofit organization, a community of passionate writers, readers, and artists who are looking to create global change with storytelling, art, and action.
The website features membership subscriptions (integrated with PayPaypal and Stripe), Donations, and Events.
WFR's founder, Chela Reyna is a write, editor, and fierce fighter for environment conservation and literacy.

Author Richard D Ross (richarddross.com)

I loved working on this project and was glad Richard chose a dark theme as it suited his genre - thriller, and mystery - and also his charismatic personality. The website also features an ARC sign-up for Richard's upcoming book.

Books and Toys - Reviews Blog

I set up and configured a hobby blog where I review children's books and toys and also test out different tools and techniques for online marketing, affiliate marketing, and so on.

Training Portal for Washington Autism Alliance (washingtonautismalliance.org/training)

WAA received a grant for offering resources for low-income special needs individuals and their families in WA state. I worked as a volunteer on this project and set up a portal (all with free resources) to suit the needs of easy accessibility, accessibility on all screen sizes, easy use, and a clean interface.
The user needs to register to access the training modules and they get a completion certificate.

Children's books website

It was a pleasure working on my website :) I gave myself a pat on the back.

Andrei Saygo - website design and branding (author.andreisaygo.com)

Website Redesign for Washington Autism Alliance (washingtonautismalliance.org)

Washington Autism Alliance's website was in need of a makeover and I was honored to work on this project.
Their website includes over 100 pages, a generous blog, membership, events, a fundraising platform, a training portal, and a resource directory. This large project was a tremendous source of learning opportunities and I am currently offering them technical support and web maintenance.

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Matt N.

Matt N.

Sep, 2023

Elena was wonderful to work with. Super timely and responsive, did great work, and added a couple of bells and whistles I wasn't expecting. I will totally work with her again--a terrific experience all around!
Mario M.

Mario M.

Sep, 2023

Elena is an exceptional, creative, and knowledgeable website master. I am very impressed by her professional work.
Myles S.

Myles S.

Sep, 2023

Elena is fantastic to work with! She is super responsive and ensures that you are satisfied before finishing a project. When I needed to update my website's homepage, she went above and beyond by making sure the changes would be responsive for mobile as well. She also made adjustments to all other pages on my website for uniform design. She is very professional (even working late hours to make ...
Read more
Miriam N.

Miriam N.

Sep, 2023

Elena created a great author website for me, she used her creativity and created a great website. She was very responsive too. I highly recommend Elena
Timothy F.

Timothy F.

Sep, 2023

I trust Elena to help bring the vision in my mind to life. She is always ready to support, even at a moment notice. A God sent for me and my business. I will continue to exclusively used Elena through out the years.

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