Sandy Fuller

Sandy Fuller - Editor

Vail, Colorado, USA

Literary agent; picture book consultant and development editor; published author/illustrator; mentored by Maurice Sendak at Yale.

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I began my children's book career with a year's tutelage from Maurice Sendak. I credit him with my knowledge of the fundamentals of this unique genre and my instinct and passion for creating award-winning picture books. My life's work includes international publishing, agenting, bookselling (library and trade), marketing, and extensive editorial consultation. I have also published several of my own books with traditional companies. I can also advise re self-publishing.

I work closely with authors (and artists) to craft texts (and illustrations) which will attract publishers and
delight and enlighten young audiences. My services include conceptual development, theme/subject appraisal vs/vs current trends, line editing, content editing, formatting, and submissions.The goal is to achieve a picture book proposal offering the best chances at publication in a competitive marketplace.

Snoopy (a.k.a. Literary Ace) is my hero!

English (US)
Childrenโ€™s Non-Fiction
Picture Books


  • Yale and Radcliffe Publishing Degrees; SCBWI


  • Colorado Book Award; Moonbeam Picture Book Award

Work experience


January, 1988 – Present (over 33 years)

As editor and agent, I work with previously published and unpublished children's book authors, specializing in picture books. I offer extensive editorial consultation, also selective representation as international literary agent. As editor, I work with ideas from start to finish, at every stage from conception to polished completion. As agent, I have steered a variety of these picture book proposals to successful contracts with established publishers. Prior to establishing my own company, I was employed at Weston Woods, Addison-Wesley Publishing, Yankee Book Peddler, Gordon's/Ingram and as a bookseller, all with children's book focus.

Portfolio (20 selected works)

Moon Loon

Fuller, Sandy Ferguson

Solar The Polar

Constantinesco, Kim, Evans, Jessica Linn

Under One Rock: Bugs, Slugs & Other Ughs

Fredericks, Anthony D., DiRubbio, Jennifer

Tall Tall Tree

Fredericks, Anthony D., Wallace, Chad

The Bunny Poets

Toboni, Barbara, Ferguson Fuller, Sandy

The Nifty Thrifty

Ferguson Fuller, Sandy, Dolby, Jan

Good Morning, Snowplow!

Bruss, Deborah, Fancher, Lou, Johnson, Steve, Fancher, Lou

A Tiger Like Me

Engler, Michael, Tourlonias, Joรซlle, Watkinson, Laura

Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?

Carmela LaVigna Coyle, Mike Gordon, Carl Gordon

The BLUES Go Birding Across America

Malnor, Carol, Fuller, Sandy, Schroeder, Louise

The Blues Go Birding at Wild America's Shores

Malnor, Carol, Fuller, Sandy, Schroeder, Louise

The Blues Go Extreme Birding (Blues Go Birding)

Malnor, Carol, Fuller, Sandy, Schroeder, Louise

I Love Outside

Gelsthorpe, Amy, King, Janet

Goober Man

Frazier, Peter, Wilson, Emily

Thank You Aunt Tallulah!

Carmela Lavigna Coyle, Bruce MacPherson

Tommy Toe

Frazier, Peter, Desai, Makarand

Fish House Door

Baldwin, Robert, Sheckels, Astrid

Downward Mule

Hammond, Jenna, Page, Steve

Sandy has 59 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Maureen Currie
Sandy quickly responded to my requests. She communicated with effectiveness. She worked to clear up any problems.

Maureen Currie, September 2021

Reilly Dillon
Sandy is great!

Reilly Dillon, August 2021

Sandy Fuller
Reilly and I worked long and hard to achieve a polished and marketable middle grade story. It's original, engaging and I could watch his writing improve each step of the way during our collaborati...
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Reply from Sandy Fuller

Zak Karamally
Very insightful and smart. I enjoyed our collaboration and learned quite a bit. Thank you, Sandy!

Zak Karamally, August 2021

Sandy Fuller
Zak is a new writer, motivated and eager to learn. I enjoyed helping him polish his first book series. It is quite appealing, enhanced by captivating illustrations. SFF

Reply from Sandy Fuller

Carrie Fields
Sandy was wonderful to work with very professional and I got a lot out of it would highly recommend her.

Carrie Fields, August 2021

Sandy Fuller
Carrie is committed to her book project and I wish her well as she pursues publication. We accomplished alot with two collaborations, bringing this picture book to a point where she can engage an ...
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Reply from Sandy Fuller

Cindy Lurie
Sandy was wonderful to work with!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜„

Cindy Lurie, July 2021

Sandy Fuller
Cindy has created an imaginative and unique picture book story. I enjoyed the challenge of editing and polishing the rhyming text and content. I always appreciate an author who is responsive and ...
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Reply from Sandy Fuller

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