Sam Michel

Sam Michel – Editor

English + Spanish editor for over seven years. Focus on Personal Growth Nonfiction + Romantic Historical Fiction. Your book, your voice.


Language Arts was my least favorite class in early elementary school.

That’s putting it kindly, really. But then, during a season of D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) time, I found a series of books I was keen on. How ironic to say I don’t remember what they were—only that they changed it all. I had always loved stories . . . now I loved the written word as well. That love led me to read some hundred books a year in late high school and college, where I majored in English Literature and interned at Folio Literary Management. Upon graduation, I joined Tyndale House Publishers as a full-time Copyeditor. About a year later, I modified my role to be part-time so I could also pursue the role of Communications Director at Willow Creek Community Church in Huntley. The years since have seen me copyedit, proofread, and edit a variety of Fiction and Nonfiction works in both English and Spanish. The ones I’ve found most enriching were YA Fantasy, Romantic and Historical Adult Fiction, Memoirs, and those on the topic of Marriage.

As an editor, the most precious feedback I’ve received from writers is that I offer insight that improves the work while remaining encouraging and never making it feel as though I’ve marred or lost the writer’s voice. That’s my raison d’être in working with you, the writer. Beyond that, give me a deadline, and I’m likely to come in ahead. Give me a style guide, and I will internalize it.

Biographies & Memoirs Health & Wellbeing Self-Help & Self-Improvement Sex & Relationships
Historical Romance
English (US)

Work experience


Apr, 2022 — Present

Write in the social-media sphere for a variety of clients in the hospitality industry.


Jan, 2020 — Apr, 2022 (about 2 years)

Write in the social-media sphere for a variety of clients in the hospitality industry.


Dec, 2017 — Jan, 2020 (about 2 years)

Tyndale House Publishers

Aug, 2015 — Present

Copyedit, edit, and/or proofread books across genres in both English and Spanish.


New hope for those suffering from conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, addictions, PTSD, ADHD and more.Though incidence of these conditions is skyrocketing, for the past four decades standard treatment hasn’t much changed, and success rates i... read more
Teens live in a complicated world. They are constantly bombarded by messages from their friends, parents, teachers, the internet, and their churches, and not all of these messages agree or line up with each other. How do students figure out who to listen to? H... read more
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There are many books about overcoming obstacles, but this quintessential story of victory over limitations is unique. How many doctors have cerebral palsy? Not many. Yet this disability was part of the Great Physician’s plan for Tyler Sexton. Because of it, Ty... read more
Young women are under more pressure than ever before: pressure to be pretty, to be successful, to have a perfect selfie game. Is it possible for them to be their true selves? Or must they fit into the same mold as the rest of their peers? Into this world of ev... read more
Cada pareja que quiere un matrimonio feliz apreciará los secretos revitalizantes en Una pequeña locura llamada matrimonio. Allí, el doctor Greg y Erin Smalley exploran las características de un matrimonio saludable y próspero. Basados en una investigación de m... read more
En muy raras ocasiones encontramos en la Biblia a Dios ordenando a alguien a “permanecer”. La realidad es que el abre una puerta y nos invita a caminar a través de ella: hacia lo desconocido. Y es precisamente la respuesta que elijamos lo que finalmente determ... read more

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Lily R.

Lily R.

May, 2022

Sam was amazing to work with on my mail-order bride book. She is great at what she does. I would 100% recommend.
Derek D.

Derek D.

Feb, 2022

Sam was professional, clear and concise! I would definitely work with her again!
Nancy K.

Nancy K.

May, 2021

Sam was very helpful to me a first time writer. She gave lots of suggestions and offered ideas. I hope to work with her again!
Keshia E.

Keshia E.

Mar, 2021

So easy to work with!
Lady E.

Lady E.

Feb, 2021

Loved working with her! She was professional and easy to communicate with throughout the editing process.

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