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Sage Taylor Kingsley - Editor

Vallejo, CA, USA

Copy Editor, Perfectionist Proofreader, Wowing Wordsmith honoring your voice and vision while enhancing and elevating eloquently since 1991.

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Every word matters! Editing and proofreading since 1991. Lifelong Grammar Geek. Former English Teacher and Journalist. I'm a best-selling author and poet, always dedicated to uplifting YOU as well as your book or any writing project.

How I can help you:
I provide exceptionally in-depth Line & Copy Editing that often INCLUDES developmental and proofreading, thus saving you the time and money for an extra round or two of editing. I am highly meticulous, responsive, friendly and fun to work with. I see the Big Picture while also honing in on the tiniest details so that your writing shines.

NON-FICTION: Personal growth; Spiritual; Autobiography; Anthology; Poetry. Magazines; Dissertations.
FICTION: Fantasy; Sci-fi; Historical fiction; YA; Children.

Ask for samples, or for a free sample edit!

“Sage goes far beyond what you would expect -- or even dare to hope for -- in an editor and writer. Her word mastery borders on MAGICAL. I call Sage my Word Wizard. She edited my biographical/autobiographical book: EnTWINed. I was BLOWN AWAY BY THE LEVEL OF BRILLIANCE in Sage's editing. She also has brought her word artistry to letters, emails, and websites and has an infinite knowledge of marketing. A sage indeed!”
- Joyce Wallace Scott, Author of EnTWINed, and Unbound

"I have hired Sage (Taylor Kingsley) as an editor for multiple projects, including HIGHEST-LEVEL LINE EDITING of my book: The Restless Kingdom. I cannot recommend her highly enough for ANY and ALL writing and editorial work. Sage reads diligently, with extreme care, and is excellent at correcting obfuscation and bringing clarity to logical inconsistencies, as well as errors in grammar and spelling. Nothing gets past her Eagle Eye! Sage's level of intelligence, accuracy and thoroughness is beyond masterful. In short, she is an editorial virtuoso." - Dr. John Cooke, Ph.D., author of The Restless Kingdom, and Sublime Lunacy

"Sage kicks ass at editing. Her work is fast, precise and mind-blowingly smart. The work she did makes me much prouder of the book, and it will be clearer and more accessible to the reading audience who are new to this field. You won't find a better book editor." - Dr. Daniel C. Harrigan, Ph.D., Co-Author of The Yoga of Self-Defense

"Sage is editing my young adult fantasy novel, Ewan's World. She is making the editing and proofreading process seamless, easy, and even fun, with highly perceptive insights and lots of encouraging support. I feel very fortunate to have Sage as my editor and highly recommend her. My book is in great hands!" - Colin Regan

"A poet for many years, I recently started listening to myself about finally getting my poems out to the world. The Universe answered in Sage Taylor Kingsley! Sage edited, proofread, and coached me through getting my first book of spiritual poetry birthed to the world. She is pure love energy to work with while also being extremely SMART and ENCOURAGING.

"Sage has an AMAZING EAR FOR FLOW AND DEPTH IN POETRY that can only come from another poet. She has a BRILLIANT EYE FOR DETAIL and is by far the best literary editor I have ever found.

"I literally put in my book's Acknowledgements: 'My deepest gratitude to Sage Taylor Kingsley, editor extraordinaire, for coaching, polishing, and exuberantly manifesting this book into reality with me, from a pile of journals and stardust.' So if you want an editor who will honor YOUR voice while elevating and polishing your book so it's the best it can be, look no further: Sage is your editor and book-baby midwife!"
- Julia Carroll, Poet and Author of Star Ride: Poems for Awakening Starseeds

English (AUS)
English (CAN)
English (NZ)
English (UK)
English (US)
Historical Fiction
Science Fiction
Women's Fiction
Health & Wellbeing
Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Sex & Relationships


  • Bachelor's Degree in Journalism. 
  • Multicultural Teaching Credential.
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.
  • Ordained Interfaith Minister.
  • Reiki Master.


  • #1 Amazon International Best-Selling Author.
  • Law of Attraction Leaders Award.
  • Arnold Palmer Communication Award.

Work experience

Copy Editor, Proofreader, Copywriter, Ghost Writer

June, 1991 – Present (about 31 years)


If you want an editor who is masterful, punctilious, yet kind, one who will help you polish and perfect your book while making you feel good along the way, you found her!

All editing I do includes proofreading. I absolutely will correct any and all grammar, spelling, punctuation errors --and believe me, I WILL find them!

Working together, we will create a Style Sheet for consistency and get your book fully ready for publication: 100% free of errors and 100% representing YOUR voice and vision.

I will accept your project only if I know you will be delighted with the quality of writing and editing you receive.
Since 1991, I have a perfect track record of every client being delighted with my editing work. :)

***Non-Fiction Genres***
Specializing in PERSONAL GROWTH/ SELF-HELP/ Spirituality / Inspiration / New Age.
Health, Wellness and Healing. Autobiographies and Memoirs. Anthologies.
Science (physics, biology, environmentalism, psychology, et al.). Arts and Culture. Philosophy and Religion.
Poetry. Travel. Cookbooks. Lifestyle. Nature Writing.
Educational (including curriculum).
Dissertations and Theses.
Magazines, Newsletters and House Organs.
Author Bios and Websites.

***Fiction Genres***
Contemporary Fiction. Women’s Fiction.
Historical Fiction. Romance. Time-Travel Romance.
Young Adult Fiction. Coming-of-Age Fiction. Children's.

With a background in engineering and education, as well as holistic and energy healing, I speak Science AND Spirit. I am quite adept at content from the ethereal to the material.

I will not work on anything in the horror genre, or anything dark in theme, although action and mystery are ok.

I promise to have a very light hand at editing any poetry because most poetry does not need much editing, other than for clarity. The beauty and power of your words will be respected. Many editors, even if they mean well, simply don't understand this, because they are not poets.


Bachelor’s in Journalism, Multicultural Teaching Credential

Degrees in Engineering and Mathematics

Front-Page Copy Editor of The Vero Beach Press-Journal (see below)

Hypnotherapist, Reiki and Money Reiki Master


Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author

Copywriter for over 70 websites

Developmental Editor, Line Editor, Copy Editor

Proofreader for Jossey-Bass Publications

Curriculum writer of 25 programs that sold over $1.6 million

“When expressed with beauty and boldness, your ideas can change the world.
Words hold the power to create, elevate and fascinate.” ~ Sage

If we choose to work together, your book baby will be in great hands. :)

English Teacher

Hawai'i Unified School District
August, 2006 – May, 2008 (over 1 year)

Teaching English and Literature to middle schoolers. I created many unique units including nature poetry in which the kids got to sit outside under trees and write original nature poems after being inspired by Walt Whitman; a publishing unit in which all the students got to write, edit, proofread and see in hardcover print their own books; and super wild-and-crazy book "reports" in which the kids got to create board games, videos, radio programs, plays and more, to celebrate their love of reading.

Copy Editor

Vero Beach Press Journal
January, 1989 – June, 1991 (over 2 years)

Top Copy Editor of The Vero Beach Press-Journal

Within two weeks of working at the Press-Journal, I was promoted to the top editing position, in charge of the front page, because, as my managing editor put it: "You have The Eagle Eye and don't miss a thing!" The gentleman who previously had been in charge of the front page for 20 years was very graceful about a rookie like me replacing him and became my staunchest fan there!

Portfolio (10 selected works)

A Golden Love: Relationships of Divine Enchantment

Nieuwenhuyse PhD, Craig Francis, Bridges MS, Laura Dawn

Yoga Self-Defense (Yoga Self-Defense Volume One Book 1)

Nordlnger, Stephen, Harrigan, Daniel

Sublime Lunacy

Cooke, John

Unbound: The Life and Art of Judith Scott

Scott, Joyce, Spangler, Brie, Sweet, Melissa, Sweet, Melissa

The Dahliana

Simmons, Brandon E.

Sage Taylor has 4 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Lee McCall
Selecting Sage as my editor was the best decision I could have made. Her editorial work was excellent, and the suggestions and input she provided really helped to polish and elevate the quality of my book. More than that, though, I'm deeply grateful for the encouragement she gave throughout the process. She is an awesome cheerleader! :) It has given me the confidence to push my first project t...
Read more

Lee McCall, April 2022

Sage Taylor Kingsley
Thank you so much, Lee! It was a pure delight to serve as your editor on all levels from Developmental to Copy/Line to Proofreading, as well as to see you grow even more as a writer. Your book is f...
Read more

Reply from Sage Taylor Kingsley

Stephanie Toler
I'm so grateful for Sage's review of my poetry book! She was prompt, kind, and educational with her edits. I took most of her suggestions and my poems are definitely in a better place now. I definitely recommend her. Money well-spent.

Stephanie Toler, March 2022

Sage Taylor Kingsley
Thank you so much, Stephanie! It was an honor editing and proofreading poems of such a high vibration. You are a great poet, and it's been a delight working with you. As a poet myself, I took care ...
Read more

Reply from Sage Taylor Kingsley

Bailey Wasdal
Sage surpassed my expectations with the work she delivered! I didn't know exactly how the editing stage would go, as this is my first book project, but Sage was extremely helpful, reassuring, and offered plenty of guidance. She believed in my project and genuinely wanted to see me and the book have success. For that reason, she was an easy selection as editor for the book. Her work is thorough...
Read more

Bailey Wasdal, March 2022

Sage Taylor Kingsley
Thank you so much, Bailey! You are a brilliant author and have quite likely MANY wonderful books ahead of you. I look forward to continuing to be of service in any way that I can. You were (and are...
Read more

Reply from Sage Taylor Kingsley

Emily Harkins
Sage Taylor Kingsley did an incredible job in proofreading the text that I submitted to her. She was timely in her work and was generous in providing her feedback. I would highly recommend her services and would definitely use her again in future projects.

Emily Harkins, February 2022

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