Stuart Budgen

Stuart Budgen – Editor

Experienced copy editor and proofreader. Specializing in fiction, particularly romance. Very fast turnaround. Endorsed by publishers.


Hi there,

I have a degree in English language from the University of London, and a professional certificate in copy editing and proofreading from Proofreading Academy (Knowadays).

I have been running a successful freelance editing business for the last six years. My main specialization is fiction, following the CMoS, although I also receive many nonfiction manuscripts following various other style guides depending on the needs of my clients.

I am the principal copy editor and proofreader for three publishers: Cherry Publishing, Highlander Press and CamCat Publishing, as well as frequently freelancing for various others, including, more recently, one of the big five.

I can work competently in any major English dialect (US/CAN, UK/AUS), although I mostly work in US English because my clients often tend to aim for that market.

My clients have been known to compliment my prompt and friendly communication skills, my level of availability to them, and my fast turnaround speed. It isn't uncommon to find myself talking with a client during the evening or even on weekends, because we often become friends as I support them through their publishing journey.

During the summer, I am normally with family in the South of France, and I spend winters in South East Asia, being something of a digital nomad and beach fanatic. I like to bring that sunny enthusiasm into my work!

My favorite project to date was a collection of short stories written by women who had experienced spiritual transformation in their lives. It was thoroughly enjoyable to switch author and writing style every few thousand words, and to enhance those powerful experiences for the reader. The book will soon be available to buy through Highlander Press.

Action & Adventure Historical Fiction Romance Science Fiction
Biographies & Memoirs Career Guides Health & Wellbeing Religion & Spirituality
English (AUS) English (UK) English (US)
  • Proofreading Academy professional certificate

Work experience

CamCat Books

Nov, 2022 — Present

Hachette UK

Aug, 2021 — Present

I have been a freelance proofreader for this publisher since August 2021.

Publish Central (Australia)

Jun, 2020 — Present

I often proofread business manuscripts for this Australian based publisher.

Highlander Press

Apr, 2019 — Present

I am a regular copyeditor/proofreader for this publisher that specializes in spiritual journey/business success books.

Digital Press

Feb, 2019 — Present

I often freelance for this company, copyediting books that have been machine translated from German and French, mostly in the motivation/self-help genre.

The Urban Writers

Apr, 2018 — Present

I regularly freelance for this company, editing nonfiction books in various subjects.

Cherry Publishing

May, 2017 — Present

I am the primary proofreader for this publisher.


Feb, 2016 — Present

Stuart has 4 reviews





Lee S.

Lee S.

May, 2024

A top notch job. Stuart provided an outstanding service. Highly recommended.
Joseph P.

Joseph P.

Feb, 2024

My experience of collaborating with Stuart Budgen has been very rewarding and satisfying. Stuart was very approachable, responsive to all my concerns, and his work had been prompt and of exceptional quality. I was very grateful to have had Stuart as my collaborator. When time comes he will be my first choice.
Stuart B.
Thanks Joseph. It was great to work with you too. So kind, decent, principled, and eloquent which are quite rare qualities in today's world. I hope we get to work together again soon.
Cyndi W.

Cyndi W.

Dec, 2023

Very enjoyable and reliable.
Cyndi W.

Cyndi W.

Jul, 2023

I think he did a great job in a very timely manner! I also appreciated his honesty. I'll definitely be reaching out to him for future projects. Highly recommend.

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