Josh Rose

Josh Rose – Editor

Comic Journalist and Senior Editor at Lev Gleason Inc. Our specialty is Comics and Graphic Novels.


Stories have power. They can teach us about the world and inspire us to be heroes. They’re what connect us. Stories can be more effective than simply explaining the facts.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved stories, whether reading and listening or telling my own. Now, I want to help you tell your stories.

I have worked on award-winning series and helped others whittle to the gold within their own stories. I am proud to be the Senior Editor for an incredible Canadian publishing house and continue to work on personal creations.

My specialty is Comics and Graphic Novels, with some experience with kids' stories and anthologies. I am looking to grow my skills with fictional prose

Anthologies Children's Comics & Graphic Novels
English (CAN)
  • Sequential Magazine Awards 2019: Best Comic
  • BA Communication and Media Studies

Work experience

Lev Gleason Inc.

Jun, 2018 — Present

Lev Gleason is home to three different publishing houses: Comic House: Canada's largest superhero publisher; New Friday: a place for creator-owned comics to call home; and Lev Gleason Library: the prose division.

As senior editor, I oversee the majority of projects that each publisher is working on and ensure we make the best product possible before printing begins.

Geek'd OUt

Apr, 2017 — Jan, 2021 (almost 4 years)

Geek'd Out is a pop culture journalism website featuring various articles, reviews, news, a growing podcast network and more. Pieces by fans, for fans. Josh worked as a content contributor, writing articles on comics, films, and books, and as the Books Editor, editing other contributors' articles and preparing them for publication.