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Robert Kenney – Editor

Developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading of fiction and memoir. Authors of all experience levels welcome!


I'm a developmental editor and copyeditor of fiction and memoir. I help authors who write genre or literary fiction, short stories or novels. I can also help you turn your personal story into a page-turning memoir. Whether you are a first-time author looking to self-publish or an experienced writer with a goal of publishing traditionally, let's talk about your work.
Biographies & Memoirs
Dystopian Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime Romance Science Fiction Short Story
English (US)

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Nov, 2013 — Present

Elite Editing, New York City

Jun, 2015 — Dec, 2015 (6 months)




Our minds’ capabilities are limitless, yet most of us rarely challenge ourselves to see our true potential. Every experience, whether good or bad, gives each of us more wisdom if viewed from a positive mind-set. You must continue to dream and try to visualize ... read more
Prepare to re-create your life, your future... through methods, LaVerne uses to overcome her seemingly terminal and insurmountable situations. As you learn to harness your power, control your words and internal dialogue (ID)... you will no longer ask the quest... read more
Like Son

Alexander S.

A running memoir
Are you in the middle of the fight of your life? Do you feel overwhelmed, tired, and ready to give up? Do you feel like no one really understands the journey you are on or the obstacles you are up against? Or it might be that you have a loved one in this situa... read more
Is reality as we experience it as conscious beings equivalent to the reality that forms the foundation of our universe? J. Joseph Kazden explored this theme in his book "TotIs" and showed why Albert Einstein was not joking when he said that "Reality is merely ... read more

Renato R.

SPAIN, 1550s. In the bustling port city of Seville, Rodrigo is a qualifier for the Inquisition. His job, to evaluate books and testimony for the stain of Lutheranism. However, he guards a secret that the Holy Office does not know about... that is, until he is ... read more
The story of the Chinese Tiananmen Square massacre, as told by the young man who would become the iconic figure of the event.

Trek M.

Ownership of Plot 547 is in dispute. Bastien, a wealthy land developer who secretly enjoys designing torture devices, and Martin, an ex-itinerant farmer aiming to charter a tent city for a massive group of thieving squatters, both seek legal title. Their confl... read more
He wasn’t looking for convention, but he’s learning there are limits! When a middle-aged British man meets a charming New Yorker with a passion for photography, he thinks he might have found what he’s looking for. But she lets slip a secret and everything chan... read more
Good Girls on Bad Drugs portrays the shattered lives of girls next door who became crack, coke, opioid, and heroin addicts, and who in their hustle for drugs became streetwalkers and internet escorts. In jailhouse journals and interviews, they confess with can... read more
A luscious mÉlange of art, love, and murder...In Cologne, West Germany, in the 1980s, Amanda Lee, a young American gallery owner, discovered the murdered body of her business partner, Marlene Eichler. Hours later, she found a painting that depicted the scene d... read more
"A neighborhood mainstay of old New York, Nelson’s Restaurant was a kosher deli that was in my family for over seventy years. Anchored on the busy corner of 170th Street and Broadway in Washington Heights, New York, the store was conceived by my father Morris ... read more
A.D. 871 to 875In A.D. 870, King Charles of France crushed a rebellion, annexed Provence, and reached an agreement with his brother, King Ludwig the German, to partition the Kingdom of Lorraine between them. But the pope ordered Charles to withdraw from all oc... read more
A.D. 869 to 870Emma's future looked bright. King Charles the Bald was marrying her aunt and her father had become his chief advisor. There was even talk of a possible engagement between Emma and the king's grandson. Then everything changed. While taking a walk... read more

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Kim B.

Kim B.

Aug, 2023

Robert did a great job and delivered the edit on schedule. He fixed my POV blind spots and gave me the courage to kill quite a few darlings that needed to go. Many bad commas were slain. He made excellent suggestions about bumps or confusion in the flow of the story. I would certainly use his services again.
Robert K.
Thank you for the kind words, Kim. I hope we get to work together on your next novel. Best wishes, Robert
Andreea B.

Andreea B.

Jul, 2023

This was my second collaboration with Robert and I am as pleased as I was the first time. In addition to his clarity, perceptiveness, and promptness, I most appreciate his lack of fulsome praise. He will tell you what works or doesn't, but he won't kill you with encouragement like other editors. I wish I could clone him so I don't have to wait 2-3 months until he's free again. Hire him! You can...
Read more
Robert K.
LOL, Andreea. Maybe I need to work on that "fulsome praise" thing. Thank you for your kind words. I'm looking forward to working together again soon. Best wishes, Robert
Tamar G.

Tamar G.

Apr, 2023

Robert is awesome! While copy editing my manuscript he went beyond the call of duty, paying attention to geographic, date and sailing errors, and pointing out where the story became confusing. He didn't let anything slip by! Robert was quick to respond to my questions, and generous in his replies. I'd be delighted to work with him in my future projects. Yay Robert!
Robert K.
Thank you for your kind words, Tamar. I'm happy the edit met your expectations. I, too, hope we can work together again. Best wishes, Robert


Apr, 2023

I didn't know where to start with my inital work, so I took the plunge. After varying opinions and some feedback where I might stick to personal diary entries never to be seen, Robert offered a certain gift where it didn't feel like complete failure. When I read through the reports, it felt like a guide to understand the feedback, not simply "this sucks." I've since asked for another collaborat...
Read more
Robert K.
Thank you, AM. It was my pleasure to work with your story. I look forward to collaborating again. I don't think anyone would read your work and think "this sucks"! Trust your gut and try to have a ...
Read more
Jonn M.

Jonn M.

Feb, 2023

Working with Robert was an excellent experience. He has thoroughly and concisely pinpointed issues to be addressed in my story draft. I highly recommend him and hope to work with him again. Thank you Robert!
Robert K.
Thank you, Jonn. I'd be happy to work together again in the future. Best wishes, Robert

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