Greg Fisher

Greg Fisher – Editor

Experienced writer, indexer, editor, and illustrator; holder of a DPhil from the University of Oxford.


I earned a DPhil in ancient history from the University of Oxford (2008) and subsequently spent a decade in academia. There, I taught courses on ancient Rome, Greece, and Persia, completed numerous research projects, and managed a significant research budget. I am the author and editor of eight books, including the first-ever collection of translated ancient sources covering pre-Islamic Arab antiquity, and the series editor for Routledge's Studies in the History of the Ancient Near East. I am also the author of a comprehensive Roman history textbook for the undergraduate market, The Roman World from Romulus to Muhammad, published by Routledge in 2021.

I have worked closely with some of the world's leading publishers, such as Oxford University Press, Bloomsbury, Routledge, and Wiley-Blackwell. In my editorial work, I have copy-edited, indexed, and proofed dozens of books in subject areas in the humanities and social sciences, including classics, history, literature, and philosophy.

I have considerable experience and expertise in mentoring writers, including those completing their first major book projects. I am experienced in manuscript preparation, proposal writing, management of peer review, contract negotiation, and many other aspects of the publication process, and can offer advice and support in these areas. I can also provide indexing, copy-editing, and proofing services, as well as cartographic illustrations (Adobe Illustrator), particularly for maps of the ancient world.

I am meticulous, thorough, and respectful. As an experienced author, I am fully aware of how much work goes into a book! I am ready to support and mentor authors as they encounter each and any stage of the publication process -- from an initial proposal, all the way through to indexing and proofing, the final steps before the book is printed.
Historical Fiction
English (CAN) English (UK) English (US)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil)
  • Master of Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts

Work experience


Dec, 2019 — Present

Provider of high-quality maps for the academic publishing market, specialising in maps of the ancient world.


Jul, 2019 — Present

As a professional editor and indexer, I provide high-quality services to academic publishers, including Routledge, OUP, CUP, Anthem, and more.


Sep, 2011 — Present

I am the author and editor of eight books, and have published with some of the world's leading academic presses, including OUP and Routledge. I am also the series editor for Routledge's series Studies in the History of the Ancient Near East, with over ten titles in the series to date.

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Gregory N.

Gregory N.

Mar, 2023

Greg is an incredibly skilled and smart editor. He's a pleasure to work with, and his editorial work continually impresses me, from his developmental instincts to his sentence-level editing acumen.
Bennett S.

Bennett S.

Sep, 2022

Greg was such a pleasure to work with. He was always on time and went above and beyond what he said he was going to do. Being that it was my first book I was very nervous, but he was very patient and explained everything to me. He not only edited my work but also helped guide me with my questions. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Greg and i'm sure i'll use him in the future again.
Gregory N.

Gregory N.

Aug, 2022

Greg's a tremendous editor. Having worked together previously, I elicited his help for a copy-edit. He brought his incredible eye for detail, attentive communication style, and consideration to the project. This particular projected ended up needing a much heavier edit, more in line with a substantive edit or rewrite, and Greg was able to pivot between the roles of copy editor, substantive edit...
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Gregory N.

Gregory N.

Jun, 2022

I've been working as an editor, author, and coach for authors for fifteen years now, and Greg is quite simply put the most conscientious and thorough indexer I think I've ever worked with. Please don't hesitate to hire him for your project. His skill as an indexer is matched by his skill as a communicator, and he really is a pleasure to work with.