Richard Lynch

Richard Lynch - Editor

Gandia, Spain

Over 30 years in publishing as an Author (Macmillan, Wiley, Pearson, Taylor & Frances), and freelance development editor/writer.

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* Former publishing house Senior Editor and Production Manager (7 years, Amherst Media, Inc.).
* Freelance development editor / TheBookDoc (30 years, 4000+ books).
* Traditionally published author (9 books with subsidiaries of Macmillan, Wiley, Pearson, and Taylor&Frances).
* Work as a writing coach and consultant who helps writers further their craft.
* Write/rewrite books for clients who lose their way when trying to finish their projects.

Richard Lynch is a freelance American author, development editor, and writing coach currently living in eastern Spain. His experience in publishing is extensive, spanning every aspect of writing, editing, production, design, and printing. Non-fiction publications include nine books with traditional publishers translated into 10 languages and 50 articles in print magazines. His creative prose accounts for 60 more publications in literary venues.

After graduating with an MFA in fiction writing, Richard's career in publishing began. He became a reader for a literary agency and editorial service, and then found a job as the Senior Editor and Production Manager for a small book publisher. The opportunity allowed him to explore the publishing saga from end to end as he did everything n the process: he operated the freight elevator to accept book shipments, worked with the authors to develop manuscripts, did the design and pre-press, sourced the printing, and was responsible for quality control. Because the publisher had a niche in how-to photography, he became an expert using Photoshop to correct images for print.

An ad that he placed on the internet promoting Photoshop services yielded a strange inquiry. The person asked him if he could write a book on Photoshop and photography. He said, "Well, I'm sitting at my desk where I am the editor of a photography book publishing house, I went to school for writing, and I'm a Photoshop expert. I'd say yes." It turns out that the person on the other end of the line was an acquisitions editor from a Macmillan subsidiary. The deal and his advance were closed over the phone without writing a word. The book sold over 40,000 copies.

After the first book came out, opportunities opened for him to work for many organizations as an author/writer, consultant, beta tester, online instructor, and editor. The companies included Adobe, Berrett-Koehler (business books),, and photography magazines (e.g., PCPhoto, and Popular Photography). He maintained his interest in development editing as TheBookDoc throughout and to the present day, helping individuals work on all non-fiction and fiction manuscripts to push them toward publication. He believes, simply, that all writing needs to remain fresh and interesting to the reader. As his mentor told him:

"Write it so well they can't turn it down."

...And it is that simple mantra he uses as motivation to make his clients the best they can be.

As a freelance development editor, Richard has worked on thousands of fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. He is an expert at recognizing lulling patterns in writing, problems with logistics, and is sensitive to the writer's voice and their audience. The goal of editing is always to improve a manuscript, but it is also to improve the craft and process of the author.

More recently Richard engaged in taking ghostwriting jobs and wrote/re-wrote six books for clients in 2021. This resulted in at least one best-seller. The latter was a book he'd been thinking about for a long time and he suggested the idea to a former client. It never would have been written had he not been paid to do it. Part of the charm of ghostwriting is seeing your work come to life no matter whose name is on it.


*Editing and coaching / Military science fiction
"Richard is a very experienced editor and a very good proofreader and writing coach. Working with him is fun and hard at the same time. He has strong opinions but he knows what he is talking about and he respects the writer's own voice. He works to keep you on your toes and improve your story, plot, and characters. He is always honest with you and always has strong consistent reasons supporting his feedback, whether you agree with it or not. I like working with him. He has significantly improved the book I am currently writing and I will keep him as my editor. If you are starting out and have never had an editor before, I guarantee you will learn a lot from Richard, and by such become a better writer. He has really improved my ability to understand stories and writing. He is really clever and witty and will show you flaws in your book that are in your face but you just can't see. That is priceless and the result will affect your readers' satisfaction once your book is done. I will certainly always refer to him as a standard of good editing and continue with him in more contracts to come." — Heitor Altemani

*Editing and coaching / New-age alternative healing
"I felt so lucky when I found him. He has an incredible background, and his prices were very affordable. Originally, I hired him for content editing based on the first three chapters of the book I was writing. I have a long history of writing — but this was my first book. So while I think I'm a decent writer, I knew I needed guidance, early on. His initial feedback was so helpful that I hired him to review every chapter, my preface, and conclusion. He didn't just "line edit." He asked questions and probed and pushed to make my content and writing so much better. At times he was blunt, which I appreciated and needed. Additionally, I worked with him on the book proposal, which some people say is more difficult to write than the book itself. I have no doubt I will run to him again for additional editing with this book, or, my next book. I am so thankful for all his input." — Deborah Charnes
English (AUS)
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English (UK)
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Action & Adventure
Contemporary Fiction
Humor & Comedy
Magical Realism
Science Fiction
Biographies & Memoirs
Business & Management


  • MFA in Fiction Writing


  • Best Books of 2003: Most Important Elements Book: "The Hidden Power of Photoshop Elements 2." DT&G Publishing Center January 2004.
  • Poet of the Year 1997. Poetry Super Highway January 1998.
  • Best Film: "Filters." Hofstra University Film Festival 1986.

Work experience


April, 1996 – Present (about 26 years)

I develop concepts, write proposals and books on photography and Photoshop. I do all the writing and illustration. I worked with Macmillan (Que, SAMS, Pearson), SYBEX (Wiley), Focal Press/Routledge (Taylor & Frances).

Development Editor

November, 1991 – Present (over 30 years)

I started doing freelance editing almost immediately after graduating with my MFA in fiction writing. I was inspired by a company that hired me to review manuscripts. I do everything from beta reading to ghostwriting. Including work I have done for individuals, literary agencies, and publishing houses, I have worked on over 4000 titles in every imaginable genre. In 2021, I ghostwrote books on baseball (2), wellness, business politics and structure (3), motivation, and a Japanese-styled fiction novel.

Senior Editor and Production Manager

Amherst Media, Inc.
May, 1991 – December, 1998 (over 7 years)

Amherst Media is a publisher of how-to photography books that covers everything from how to take a photo to running a photography business. I started there as a one-man 'team' and expanded from producing three books a year to nine.

* Responsible for editorial and visual development of how-to manuscripts.
* Designed book covers and engineered internal layout.
* Created original graphics and illustrations.
* Completed photo selection, color correction, and retouching.
* Managed editorial, design, and production staff.
* Conducted interviews, trained staff, and selected freelancers.
* Designed, coded, posted, and updated web pages.
* Maintained computers and implemented system changes

Online Instructor
June, 2005 – November, 2014 (over 9 years)

is a website for photography enthusiasts. While there I developed my own course line and became one of the top-selling online instructors out of the 50 instructors participating on the site. Courses were often based on books I published as an author for traditional publishing houses.

Communications Manager

SofTrek Corporation
January, 1999 – March, 2010 (about 11 years)

SofTrek Corporation was a software company specializing in enterprise solutions for fundraising organizations. I moved through responsibilities in my time there to include Communications Manager, Documentation Specialist, Information Architect, Event Manager, and Trainer.

* Consistent Innovator often operating on a low or no budget.
* Conducted interviews, then selected and hired employees/interns.
* Identified and contracted outsourced services.
* Launched rebranding efforts to redefine corporate identity.
* Created materials for promotion of the corporation, services, and products.
* Maintained promotional products and inventory.
* Planned and ran annual users conference.
* Initiated and administered user discussion groups and client communications.
* Led startup projects and integrations.
* Developed functionality and UI for web and desktop software.
* Implemented corporate website.
* Evolved user documentation from paper to pure digital distribution.

Portfolio (33 selected works)

Birth of the Chaordic Age

Hock, Dee W., Visa International

Freelance Photographers Handbook

Hollenbeck, Cliff, Hollenbeck, Nancy

A Question of Time

Lazaroff, Steven


Kott, Michael

Richard has 4 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Thomas Andrews
An editor is a person a writer needs much more than the writer would admit. Mr. Lynch met that criteria without judgement, providing consequential advice with several examples pulled from my text. I look ahead for continued collaboration with him. Highly recommended.

Thomas Andrews, May 2022

Lucas E. Wall
Richard is a true professional. His guidance has moved my project miles forward! I will continue to work with him.

Lucas E. Wall, May 2022

Grace Newnham
Richard was great to work with. He gave thorough, thoughtful feedback in a timely manner had a great attitude throughout the process. His expertise and insight has given me a gentle nudge me in a direction which I believe will be even bigger and better than I had initially planned.

Grace Newnham, April 2022

Cam Dexter
Richard was fantastic to work with. Professional, sincere, and truly cares about the work he does. I found his notes for my short story extremely helpful and insightful, and would absolutely work with him again. Thank you Richard! 10/10 recommend!

Cam Dexter, April 2022

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