Polly Letofsky

Polly Letofsky - Editor

Denver, CO, USA

Polly Letofsky started My Word Publishing in 2012, which has grown to become a highly regarded and recognized leader in self-publishing.

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Polly Letofsky is best known for being the first woman to walk around the world. It took five years to complete her walk and another six years to write the book about it. After a series of bad choices in her publishing journey, she launched into a deep dive to study the industry. A passion was unleashed and the result was the launch of a new publishing model in My Word Publishing, a self-publishing consulting company. Their mission is to give authors tools and choices to get their books into the world with 100% of their rights intact, and lead in a new era in self-publishing.

The growth of My Word Publishing has spawned over 450 books and 200 best sellers, and one movie. Polly was recognized as Woman of the Year by the Colorado Business Women.

If you'd like to talk to My Word Publishing about helping produce and publish your book, please contact us for a free consultation.
Biographies & Memoirs


  • Colorado Business Woman of the Year
  • Best Publishing Company in Denver
  • Alumni Recognition Award at Brown College

Work experience

Publishing Consultant

November, 2012 – Present (about 8 years)

What makes My Word Publishing different from all the other self-publishing companies:

1. MWP custom designs each and every author’s plan. We do not offer standard packages because each book, every author has different visions, goals, and budgets for their book. For example, if someone has written a book for their family only, we would not recommend they go through a long, expensive content and developmental edit. Nor would we recommend they get a custom ISBN. Those are unnecessary expenses for their goals.

2. We have no contracts. Our service providers do have agreements for their portion of the project, but there is no ongoing contract that all the other publishing and self-publishing companies ask you to sign. We are service providers only. Either party may terminate any Agreement at any time and for any reason.

3. My Word Publishing has no rights to the content or copyrights in the author’s work, or to any ownership in copyrights, distribution rights, we have no artistic control, and shall take no portion of Authors book sales.

Portfolio (26 selected works)

Smoked: The Inside Story of the Minnesota Tobacco Trial

Rybak, Deborah Caulfield, Phelps, David

My Prince Wears Blue Jeans

Davidson, Kayla, Jeong, Eunsoo

Magic Thinking for Kids: Fun with Affirmations

Monte, Marrielle, Celiceo, Steven

An Absent Mind

Rill, Eric

Norse Hearts

Gabel, Robynn

Chance for Rain: A Novel

Downing, Tricia

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