Phillip Dannels

Phillip Dannels – Designer

Sci-fi and fantasy book covers that are bold, stylish, and marketable. Many covers in the Aethon Books catalogue. Covers from $1000.


Hey y'all! I'm Phil, and I'm a cover designer who specializes in the genres that are especially close to my heart - science-fiction and fantasy. I love bringing far-off worlds and imagined places to vivid, visual life. In addition to helping self-published authors do this for nearly five years, I've also contributed artwork for Aethon Books' extensive sci-fi catalogue.

Flexibility is huge for me - making sure that authors have a wide variety of options based on their time and budgets. I like to start by emailing/Reedsy messaging back and forth to get a general feel for your story, teasing out any beats or moments you might want visually represented on the cover. At the end of this conversation, I'll send you a quote.

From there, I'll start the rough copy. This is a low-detail, unfinished version of the cover that captures several important bits of information - the overall mood, color scheme, placement of important elements, ect. I'll send you this within a week of starting, and we can work together on changes to make sure it fits your vision.

Once that's done, I dive in to the final and make the magic happen. Here's where the cover comes to life, adding the final details and effects to really make it shine. When that's finished and you've approved it, I'll send you all of your final materials!

Let me know if you have any additional questions, and I can't wait to work with you!



“Aethon Books has worked with Phil on dozens of books and he has consistently provided some of the strongest covers in our catalogue. We will work with him until the end of time!“

Steve Beaulieu, Editor at Aethon Books

Epic Fantasy Military Science Fiction Space Opera

Work experience


Jul, 2017 — Present

Cover design, specializing in military science fiction and space opera.

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Ingrid M.

Ingrid M.

Jan, 2024

Love working with Phillip! He always seems to grasp my vision quickly and clearly, and he's very accommodating when I need resizing or other tweaks to fit publisher requirements.
Scott E.

Scott E.

Dec, 2023

Phillip delivered another amazing cover! It's like he can read my mind. I highly recommend.
Andrew C.

Andrew C.

Dec, 2023

I have worked with Phil many times, and have reviewed him extensively before. He remains reliable, easy to work with, and is a vast underrated talent whose work will long be remembered as iconic.
Andrew C.

Andrew C.

Nov, 2023

Phil is a rare gem—an artist who is only satisfied when his client is happy. I have worked with him on several covers, and have found him to be capable of extremely detailed, unique artwork that transcends books and is more rightly displayed upon walls. Phil's look and style that have immediately garnered attention, and praise, from all who see it. Furthermore, he is very open to feedback, an...
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Gregg O.

Gregg O.

Nov, 2023

Phillip is just the best. I had some time pressures that were not fair to Phillip, and he came through like the champ he is. I am so proud to show off the covers he's made for me.

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