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Philippa Thomson - Editor

Edinburgh, UK

A reliable, competent and professional researcher, editor and writer. I have years of experience on non-fiction projects.

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I have years of non-fiction book publishing experience: writing, researching and editing. I am also an author myself. I'm willing to offer my services for any art & design books, or projects in the medical or psychology fields. I recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in The Neuroscience & Psychology of Mental Health with King's College London. My publishing career was spent at Orbis Publishing, Macmillan (a multi-reference work, The Dictionary of Art) and Phaidon Press, but I've tackled numerous projects as a freelancer. Most recently, I was asked by Alain de Botton to help him advance a number of book projects for The School of Life. My areas of expertise cover arts subjects, as well as medical ones, particularly those related to psychology and neuroscience. I'm dependable, and have a pleasant and cooperative disposition - something most of us consider rather important in a work colleague!
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  • BA Joint Honours Degree, Latin, Ancient History & Archaeology; Postgraduate Diploma Psychology & Neuroscience of Mental Health; Diploma in CBT Counselling.


  • Scientific Essay Award from the Meniere's Society, 2016

Work experience


April, 2000 – Present (about 21 years)

Since moving from London to Scotland in 2000 I have worked part-time, around the care of my younger child who has severe and complex special needs resulting from a rare chromosome disorder. I have undertaken freelance research and editing for Phaidon Press, National Trust Publications and Creative Education Trust. I set up and compiled The Haddington Notebook, my own desk-top publication, which I distributed locally. In 2013 I wrote an article for the Guardian, and in 2016 self-published a memoir about my experiences with the inner ear disorder Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence Syndrome. I edited and proof read the whole book.
I have written a series of online articles related to the book for The Mighty, Action on Hearing Loss, Hearing Health Matters,The British Tinnitus Association, Eurodis and Rare Disease UK. My peer-reviewed article Ménierè’s: Why Its Diagnosis Calls For More Careful Evaluation was published in the BJGP, December 2017. In November 2016 I won joint first prize for a scientific essay for The Ménière’s Society.
I am a very accomplished and careful editor, and enjoy working on a wide range of projects.

Picture Research Manager

Phaidon Press
March, 1990 – December, 1999 (almost 10 years)

Phaidon Press is an international art and design book publishing company with an outstanding reputation. I was in charge of the Picture Department during the crucial years when the company was being reshaped and revitalised by its new owner Richard Schlagman. I researched and edited many book titles myself, commissioned photographers, and also managed a team of in-house and freelance picture researchers. We worked on titles which covered all aspects of art, architecture and design.

Portfolio (11 selected works)

The Art Book (F A GENERAL)

Editors of Phaidon Press

Scarcity in Excess: The Built Environment and the Economic Crisis in Iceland

Mathiesen, Arna, Zaccariotto, Giambattista, Forget, Thomas

Ben Nicholson

Lynton, Norbert

Freedom: A Photographic History of the African American Struggle

Manning Marable, Leith Mullings, Sophie Spencer-Wood

The 20th Century Art Book

Editors of Phaidon Press

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Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Roman Martin
Again Philippa is doing an excellent job!!

Roman Martin, March 2021

Roman Martin
Working with Philippa is an engaging project as a team. She is fast, smart, respectful and to the point. Very smooth and a breeze to work with her.

Roman Martin, March 2021

Philippa Thomson
The feeling is mutual Roman - thank you very much indeed!

Reply from Philippa Thomson

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