Phil Sexton

Phil Sexton – Editor

I'm a publisher and content strategist with more than 20 years of experience, specializing in nonfiction publishing and consulting.


I'm Phil Sexton, former publisher of Writer's Digest, speaker, teacher and content strategist. I help people get their nonfiction books published by teaching them how the industry works and how to position their work for the best results before and after publication.

Services I offer include:
- Book proposal critique, including annotated feedback and recommendations for improvement (recommended for those interested in securing a traditional publishing agreement)
- Book proposal creation, for those who want to hire a professional to create an effective nonfiction book proposal for them
- Fiction and nonfiction cover design critique, including detailed feedback on strengths, weaknesses and recommendations for improvement (recommended for indie authors)
- Nonfiction developmental editing (recommended for both indie and traditionally published authors)
- Editorial assessment, with special focus on positioning and marketability (recommended for both indie and traditionally published authors)
- Query letter critique, including detailed feedback and recommendations for improvement
- Book business consultations, for who desire a greater understanding of what nonfiction editors are looking for, how they think, and how to improve your odds of success
Biographies & Memoirs Children’s Non-Fiction Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits DIY & Crafts Education & Reference Entertainment Self-Help & Self-Improvement Writing & Publishing
English (US)

Work experience

Media Lab Books

Jun, 2017 — Present

In this role I oversee all book acquisitions and product development for Media Lab Books. I'm also responsible for profitability and success of the book program overall. Media Lab Books specializes in nonfiction works, many of which are brand-driven developed in partnership with licensors such as Disney, Hasbro and John Wayne Enterprises.

Media Lab Books is a distribution client of Macmillan Publishers, one of the largest publishing houses in North America.

F+W Media

May, 2010 — Jan, 2017 (over 6 years)

In this role, I led the editorial, design and marketing departments for several publishing divisions that produced books, magazines, and online content, along with robust e-commerce and online education businesses. Content areas of specialization include writing, publishing, how-to, humor, and general reference.

Divisions under my purview included Writer's Digest, one of the nation's largest and most respected brands devoted to writing and publishing, Sky and Telescope, The Writer's Store, and Digital Book World.

In this role, I was primarily devoted to helping authors improve their work, learn the business of publishing, and get their work published. I was responsible for Writer's Digest books, magazines, online education, writing services, conferences, writing retreats and more.

F+W Media and Adams Media

Jul, 2007 — Apr, 2010 (almost 3 years)

Responsible for book sales for twelve different publishing divisions (400+ titles per year), including Adams Media (now owned by Simon and Schuster). During this time I was a key advisor to the company's publishers and helped determine book acquisitions across all divisions.

High-level sales experience to accounts such as, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Books-a-Million, Baker & Taylor, Ingram and many others.


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Frank F.

Frank F.

Jan, 2020

Phil is a professional with the highest integrity and commitment to excellence in his craft. He is also a wonderful, collaborative, and caring human being - making him a true pleasure to work with.
John M.

John M.

Aug, 2019

Excellent experience. Phil has been a great guide and offers highly valuable feedback. I would work with him again!
Phil S.
Thank you John! Working on your proposal was a real pleasure. You've got a great project that I think will help a lot of people.
Frank F.

Frank F.

Feb, 2019

Phil is a highly skilled and committed professional of the highest integrity. He help me prepare a Book Proposal for my new book. His take on the material, knowledge of what publishers want, and ability to eloquently put that into words was at a level I have found to be extremely rare.
Phil S.
Thank you, Frank! I appreciate the kind words. Your project was a delight to work on and I appreciate the opportunity to do so.

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