Paulette Kinnes

Paulette Kinnes - Editor

Denver, Colorado, USA

I assist book authors with taking their projects From Manuscript To Masterpiece.

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Do I Need A Book Editor?


Every book author benefits from having their manuscript reviewed by an objective pair of eyes.

A good editor provides objectivity and fresh perspective. She will help you produce a tighter final draft by catching writing errors of all kinds and enhancing message clarity to ensure that your message is easily understood and enjoyable or compelling.

Paulette helps writers take their projects From Manuscript To Masterpiece©. She works locally, nationally, and internationally with writers of both fiction and non-fiction.

Paulette thoroughly evaluates your project, not you, not your message, not your content-creation skills. Her suggested edits are just that, suggestions. Your project is always yours. The goal of editing is to ensure that your hard work clearly and concisely conveys your intended message to your audience.

Paulette specializes in helping book authors polish their manuscripts so that they may be proud to submit final drafts to agents or publishers or to self-publish. Platinum Editing Group also has a variety of subject matter experts on call.

Paulette is a professional editor and writer (and reader!) based in Denver, Colorado, USA. She has been writing and editing for more than 40 years, and she has been assisting individual book authors with their manuscripts for 14 years.

Before taking her love of editing, writing, and freelancing on the road, she spent 14 years drafting, editing, and proofreading documents for Colorado District Courts, the Colorado Court of Appeals, and the Colorado Supreme Court. Her legal background has served her in countless ways during her editing career.

At Platinum Editing Group, Paulette is passionate about writing and writers. She has a genuine desire to help authors craft compelling written works that are the best that they can be. You wrote your book for a reason. Let Paulette assist you with making sure that you put your best writing foot forward.

Paulette loves a good mystery, and she is the perfect mystery audience. . .as she can never figure out who done it!
In 2009, Paulette served as the contest co-chair for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Conference contest. She has frequently judged for this and other writing contests.

Paulette has years of experience as a reader, a writer, and a freelance editor. She knows that you have poured your heart and soul into your book. She will do the same for you when editing your special project. Paulette has worked with almost 300 clients on a diverse assortment of projects in a variety of ways during her 14-year editing career.

Paulette is also a sports nut (the Broncos, the Nuggets, the Rockies, the Avalanche, and weirdly, the Carolina Panthers!). She would marry Cam Newton if she could, but alas, Paulette is based out of Denver, Colorado, and
Cam lives in North Carolina! Paulette is wild about helping athletes, coaches, or others in the sports industry who have a fabulous story to tell, whether in book form or a screenplay.

Paulette may be found on most Saturday mornings in the spring and fall watching one (or more) of her three red-haired grandsons on the football field, streaking through the secondary to score a touchdown. Her grandsons also play basketball and soccer.

She is lucky enough to be able to
indulge in at least a few of her passions every day of the year!

Books! Football! Beaches! Music! Chocolate!
Not necessarily always in that order!

P.S. ~ If you know Boomer Esiason, please let him know that Paulette would be happy to assist him with that book that he may not yet know he wishes to write!

Paulette's favorite books of all time:

The Far Pavilions ~ by M.M Kaye
Katherine ~ by Anya Seton

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Action & Adventure
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Work experience

Editor Extraordinaire

January, 2006 – Present (about 15 years)

Paulette has been an avid reader for her entire life. She was the resident tomboy/bookworm when she was growing up. If she was not outside playing sports, she was inside reading a book. Sometimes she even read a book outside. . .while sitting up in a tree with an umbrella!

Please allow Paulette to help you take your project From Manuscript To Masterpiece!

Please call Paulette at 303-517-7340 if you don't see your genre listed above. Chances are that Paulette can assist you with your manuscript!

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