Paul Hawkins

Paul Hawkins - Designer

Berlin, Germany

Designer and bestselling author/illustrator. Bold, loud, eye-grabbing covers, ideal for online. Humor, fiction, kids, travel, entertainment.

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Hi! I'm Paul and I make books. That means: I write, illustrate, design my own covers and market my own books. Check out my bestseller 'The Bloody British' on Amazon to see how it all comes together - the title, subtitle, cover and blurb all working together as an inseparable conceptual package. That's what I want to do for you.

I specialise in bright, bold, loud, attention-grabbing covers that jump off the page and work well as thumbnails, catching the reader's eye against plain, all-white backdrops of online marketplaces like Amazon. I focus on genre markers and reader expectations, while making sure the book's title "pops" and the design concept remains legible at all plausible sizes. I try to make every design element cohesive, punchy and "clever" in its own way, by getting to the very core of what the book is about and communicating that core idea effectively.

I also help authors tighten the conceptual nuts and bolts of their branding - from titles and subtitles to blurbs - to trim the fat, and make sure everything works together to draw readers in and help pull them through each stage of the marketing funnel. (Probably half the books I've worked on went out with a different title!)

As well as a book designer for others, I've also had 12+ of my own books published with traditional publishers - including Random House, Ullstein (Hachette), C. H. Beck, Langenscheidt, PONS and W. F. Howes (audiobooks) - and I'm slowly catching up with self-published titles too, so I know both sets of processes inside-out. Being an author myself, I can often provide a broader package of services than just book design, typesetting or illustration: I can also offer advice and guidance at every stage of the (self-) publishing process and provide (hopefully) valuable insights from two decades of creative and publishing experience.

I can also design interiors, write blurbs or marketing, format eBooks, illustrate and make graphics for social media and beyond. As your cover designer, illustrator and/or branding consultant, I can help liven up your book's packaging and make it more commercially appealing at a glance. As an author myself, you can trust me to "get" your work, understand your priorities, and to care about getting everything right as much as you do.

Plus it'll be fun.
Humor & Comedy
Mystery & Crime
Romantic Comedy
Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Sex & Relationships

Work experience

Author & Illustrator

January, 2012 – Present (almost 11 years)

Clients, publishers, publications, etc.:

Goldmann Random House, Ullstein (Hachette), C.H. Beck, Langenscheidt, PONS, W. F. Howes, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, BILD, 4Talent, Crossover, Sheffield DocFest, CineParrallel, Satel Film, Enjoy! Entertainment, Seriencamp PITCHPOOL, Hamburg Open Online University, Bournemouth University, Skillset Media School, The Fix! Magazine, Frankfurter Algemeine, Frankfurter Rundschau, Hamburger Morgenpost, Berliner Kurier, ORF, Matador, Venture Village, Donkey Products, Mash Stories, etc.

I am represented by the literary agency Landwehr and Cie.

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Paul has 23 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Zaki Doudak
I couldn't have asked for a better cover designer and formatter than Mr. Hawkins. He was very patient during the entire process. In addition, the quality of his work is second to none. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Zaki Doudak, September 2022

Sharman Haley
I enjoyed working with Paul. I greatly respect his design sense. He was very easy-going and flexible, which was helpful to me as a newbie, stressed author.

Sharman Haley, August 2022

Mário Nzualo
I really enjoyed working with Paul and I can't wait to work with him again. My favorite aspects of working with him: - I loved the cover that he created and I can't wait to show it to my readers. - He immersed himself in the project and provided insightful feedback on multiple aspects of the book. I consider him a partner of the project. - He is very responsive and replies extremely fast.

Mário Nzualo, July 2022

C.Patricia DarVida
would contract with him again

C.Patricia DarVida, July 2022

CT Jackson
Hiring and working with Paul was the best thing I've done for my first publication. He is an absolute professional with the way he communicates, provides advise, and collaborates on illustrations for your work. Paul went above and beyond to help improve my book with his illustrations. Rather than just ask and wait for you to communicate what you want, he was proactive in suggestion clever ways ...
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CT Jackson, May 2022

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