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Writer and editor with thirty years of experience in literary publishing


At my day job, I am the managing editor of a literary journal published twice a year by a university press. I copy edit and proofread 300 to 400 manuscript pages a year. Authors I have worked with include Barry Lopez, Catherine Filloux, Thomas Farber, and Samrat Upadhyay. Eminent translators I've worked with include Alok Bhalla and Andrew Schelling. I have worked on fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interviews, and plays. An essay by Ken Chen that I copy edited was accepted for publication in Best American Essays. Chen is now the executive director of the Asian American Writers' Workshop.

I work on hard copy and exchange marked-up manuscripts, notes, and suggestions with authors. Some of the responses I've received from clients:

"Thank you for your wise and thoughtful editing of my novel Sea Home. The story is clearer, truer, and more fully itself thanks to your wonderful ear, unfailing intuition, and expert work. You are a master wordsmith."—Phyllis Young, author of Sea Home

"I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate your help with the editing of the collection of stories that I translated from Vietnamese to English. The challenge was to retain what the authors wanted to convey and to do it in a manner that the English reader could relate to. Your editing clarified much of what I translated. You also made it so much more exciting by rearranging the sentences, cutting the repetitions, and quickening the pace of the stories. I learned that punctuation marks are used differently in Vietnamese and English; even the construction of sentences is done differently. Thank you for making it possible for English readers to enjoy the book."—Linda Liem, translator of Faith in Viet Nam and Beyond

"The manuscript is so tight with [Pat's] editing that if you drop it, it bounces."—Ben Schwartz, author of Everything There Was to Tell

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Feb, 2004 — Present

Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

Apr, 1992 — Present


Sea Home: a novel

Phyllis Gray Young

Part contemporary sea tale, part fable, SEA HOME explores the boundaries between reality and the imagination and follows one woman's passage into a new life.As a girl, Rosie Fields dreamed of a sea home--be it a pail of water, a river, a lake, or the ocean dee... read more
As a physician, Dr. Lawrence Levin counseled patients coping with chronic pain. After undergoing back surgery, however, he himself began to suffer dramatically. Previously, he d pursued his vocation, embraced family life, and reveled in sports. Now, he found h... read more
Here and Gone

Thomas Farber

Turning seventy, author Thomas Farber appraises the writing life, aging, love, his own fate, and ours. In this spare, elegant volume Thomas Farber takes the measure of both his vocation and, in several quite different ways, his troubled heart. Retracing a life... read more
When Dom Pedro I declared Brazilian independence in September 1822, he could not have known that the newly liberated country would one day become a nation of 200 million citizens. Becoming Brazil: New Fiction, Poetry, and Memoir presents writing by and about t... read more
The second in a series, MS. ALIGNED 2 is an anthology of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction in which women writers explore male thinking, behavior, and identity. Included are statements by the authors in which they discuss their reasons for writing about men. The... read more
Bedeviled: A Novella

Ms Pat Matsueda

Bedeviled: A Novella is the latest publication from Manoa Books (an imprint of The Manoa Foundation) and El Leon Literary Arts. At war with the better angels of his nature, Ted Koga takes refuge in a realm of fantasy and sensuality. He comes to prefer it to hi... read more

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mara M.

mara M.

Jun, 2021

I had some difficulties with Pat's handwriting, as she corrected the files I sent her by hand. Please note_____that Pat still hadn't corrected all my short stories I paid for

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