Parul Bavishi

Parul Bavishi – Editor

Professional editor with 10 years of experience at Random House, Quercus. Cofounder: London Writers' Salon. Genre: Thrillers, NonFiction, YA


Hey there, if you're on my profile page, you're probably looking for an editor. And maybe you're wondering how you might choose an editor for your novel. It's a good question and I would like to give you my (relatively) unbiased view on this.

Choosing an editor - what you should look for:
1) As editors, we all have different niches, and preferences based on our experience or our personal preference. Check our portfolios - have we worked on books in your genre?

2) Next, I would look at the feedback on the site (and I might google them to see if there is anything else interesting to know about them).

3) Finally, and this is very important, I would ask to schedule a call with them to see what the editorial dynamic might be between you. Most editors would be happy to offer you an initial chat - it's a good chance for an editor to determine if the 'fit' is right for them, too.

About me
I have worked with first-time, self-published and award-winning authors. I love thrillers and action novels such as Lee Child, John le Carré, Daniel Suarez, Steig Larsson and non-fiction books such as Wild by Cheryl Strayed, Everything I know about Love by Dolly Alderton, The Outrun by Amy Liptrot and anything by Ryan Holiday and Seth Godin.

I also love helping writers navigate the publishing scene, help them with query letters, and decide whether to self-publish or take the traditional route.

If you're worried if your plot isn't tight enough or you're struggling with character development, I can help you. I have over a decade of experience in the industry, and recently I've joined Shawn Coyne's team at the Story Grid and have a network of editors and agents who I can call upon for help and advice.

I run the London Writers' Salon, where we host daily writing sprints, literary evenings and masterclasses with novelists, screenwriters, poets and playwrights. Past guests have included Benjamin Hardy, novelist Luke Jennings (Killing Eve, Codename Villanelle), Selina Lim (Bafta-nominated screenwriter and BBC writer) agent Rachel Mann, Nish Panchal and editors from the Big Five publishing houses.

I cohost the Story Grid Showrunners Podcast where we analyse hit TV shows to help you understand why the story works - we've analysed Killing Eve, You, The Witcher and the Umbrella Academy.

Free consultation call
If you've checked my portfolio and would like to chat about your book, go ahead and request an offer from me and we can book in a 30-min editorial session. I would love to hear from you.
Business & Management
Dystopian Middle Grade Mystery & Crime Thriller & Suspense Young Adult
English (UK)
  • Story Grid

Work experience

London Writers' Salon

Jan, 2017 — Present

I offer editorial services and writing coaching.
Author Testimonial: "First, I want to say thank you! The way you maintain your editorial position while being my biggest supporter is really humbling. I finished reading your report with goosebumps and a million ideas for how to improve, motivation to keep going, and confidence to go about marketing myself. I think it is a testament to your talent at what you do."
Kirby Peterman, author of Sunflowers

Eccles Fisher

Jun, 2013 — Mar, 2014 (9 months)

Literary Scout for Random House Germany, Spain, Mondadori and other publishers around the world, helping them buy UK books for foreign rights.

Random House

Jan, 2011 — Jan, 2013 (about 2 years)

Editor for a number of incredible books by talented authors including Andy Mcnab, Bali Rai, Bear Grylls, the Boy Scouts Organization, Olympian Christine Ohurugou, John Flanagan, Patricia McCormick, Michael Williams and many more.

"I had the great good fortune of working with Parul on my first novel with Random House. She proved to be both professional and enthusiastic, exactly what a first-time author needs!"
Michael Williams, winner of the UKLA 2014 award for 'Now is the Time for Running'


Jan, 2009 — Jan, 2021 (about 12 years)

Editorial mentor for determined and inspired first-time writers.

Writer testimonial: "Working with Parul has defined me as a writer. It propped a pair of external glasses on my nose that made me see my writing from a whole new perspective and gently bypassed my ego and pride as an artist. I cannot believe the difference in my talent between then and now. I can't thank you enough for your partnership and dedication on this journey Parul. So, a humble thank you."
- Gwen Dunne, writing her first novel

Quercus/ now Hachette

Jan, 2007 — Jan, 2010 (about 3 years)

Editor on a range of wonderful and award-winning books by authors such as Caro King, Kevin Crossley-Holland, Cat Clarke, Gregory Huges, Tad Williams and Lil Chase.


Developmental Editing
Editorial Assessment
Smoke & Mirrors

Gemma Milne

'Stop following the news until you've read Gemma Milne's persuasive analysis of the hype and bullshit that distort our understanding of emerging science. As she shows, the starting point to gr... read more
Editorial Assessment
Dragonfly Girl

Leimbach, Marti

Developmental Editing
What if your prank killed your best friend. Could you live with yourself?You try to forget and move on; you enrol in Army training, you want to make something of your life. The training is tou... read more
Developmental Editing
South Africa is under attack from all sides when Elanza, a politically connected heiress blinded by disease and looking for love before it is too late, meets a naïve English boy. Ralph, eighte... read more
Developmental Editing
Fire City

Bali Rai

Twenty-five years ago the world changed forever. A great war, which had raged for three years ended, and the reign of the Demons began...Within the crumbling walls of Fire City, fifteen-year-o... read more
Developmental Editing
Winner of the 2014 UKLA Award Deo is a great footballer, a fierce protector of his older brother, Innocent. His brother is easily nervous, easily happy but good at keeping score on the dusty f... read more
Developmental Editing
Unhooking the Moon

Gregory Hughes

Meet the Rat: A dancing, football-playing gangster-baiting ten-year-old. When she foresaw her father's death, she picked up her football and decided to head for New York. Meet her older brothe... read more
Developmental Editing
Being a leader is one of the most challenging yet rewarding roles we can take. Good leaders can create powerful teams that have huge impacts on companies, organisations, even the world!But it'... read more
Editorial Assessment

John Lucas

Jay is fifteen years old and a member of the Blake Street Boyz gang. With a knife in his pocket and his best friend Milk by his side, he spends his time fiercely defending their turf. He takes... read more
Developmental Editing
Never Fall Down

Patricia McCormick

Eleven-year-old Arn is walking through the countryside in Cambodia. His whole town is walking with him. They’re walking into one of the most tragic moments of history: the Killing Fields.Music will save him. Hope, luck and kindness will save him. This is his s... read more
In these pages, Kevin Crossley-Holland visits the foreign land of childhood. First memories as a war-baby; starting a museum; being coached at Lord's; living above the spring line below the great chalk cross at Whiteleaf in the Chiltern Hills, and roaming in t... read more

Bernard Beckett

The island Republic has emerged from a ruined world. Its citizens are safe but not free. Until a man named Adam Forde rescues a girl from the sea. Fourteen-year-old Anax thinks she knows her history. She'd better. She's sat facing three Examiners and her five-... read more
Tyler and Lucinda have returned to a far-from-ordinary place for the summer. Instead of pigs and sheep, this farm is home to dragons, unicorns, flying monkeys... This summer, everything has changed - security fences are everywhere and Ordinary Farm is in no sm... read more

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neha M.

neha M.

May, 2020

Parul has a scientific approach towards structural editing. She does not overpower the author's voice and yet manages to give brilliant direction. She will make you think and ponder over your manuscript with logical reasoning and then turn it into something magical! I am so glad that my first project as a writer was handled by Parul. The structural inputs and approach shared by her is something...
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Neeraj S.

Neeraj S.

Jan, 2020

Working with Parul has been eye-opening and educational, both in terms of the craft and my personal approach. Writers aspire to be storytellers and success is contingent on being able to tell engaging stories. Parul's editorial assessment broke down my draft novel from the perspective of story and identified (with useful examples) parts that were delivering or failing. Talking to her after rec...
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Wayne S.

Wayne S.

Sep, 2019

The simple truth is that working with Parul not only took my story to an entirely other level, it made me a much better writer. As a result, I am seeing trouble areas in structure more clearly and feeling confident about the range of fixes. It always felt like she gave herself fully to my project, while I am certain I was not the only author in her queue. Our sessions were a joy as well as a sh...
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Parul B.
Wayne, I am moved by your words. It was wonderful to work with you.
Dahlia B.

Dahlia B.

Sep, 2019

Parul was amazing to work with because I felt she was very driven and understanding. My encouragement stemmed from her own motivation to expose me to other materials, further creative insights and giving good advice on the subject matter. She has great experience and showed professionalism and empathy. I know that I will work with Parul again.
Parul B.
Dahlia, thank you for your words. It was a pleasure to work with you.
Karl V.

Karl V.

Apr, 2019

Parul has given me such excellent ways to better my manuscript. I really enjoyed listening to the knowledge she has on books and how best to move forward my story. I thought that the assessment I got from her gave me so much to work with, that I'm feeling very confident and where I can take this book. I really enjoyed her editing my manuscript and I look forward to working more with her in the ...
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Parul B.
Gareth, thank you so much for the kind words. You've been a dream writer to work with, and I admire your work. I look forward to seeing your progress!

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