Peter O'Hara

Peter O'Hara – Designer

Passionate about using my illustration and graphic design skills to enable clear communication. Seeking to work with other creatives.


My main focus in art is telling stories through visuals. I really enjoy graphic design and applying it to my illustrations, as well as bringing my illustration style into my graphic design. Much of my interests involve studying the past and using it to help perceive the future. My style varies from project to project but the style that suits me best is a realistic comic book style.

I love the subtle details that bring something to life and I am constantly trying to get there more intuitively.
Getting feedback on my work is very important to me since I always wanna try new approaches and combine what I think works well. I have a passion for learning and trying to communicate complex ideas simply and clearly.
Action & Adventure Comics & Graphic Novels Gaming & LitRPG Humor & Comedy Military Science Fiction
Art History
  • Exhibited, and contributed main image, for the 25th Alumni show
  • Visual Development and Art Direction Mentorship by Anthony Christov

Work experience


May, 2019 — Present

Create digital illustrations for clients to use as prints, posters, or website art. Design labels for home brewers. Illustrate full-color comics.

Zenda Consulting

Aug, 2019 — Oct, 2019 (2 months)

Created character-based illustrations with panels visualizing the character's experience in the client's new operating model.Created character-based illustrations with panels visualizing the character's experience in the client's new operating model.


Feb, 2019 — Apr, 2019 (about 2 months)

Made icons, infographics, and images with text to go on Eulierty's website

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