Nat Case

Nat Case – Designer

I'm a cartographer, book designer, and print production manager with over 30 years experience, specializing in non-fiction.


Cartography and information graphics, mostly for non-fiction but I love the challenge of making fictional places look "authentic." Map, photo and illustration research, and cleanup. In conjunction with thes projects, I can also provide: art direction; book layout and design including cover design and layout of plain text and coffee table books; print management including print and ebook production, and pen and ink illustration.

Clients have included university presses and trade publishers; individual scholars and writers; and non-profits and companies large and small. I spent 22 years as head of production (head cartographer) for Hedberg Maps, Inc., a map publishing company, with more than 1000 projects under my belt there.

I especially love graphically challenging puzzles and helping clients clarify and resolve them, and getting to sink my teeth into graphic research on a topic I haven't tackled before. I have a particular affinity for imitating late 19th and early 20th century map styles, but most of my work is in a contemporary style, and I can work with clients on other historical styles (I am often frustrated by anachronistic use of historical styles: they didn't have copperplate engraving in the Viking era, people!)

I largely work in Adobe Illustrator, using QGIS and MaPublisher to edit and process geodata. I use Adobe InDesign for layout. Deliverables can be in PDF, EPS, AI, or a variety of other formats—I have a client I design artwork in CAD to be cut out of big sheets of steel, and another who printed my map on a football-field-sized piece of billboard vinyl and laid it on the pedestrian plaza of Rockefeller Center...

I am happy to talk through projects in some detail with clients; I want to get the project clearly laid out before committing to it, and a conversation is usually the best way to do this.
Architecture Art Design Education & Reference History Travel
Historical Fiction

Work experience


May, 2013 — Present

Map and infographic production, and geodata research and development.

Hedberg Maps, Inc.

Jan, 1994 — May, 2013 (over 19 years)

Co-founder, chief cartographer, and print manager. Created or managed over 1000 published and contract projects, including folded and laminated maps, book illustrations, atlases, brochures, and maps for promotional use.


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Sean F.

Sean F.

Dec, 2023

Nat was very flexible and tolerated my indecision and inexperience at this. I see him as a bridge between the fog of the minds eye and the page for the maps I needed. This was my first collaboration with Nat and I'm already readying my next.
Nat C.
Sean was great to work with. He says indecision, I say attention to details: he know exactly what he wanted on the maps, in terms of spelling and location. And he was very easy to work with in term...
Read more
Steve H.

Steve H.

Oct, 2023

Nat responded to my request immediately and provided some great ideas on how he would approach creating a realistic map for a YA horror novel set in the 1960s. The goal wasn't just a map but something that would help set the mood and enhance the story. We nailed down the concept in a few emails. He started the project right on time and kept up regular communications throughout, with questions a...
Read more
Nat C.
I loved working on this project. Getting to know the Las Vegas of 55 years ago, and show just enough of it to get that character of the edge of the desert into the map was a lot of fun. Steve was r...
Read more
Janice S.

Janice S.

Aug, 2023

Nat Case is skillful and professional. He was a pleasure to work with, and his maps will really enhance my book.
Melissa G.

Melissa G.

May, 2023

Nat was great to work with and gave my book just what it needed to delight my readers.
Nicole R.

Nicole R.

Apr, 2023

It was an absolute pleasure working with Nat on this project. From the beginning, Nat was very collaborative - we discussed the specific maps to be created, the overall design, and even fonts. He was very communicative and responsive to my messages. I'm impressed by the end result and excited to include these in my book. I highly recommend him. Thank you Nat!

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