Andy Walsh

Andy Walsh – Designer

Freelance illustrator with a leaning towards the atmospheric. I employ a deep knowledge of lighting and cinematography to evoke strong mood.


I'm a freelance illustrator and concept artist with around six years experience in the entertainment industry but also working with more illustration-based clients. Clients include Microsoft, Sony, Riot and more. I've appeared in various digital art publications including ImagineFX and a few tutorial books by 3DTtotal publishing.
I'm best known for creating a strong sense of mood and atmosphere in my work.

I will first need to get a scope for the scale and budget of the project to decide which approach to take. I can work loose and painterly for quicker work, or get serious with 3d and the incorporation of photos with digital paint for projects with longer time-frames. At times, the 3d route can afford multiple shots of the same scene without much additional time and cost. It's great if the client can point to a piece of work in my portfolio as a guide to what they're looking for and then we can shoot for that style and ensure we're on the same page!

As a general rule, my work is quite focused on environments. I can employ various techniques to incorporate characters but prefer not to work on pieces that are character-centric unless said characters are fairly generic.
Dystopian Fantasy Holiday Horror Science Fiction Young Adult

Work experience


Sep, 2021 — Oct, 2021 (about 1 month)


Jul, 2020 — Apr, 2021 (9 months)


Jul, 2019 — Aug, 2019 (about 1 month)

Bit Fry Game Studios

Nov, 2017 — Oct, 2018 (11 months)

Concept artist for company who make futuristic sports games tied into well known sports IPs.


Jul, 2017 — Aug, 2017 (about 1 month)


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Zach G.

Zach G.

Jun, 2021

Andy was great, very talented, prompt and professional!
A.D. E.

A.D. E.

Mar, 2020

Andy excels at his craft and was super easy to work with. At the outset, he described his process and thoughts as to what makes good art and a good cover, which helped me to have an idea as to mutual expectations. Throughout the process we revised multiple times; he was more than accommodating in this regard. Overall very pleased with the process and the work Andy did for me!
Andy W.
Was a pleasure working with you Craig. Process wasn't stressful, which it often can be in this type of work. Best of luck for the future!

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