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Steven Moore – Editor

Qualified English teacher Steven is an editor specializing in thriller, fantasy and Sci-Fi novels. Also, an Amazon bestselling author.


Hi there.

Thanks so much for reading my profile. If we were to work together on your manuscript, I can promise you 100% commitment, dedication to making it the best it can possibly be, and a smooth working relationship with honesty, integrity, and ease of communication.

I'm here for one reason only: to help make your manuscript as perfect as it can be and thus, as saleable as possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started on your future masterpiece.

Now Steven wants to switch to third-person narrative 😊

Steven boasts a long list of delighted clients, and has edited almost 200 books across all genres, including epic fantasy, thrillers, and historical fiction, many of which have become bestsellers and award-winning novels. Steven is equally competent in both British and American English. A qualified English teacher via International House and Cambridge University, and with almost a decade of writing and editing experience, Steven is confident he will meet and surpass all your editing needs.

A series of glowing testimonials demonstrate Steven's dedication to his clients, his attention to detail, and his ability to make a manuscript shine whilst retaining the author's distinctive storytelling style and unique author voice.

“Steven does a fantastic edit and with a quick turnaround! I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a great editor at a reasonable price.” ~ William Miller, bestselling author of the Jake Noble action thriller series.

"Steven is one of the best editors I’ve met in this business. He is highly reliable, prompt, and professional. His input on my manuscripts has proved invaluable." ~ Robert J Power, author of the hugely popular Spark City series.

Home is the beautiful city of Norwich, England which he shares with his travel writer wife Leslie, and their fur babies Ernest Hemingway and F Scott Fitzgerald, the rescue cats, and Charles Dickens, the rescue puppy.

Action & Adventure Dystopian Epic Fantasy Post-Apocalyptic Thriller & Suspense
English (UK) English (US)
  • Bachelor Degree in anthropology, archaeology and art history.

Work experience


Jan, 2017 — Present

I have edited close to 200 fiction titles, many of which have gone on to become bestsellers and award-winning novels.

Steven has 31 reviews





John M.

John M.

Nov, 2023

Working with Steven was a pleasure. I found his edits to be extremely helpful and insightful, and I look forward to future collaborations with him.
Steven M.
Thanks for the lovely review, John. I enjoyed working with you on your excellent novel. Good luck with it. Steven
charles S.

charles S.

Nov, 2023

Steven did a fantastic job. He thoroughly goes over your work, line by line. It's clear he takes his editing seriously. Highly recommended.
Steven M.
Thanks so much for the great review Charles. I enjoyed working with you. All the best, Steven
Jochen G.

Jochen G.

Oct, 2023

Steven proofread my long manuscript and advised me to also get it copy edited. He made a believer out of me. Folks, get your work copy edited. It's a vital part of making your book as good and professional as it can be. He did a great job copy editing my, again, long novel. It was that last push my work needed to get it really polished. He had a clear and pleasant way of communicating and was ...
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Jochen G.

Jochen G.

Oct, 2023

Steven did a fantastic job proofreading my long manuscript. He might now suffer from square eyes. In any case, he's easy to work with and accommodating to your specific needs, while also giving his professional and friendly advise where some of those needs - quirks - might not be in your best interest. I was happy with the delivered work. He advised me to also get my manuscript copy edited, wh...
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Peter L.

Peter L.

Oct, 2023

Steven was professional, thorough, and helpful throughout the process. Highly recommended.
Steven M.
Thanks so much for the lovely review, Peter. It was an honour to work on your amazing story, and I wish you great success. Regards, Steven

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