Mo Crist

Mo Crist – Editor

Hello! I am an experienced editor of award-winning and acclaimed books, especially LGBTQ+ stories and debut fiction.


From scholarly nonfiction by leading academics to works of practical philosophy, journalism, memoir, experimental fiction, and short stories, I've edited them all! I'm an acquiring editor at one of the largest publishers in the country with a deep love for prose and over 5 years of experience working with authors from all walks of life. My expertise is in cutting-edge debut fiction by queer and trans authors, and I am honored to have made a career out of amplifying the voices of marginalized writers.

On the developmental editing side, I work closely with authors to outline, shape, and organize their narratives. On the page, I am an astute line-editor with a keen eye for grammar, word choice, and sentence structure. Each edit I complete combines big-picture ideas with sentence-by-sentence edits. I provide an editorial letter as well as in-line edits and comments and, often, an outline of a revision schedule to ensure that the next draft incorporates all the feedback I've woven into the text itself.

I've worked with authors on refining non-fiction proposals before books are under contract, developing the plot and characters in novels and short stories during the revising stage, and have connected authors with literary agents who can help them locate the perfect editor for their project. My biggest goal is for my feedback to guide (but doesn't force!) authors toward the best final product. Writing a book is hard, and revising one can be even harder. But with care and detailed attention, your work can and will soar.

Biographies & Memoirs Humanities & Social Sciences
Contemporary Fiction LGBTQ Fiction Literary Fiction
English (US)
  • National Book Critics Circle finalist
  • Lambda Literary Award finalist
  • Pulitzer Prize Finalist
  • National Book Award Longlist

Work experience

W. W. Norton & Company

Sep, 2018 — Present

As an acquiring editor at the largest independent publisher in the US, I am the lead editor on 4-6 books per year (both fiction and nonfiction) and assist our Executive Editor on editorial and administrative tasks. My responsibilities include:

- Overseeing book publication schedules for 25+ books per year (combined hardcover and paperback, front and backlist titles)
- Providing editorial feedback on manuscripts at various stages of development (line edits, developmental edits, final read throughs, etc)
- Writing descriptive and sales copy
- Meeting with marketing and publicity to discuss, plan, and implement ad campaigns, book tours, review coverage, and events
- Evaluating book proposals and manuscript submissions from agents across a wide array of subjects
- Meeting with authors to discuss edits and develop future projects
- Coordinating across departments to ensure a smooth and successful book launch for each and every title

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