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Versatile book editor with 15+ years' industry experience. I work with both fiction and general nonfiction


I will give your manuscript the professional polish it needs to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

I've been a busy editorial freelancer since 2005, specializing in developmental editing, copy editing, and proofreading. I've edited everything from academic articles and scholarly books to rock 'n' roll memoirs, sports autobiography, general self-help, historical fiction, and even a book about whale music. I've been a regular freelancer for Oxford University Press for the past decade and have worked extensively with SUNY Press, Ohio University Press, Rochester University Press, Duke University Press, and Continuum International, among others. I've also edited and proofread commercial trade fiction and nonfiction for Knopf/Doubleday, Avalon Publishing Group, Kirkus Direct, Perseus Books, Cardoza Publishing, Skyhorse Publishing, iUniverse, and other prominent publishers. I've edited over 100 trade and academic books. I specialize in nonfiction but have also worked extensively with fiction (especially historical fiction). In addition to my freelance editorial experience, I also have four years' experience as a manuscript reader and evaluator (fiction and nonfiction) for two top NYC literary agencies.
Sample edit also available.
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  • Certificate in Book and Magazine Publishing, NYU Summer Publishing Institute, 1994


How do you measure the soul of a city? In Denver, for the better part of five decades it’s been by the Broncos. From an ugly and inauspicious beginning to the first nationally televised Monday-night game in 1973, through postseason games that included back-to-... read more
Whale song is an astonishing world of sound whose existence no one suspected before the 1960s. Its discovery has forced us to confront the possibility of alien intelligence-not in outer space but right here on earth. Thoughtful, richly detailed, and deeply ent... read more
This rock 'n' roll Angela's Ashes begins in County Wexford, Ireland, in the late 1950s, a now unrecognizable, priest-fearing backwater suffocating in superstition and strangled by sexual fevers. After an escape to the Bronx, Larry finds himself, like a musical... read more
What is your highest ideal? What code do you live by? We all know that these differ from person to person. Artists, scientists, social activists, farmers, executives, and athletes are guided by very different ideals. Nonetheless for hundreds of years philosoph... read more
This instant classic relives the most incredible hands by the greatest poker player of all time. Great players, legends and unforgettable events in the history of poker march in and out of fifty years of momentous hands. Sit side-by-side with Doyle as he repla... read more
In this fresh approach to the history of the Black Death, John Hatcher, a world-renowned scholar of the Middle Ages, recreates everyday life in a mid-fourteenth century rural English village. By focusing on the experiences of ordinary villagers as they lived—a... read more
Winner of the 2010 Dartmouth Medal, this major five-volume encyclopedia offers comprehensive coverage of all aspects of human rights theory, practice, law, and history. The set will provide situation profiles and full coverage of the development of the movemen... read more
Pushing past the conventional understanding of federal and state courts and the judicial system, this volume examines eight little-known Florida courts. Part 1 details general jurisdiction courts from 1513 to 1865 while part 2 profiles modern-era special juris... read more
At the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century, the Latino minority, the biggest and fastest growing in the United States, is at a crossroads. Is assimilation taking place in comparable ways to previous immigrant groups? Are the links to the countrie... read more
Narratives of cultural encounter in colonial North America often contrast traditional Indian coastal-dwellers and intrepid European seafarers. In Storm of the Sea, Matthew R. Bahar instead tells the forgotten history of Indian pirates hijacking European sailin... read more
Mormonism is one of the few homegrown religions in the United States, one that emerged out of the religious fervor of the early nineteenth century. Yet, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have struggled for status and recognition. In th... read more

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Grant K.

Grant K.

Jun, 2023

I want to thank Michael for his professionalism. I appreciated his engagement in the process, asking the right questions to better understand the content of the book. He did everything as needed, implemented the necessary corrections, and assisted with both the annotation and the content. It was a truly considerate act, Michael. I look forward to working with you further and will recommend you ...
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George S.

George S.

May, 2023

Stop your scrolling through copy editors. You've found the one who will provide superior quality work for a reasonable price. Michael gave me far more than spelling and grammar checks. You can get those basics with AutoCrit, or Grammarly. When my words didn't quite convey the meaning I intended, he pointed it out. When I had an abrupt chapter title that seemed out of character with the res...
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mike M.

mike M.

May, 2023

Michael did a good job. He fixed the grammar mistakes and highlighted areas where my arguments were either unclear or weak. He was pretty quick to respond to my questions as well. And he got everything done at the deadline. I'd recommend him.
Kristopher K.

Kristopher K.

May, 2023

Michael provided a solid, straight forward edit and proof of my manuscript.
William J.

William J.

Apr, 2023

Michael did a worthy job on my work, meeting all expectations. One of the great things about Michael is his communication skills and his willingness to get reach back in a timely manner. For people that are impatient (as I am), it truly matters. In addition, he took the time to answer all of my ridiculous questions, and even helped me understand certain aspects and functions of editing tabs, wh...
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