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Michael Coward

Michael Coward - Editor

Chattanooga, TN

I'm a big ideas sort of person. I'll find typos but I'm best at taking passages and helping an author make the best of them.


Once upon a time you said 'low in behold' in your manuscript. Or used the wrong 'their/they're/there' even though you knew better. You also once had your brave, epic character hunt 'bunnies.' It happens to the best of authors. You need someone from the outside to give feedback that is merciless but not ungraceful. You need someone who can also chew on large chunks at a time and offer insight beyond the grammatical mechanics. A record producer isn't there to make sure the band gets every note right. The band usually knows when it has played a sour note or gone offbeat. You need someone to help you hone the big ideas of your story, taking a single passage or theme, and bringing it to life. That's me. I think that there are good stories, that are a bit uplifting, have a satisfying resolution (note: that doesn't mean the good guys win), and the prose checks out. Then there are great stories that make me want to be a better person, reevaluate my worldview, and discover a world that breathes life into my own. I'm interested in great stories. Some coaches develop winning teams through tyranny. That's not me. I'm excited at the prospect of helping someone make something good great, and accordingly believe that a balanced, constructive criticism is the only thing that can nurture greatness, even for mad,

Christian Fantasy Science Fiction

Work experience

I have edited for:

Authors who have yet to be published, whose work remains worthy yet unaccounted for (sorry for the preposition). Michael J. Sullivan, Brian McClellan, Emily Brown.

December, 2013 – Present (over 3 years)

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