Melissa Haskin

Melissa Haskin – Editor

Copyeditor with 15 years of experience in nonfiction. Specialty in recipe editing for cookbooks.


I edit nonfiction manuscripts such as cookbooks, books, and research. I have 15 years of experience in the field and a master's degree in journalism. I am a member of the Northwest Editors Guild, where I am also a mentor to newer editors. I'm also a member of the EFA. Among others, my editing and proofreading clients have included Time Inc./Meredith, Rodale/Hearst, publishers such as Keen Publishing, Oxmoor House Books, and researchers at institutions such as Berkeley, Harvard, and Stanford.

Recipe Editing for Cookbooks :

Have you ever ordered a meal kit and realized midway through the recipe that you have an ingredient and no idea what to do with it because it isn't mentioned anywhere in the instructions? Recipe editors can help your business by catching errors and discrepancies in your content like missing ingredients. In recipes, if you get something wrong, a few hundred or thousand people may notice. A recipe editor can make sure this doesn't happen.

I have edited recipes for brands with far-reaching international audiences such as Cooking Light and Men's Health. I have also proofread recipes for book publishers like AdventureKeen, an imprint of Keen Publishing.

As an experienced recipe editor, I correct recipes using Word, Google Docs, or .pdfs. I check each recipe to ensure that every ingredient used in the recipe is listed in the ingredients list and vice versa. Likewise, I check for typos, consistency, and tone. I can shorten a recipe or change the instructions so that they are easier to follow. I can verify that cook times and photos are accurate. I can also make sure that recipes conform to a specific style guide.

For recipes under 500 words, I charge $5 per recipe for proofreading and $10 per recipe for editing. I have a $50 minimum for projects.

Recent projects:

Proofread “Home Winemaking: The Simple Way to Make Delicious Wine,” by Jack Keller, Adventure Publications, 582 pages, published May 25, 2021.

Nonfiction Book Proofreading: I review nonfiction books before publication for typos, misspellings, and errors. I query authors or editors if it seems like a sentence doesn't make sense. I provide the final check before a book is published. A few recent titles I have proofread include "Native Plant Gardening for Birds, Bees & Butterflies: Southeast” by Jaret C. Daniels and "Coastal Life of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts: Easily Identify Seashells, Beachcombing Finds, and Iconic Animals" by Erika Zambello.

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  • Master of Science, Journalism
  • Bachelor of Science, Economics

Work experience

Men's Health Magazine owned by Hearst

Aug, 2014 — Jan, 2016 (over 1 year)

● Edited articles on health, nutrition, and fitness. Provided particular expertise in all things food related.
● Edited articles for accuracy, completeness, and clarity. Maintained brand’s light-hearted, witty style in all copy, whether it was for print, web, or social media.
● Edited recipes for. Tested recipes for. Collaborated with nationally recognized chefs to adapt their restaurant-style recipes to recipes for home cooks serving 2-4 people. Edited recipes for readability, completeness, and accuracy.

Oxmoor House Books

Dec, 2012 — Aug, 2014 (over 1 year)

● Edited ~50 recipes per month that would eventually reach an audience of almost 2 million readers; Edited recipes to be clear, concise and accurate; Revised instructions to be easy to follow; Corrected recipes to match in-house style guide; Ensured all ingredients were included in instructions and listed in the correct order.
● Wrote compelling web and print content that broke traffic records and drove engagement. Wrote copy for cookbooks and special editions.


Nov, 2011 — Present

● Copyedit documents for style, tone, and voice. Proofread for typos, grammar errors, and misspellings. Suggest where and how to improve clarity, word choice, and organization.

Selected recent projects:
Proofreader, “Home Winemaking: The Simple Way to Make Delicious Wine,” by Jack Keller, Adventure Publications, 582 pages, published May 25, 2021. Proofread all copy (including 65 recipes). Provided marked-up .pdf to the publisher within 7 business days of receipt.

Proofreader, “Native Plant Gardening for Birds, Bees & Butterflies: Southeast,” by Jaret C. Daniels, Adventure Publications, 440 pages, published April 6, 2021. Proofread all copy. Corrected typos, queried author/publisher with editorial concerns and questions, and fixed grammar mistakes. Ensured all photos were accurately placed and represented the correct plant or animal.


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