Beth Bazar

Beth Bazar – Editor

A copy editor with 30 years' experience working for Men's Health, Hearst, and more. As one editor said of me, "The stupid stuff stops HERE."


Chances are, your writing is perfectly clear to you. I'm here to ensure that it makes sense to everybody else. In 30 years' professional experience in writing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading (yes, I started at age . . . three?), I've learned to ferret out those missteps that break readers' train of thought and force them to reread a passage. While working for such publishers as Hearst and the former Rodale and Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, as well as two major US art museums, I've copyedited the popular magazines Men's Health, Prevention, and Runner's World, in addition to more than 100 books. Among the latter were three titles in the best-selling Intellectual Devotional series. Because logic and the English language are my stock in trade, I can handle a broad range of subject matter, but I've had the most experience with topics of health and fitness, nutrition, self-help, art, and travel, as well as biographies, memoirs, and Christian fiction and nonfiction.

Working for you, I'll keep watch over sensible grammar and style and fine-tune the clarity of your prose while protecting your unique voice. I'm always happy to explain my reasoning or bend a rule when it makes sense to do so. Having been dubbed "Eagle Eye" more than once by colleagues, I'll be your bulwark against typos, misspellings, malapropisms, and really regrettable punctuation. I guess finding weaknesses in written work is my only superpower. Let me suit up and help perfect your latest creation.

Biographies & Memoirs Christian Non-Fiction Health & Wellbeing History Psychology Self-Help & Self-Improvement Travel
Christian Fiction
English (US)

Work experience


Apr, 2007 — Present

* Currently copyedit and proofread a wide assortment of books by self-publishing authors through Reedsy.
* Currently copyedit and proofread promotional materials and other ephemera for Moravian University.
* Currently proofread books for Moody Publishers.
* Worked on a contract basis to proofread and assist in copyediting Prevention magazine for nearly 10 years, until a few months after parent company Rodale Inc.'s purchase by Hearst.
* Copyedited or proofread more than 60 books published by Rodale, including memoirs, self-help and diet books, and works on health, fitness, travel, and environmental concerns.
* Copyedited other projects for clients including Men's Health and Runner's World magazines and the Rodale Institute.

Men's Health magazine

Oct, 1999 — Apr, 2007 (over 7 years)

* Copyedited and proofread 10 issues of Men's Health magazine annually, working under tight deadlines to help produce clean, clear, accurate, and entertaining copy.
* Assisted in supervising numerous freelance copy editors and proofreaders.


Nov, 1996 — Oct, 1999 (almost 3 years)

* Line edited, copyedited, or proofread for such clients as Men's Health and Runner's World magazines, Rodale Inc.'s book division, and the Jewish Publication Society.

Runner's World magazine

Aug, 1993 — Nov, 1996 (over 3 years)

* Served as sole copy editor of 12 issues of Runner's World and two issues of High School Runner each year.
* Wrote the blurbs for Runner's World's table of contents and penned one or two brief articles.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Nov, 1992 — Jul, 1993 (8 months)

* Edited, copyedited, and proofread brochures, invitations, and other art museum ephemera.
* Proofread book galleys and gallery labels.

Denver Art Museum

Sep, 1990 — Oct, 1991 (about 1 year)

* Planned editorial content, either wrote or assigned stories, and edited all material for the bimonthly members' magazine.
* Interviewed and worked with curators and other staff from various museum departments to research articles and arrange photography.
* Performed press checks, ensuring proper printing of the members' magazine.

National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)

Mar, 1986 — Sep, 1990 (over 4 years)

* Planned, budgeted, and hosted seminars up to eight days in length for two groups of staff from the 50 (U.S.) state legislatures.
* Compiled and edited an annual directory of legislative staff and two 50-state survey publications.
* Edited and proofread other department publications.
* Served as liaison between NCSL and two state legislatures.


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Chastity W.

Chastity W.

May, 2024

I am new to Reedsy and I read some really great profiles, but Beth Bazar stood out because she showed me what she could do instead of telling me. She did a sample edit of my submission. which no one else did. I was totally impressed and knew that I wanted to work with her. Beth has great time management, great editing skills, and is very professional. She is first class! I see why she has such ...
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Steve C.

Steve C.

Apr, 2024

As a first-time author I really scored a home run by hiring Beth Bazar. I sent samples to about five editors. Beth’s style and personality clicked with me from the jump. She was firm and decisive about the quality of the work, while allowing me the space to retain my own voice in my writing. That’s a balance that must be difficult, but she did it well. I shouldn’t say so many nice things becaus...
Read more
Brian J.

Brian J.

Feb, 2024

Before my collaboration with Beth, my project had been editorially assessed, developmentally edited, copied, and proofed, by other editors both from Reedsy and Bookbaby. Not to speak badly about them, but none of them were as communicative and thorough as Beth. Especially within the document using Microsoft Track Changes. She even created and sent along a style sheet. Something I should have se...
Read more
Aram P.

Aram P.

Jun, 2024

In my first experience with anyone in this field, she was amazing. I will be hiring her again as soon as the next book is ready. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs their writing edited.
Labib G.

Labib G.

Feb, 2024

Great work and professionalism

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