Marie O'Regan

Marie O'Regan – Editor

I work in the horror/SFF/crime genres as an award-nominated author and editor, and have worked with many of the top names in these genres.


I write mainly in the horror/crime/dark fantasy genres, and have edited anthologies that fall in these genres for various publishers (Titan Books, Constable and Robinson, Simon and Schuster, PS Publishing), working with some of the biggest names in these genres and garnering several award nominations in the process (British Fantasy Award, Australian Shadow Award and Shirley Jackson Award). I'm also Managing Editor for PS Publishing's novella imprint, Absinthe Books - in 2022,The Bone Lantern by Angela Slatter won a Shirley Jackson Award, and Pomegranates by Priya Sharma received nominations for the British Fantasy Award and Shirley Jackson Award, and won the World Fantasy Award for best novella . In my roles as managing editor for Absinthe Books and an anthology editor, most recently for Titan Books and Flame Tree Press, I routinely commission authors, work with authors on developing and editing their stories. Our anthologies have been very well received critically, and several have garnered their own award nominations. I've also written three short story collections and my first novel, Celeste, came out last year.

I also taught creative writing for one of the UK's writing periodical home study courses for fifteen years, working on short stories and novels, and enjoyed helping students develop their craft - many went on to become regularly published, and several went on to win awards and competitions, which was very rewarding.

I also copyedit and proofread - over the years I've done that for several independent publishers, and also a number of individual authors who've asked me to help them in that way. I enjoy helping writers develop their stories and novels to fully realise their potential.

I've also organised several genre conventions, and always enjoyed doing that - it's great to see people in the genre come together and enjoy an event you've worked on.

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Dec, 2001 — Present

I write horror/crime and dark fantasy fiction; I edit anthologies and also offer general editing and proofreading services.

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Trevor W.

Trevor W.

Jun, 2024

It was a joy working with Marie. Her feedback was both helpful and comprehensive, precisely what I needed as a new writer. Many thanks, Marie!
Marie O.
I’m glad I could help, thank you so much for the kind review.
Allen L.

Allen L.

May, 2024

I am so thrilled to have chosen Marie as the editor for my debut horror novel, The London Cheque. Being an American author, I wanted someone native to the UK to have their eyes on the manuscript and point out any glaring Americanisms that I hadn't caught myself. Not only did Marie do that, but she gave the manuscript a thorough line edit with helpful comments throughout. As an author who has be...
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Marie O.
Thank you for the lovely review, Allen, I’m so glad I was helpful. I enjoyed working with you on this and would be very happy to work with you again in the future. All the best, Marie
Amie S.

Amie S.

Apr, 2024

Maria was a pleasure to work with! She provided insightful feedback and never turned away any of my questions. Her work was timely and her suggestions both thoughtful and useful. I would highly recommend her!
Adam B.

Adam B.

Mar, 2024

Communication was good and the editing notes were really helpful. I would happily use the editor’s services again and recommend her to any new writers.
Marie O.
Thank you so much Adam, it was a pleasure to work with you.
Vlad S.

Vlad S.

Feb, 2024

Excellent process!
Marie O.
Thank you - it was a pleasure to work with you, and I’d be happy to do so again at any time.

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