Mariafelicia Maione

Mariafelicia Maione – Translator

Professional and driven, 50+ books translated including J.S.A. Corey, C. North, K. Robert. Let's tell great stories together!


I got my master degree in Foreign Languages and Culture and subsequent specialization in literary translation in 2012 and I've been translating non-stop ever since, working on a variety of genres and giving my all to every project. Most of my translations have been published by Newton Compton, one of Italy's biggest publishing houses.

Every author has a voice and style and I've learned to select the best language to carry that into Italian, striving to create the same effect originally planned for the story. I pay close attention to cultural aspects that we must not lose in translation. My experience has taught me to put the source text and my future audience on the same level of importance and help them meet in the middle of great stories, across time and space.

If we work together, you can be sure of my attention to detail and punctuality. Good communication is key, so I recommend discussing all the practical aspects upfront - quotes, deadlines, updates required during the process. I'll make a point of informing you promptly of any major translation decision that needs to be made. In the past, I've worked on several series, checking and rechecking previous books, so if something escaped editing, you can bet I'll find and correct it - you'll receive a final text proofread at the best of my ability. Mythology, Romance, LGBTQIA+, Young Adult, are all part of my expertise - in any setting, I'll strive for accuracy and respect. I'm looking forward to making your inspiring work accessible to the Italian public!

Biographies & Memoirs
Contemporary Fiction Dystopian Historical Fiction LGBTQ Fiction New Adult Romance
English to Italian

Work experience


Jul, 2012 — Present

I've been translating multiple genres mainly published by Newton Compton. Romance is the most prominent, followed by Mythology and Historical fiction. I enjoy LGBTQIA+ characters the most, and I'm reliable when it comes to treating those stories with respect.

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