Nora Bellot

Nora Bellot - Editor

New York, NY, USA

Formerly an agent with Writers House, now specializing in developmental editing for just about every genre out there.

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In my seven years with Writers House literary agency, I worked with just about every kind of book out there: picture books, MG, YA, adult fiction and nonfiction, even a couple of New York Times bestsellers. Now I’m working with authors like you, one-on-one, bringing you all the insider knowledge you need to make your book a success, from brainstorming to developmental editing to line editing and beyond.

A Midwestern girl by origin, these days I live in Queens with my wife and our alarmingly full bookshelves. I read widely, I love lots of kinds of books, but there will always be a special place in my heart for the weird and genre-bendy. I love high-concept sci-fi/fantasy, I love queer love stories that fall outside of easy labels, I love stories that read like fanfiction, or even have their roots in fanfiction; I can be a good advocate if you’re looking to make the jump from transformative media to traditional publishing.

But regardless of genre, if you have a great idea and you’re not sure how to translate it onto the page… let’s chat. If you have a rough draft and you’re not sure what happens next… I know exactly what agents are looking for. If you’re self-publishing, or even if you have a book under contract with a publisher and need help getting it over the finish line… I’ll be right there with you, every step of the way.


“Nora read an early version of this manuscript and had the most amazing reader’s eye to know exactly what it needed. She wrote me a six-page, detailed editorial letter encouraging me, challenging me, and guiding me through a major revision that would then be ready for submission.”

— Lynn Plourde, author of MAXI'S SECRETS

“If you were like, “Wow, that author wasn’t as dumb as I thought she was going to be”: thank you, Nora Long, who sat through many early drafts without complaint or suggesting my demise, and absolutely made this book, and the ideas contained within it, far smarter and more elegant. I learned so much throughout this process, and I am so grateful for your mentorship.”

— Ash Ambirge, author of THE MIDDLE FINGER PROJECT

“Dear Nora, nightly, I thank the stars (aloud) for having brought you into my life and the life of I Am Yours. As I Am Yours was my first stab at writing and submitting a manuscript of any kind and length, you were my first editor, ever. Thank you for teaching me leagues about writing, revision, editing. It is so evident, how perfect this path has been: to write first in utter solitude, without any other voice in the room, then, to connect and revise not with just any person, but you. Your masterful eye and deep wisdom.”

— Reema Zaman, author of I AM YOURS

“Nora Long, oracle of visions, who saw in early versions of this work the beginnings of a tale beyond my wildest imaginings, then pointed the way.”

— Josh Kaufman, author of HOW TO FIGHT A HYDRA

English (US)
Biographies & Memoirs
Business & Management
Self-Help & Self-Improvement
LGBTQ Fiction
Science Fiction
Young Adult

Work experience

Freelance editor

Julie Ink
January, 2022 – Present (7 months)

Developmental editor

The Writers Ally
August, 2021 – Present (about 1 year)

Core editor

Cornerstones US
October, 2020 – Present (almost 2 years)


October, 2020 – Present (almost 2 years)

Personal and editorial assistant

Al Zuckerman Literary
October, 2020 – February, 2021 (4 months)

Junior agent

Writers House
August, 2013 – October, 2020 (about 7 years)

As an assistant I worked under the founder Al Zuckerman, who specialized in thrillers; under Bri Johnson, who specialized in a wide range of fiction for young people and some select adult; under Susan Cohen, who specialized in children's; under Lisa Dimona, who specialized in adult business books; and under Stephen Barr, who specialized in quirky fiction for children and adults. As an agent I specialized in YA and adult, especially sci fi/fantasy and LGBTQ.

Portfolio (35 selected works)

The Gift of Caring: Saving Our Parents from the Perils of Modern Healthcare

Houle M.S., Marcy Cottrell, Elizabeth Eckstrom M.D. M.P.H., Hansen, Jennie Chin

Roses and Rot

Howard, Kat

Resurrecting Sunshine

Koosis, Lisa A.

27 Magic Words

Moranville, Sharelle Byars

Baby Bear's Not Hibernating

Plourde, Lynn, Weidner, Teri

She Did It!: 21 Women Who Changed the Way We Think

McCully, Emily Arnold, McCully, Emily Arnold

This Is Just a Test

Shang, Wendy Wan-Long, Rosenberg, Madelyn

Man Fast: A Memoir

Scripture, Natasha

Cyclops of Central Park

Rosenberg, Madelyn, Tentler-Krylov, Victoria

The Boy Whose Face Froze Like That

Plourde, Lynn, Cox, Russ

Caroline's Comets: A True Story

McCully, Emily Arnold

Grandmas Are Greater Than Great

Solheim, James, Desierto, Derek

We Are a Garden: A Story of How Diversity Took Root in America

Peters, Lisa Westberg, Tentler-Krylov, Victoria

One Small Hop

Rosenberg, Madelyn

Nora has 2 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Robert Caldwell
I've hired Nora twice now, and I'd hire her again without hesitation. She combs through the words with a remarkable intelligence and sensitivity. She is a rare talent, eminently suited to what she does. You would be wise to hire her, if you want first class editorial assistance, from high level story critiques to line editing.

Robert Caldwell, August 2022

Robert Caldwell
Nora tuned our collaboration to the perfect pitch. She is sharp, perceptive, and on task. If you hire her, you can expect a fine intelligence to comment on your work. I recommend her without any reservations.

Robert Caldwell, July 2022

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