Linda Sparrowe

Linda Sparrowe – Ghostwriter

I am a developmental editor, ghostwriter, and award-winning author of six books in the wellness/spirituality and health fields.


I have been a magazine editor (Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Natural Solutions), writer (author of 6 books in the health and wellness field); ghostwriter (for book proposals, memoirs, self-help/wellness books; website copy); and developmental editor (celebrity memoirs; personal essays; journalistic self-help books; yoga books); technical editor; and writing coach. My passion is helping writers find their authentic voice and to share the story they've longed to share. My latest collaboration, The Unexpected Gift of Trauma, by Edith Shiro, is a February 2023 "must read" from the Next Big Idea Club.
Health & Wellbeing Religion & Spirituality Self-Help & Self-Improvement Sex & Relationships
English (US)
  • 2015 INDIEFAB Silver medal/Health for my book, Yoga at Home (Rizzoli Publications)
  • Yoga (a Yoga Journal Book) was chosen to be in the 2003 Academy Awards presenter gift bags
  • Advanced Yoga teacher training

Work experience


May, 2012 — Present

I am a ghostwriter, specializing in book proposals, memoirs, self-help/wellness books, and books on yoga, mindfulness and spirituality. As a developmental editor and writing coach, I have helped develop and bring to fruition celebrity memoirs, personal essays, journalistic self-help books, and step-by-step yoga books. Every book proposal I have either ghostwritten or co-created with clients has resulted in a contract offer from a conventional publisher. Although I cannot name authors or titles, I do have several book proposals and books I am currently working on as a ghostwriter and coach. Each book proposal contract contains language that assures me first right of refusal to co-write the book. Some of the projects I'm working on include:

1. A book proposal for a seminal book on social justice, which has already garnered the attention of two of the Big 5 publishing companies plus two mid-sized publishers
2. A book proposal on pleasure and sexuality, which already has two mid-level publishers interested.
3. A book proposal and ghostwriting assignment for a step-by-step yoga book
4. A book proposal and coaching assignment for a book on accessible yoga. Once I rewrote the book proposal, the first-time author landed a five-figure contract.
5. A book proposal for a new translation of the Tao Te Ching, which is now in the hands of two interested publishers.
6. A book proposal and coaching assignment for yoga memoir.


Mar, 2000 — Present

An award-winning author and magazine editor, I have written six books of my own, revamped and relaunched publications in the natural health and self-help fields, and helped natural health and yoga companies rework their website's editorial copy. My mission has long been to help people understand the connection between their health and the choices they make in their everyday lives—the food they eat, the products they use, the way they manage stress. As a consumer writer and editor, I have often been called upon to "translate" complex medical concepts into language more accessible to the general public.


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