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Liam Fitzgerald - Web Developer

Cork, Ireland

Designing and building author websites for almost 20 years.

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Designing and developing creative websites for authors and the publishing industry for almost 20 years. I've helped self-published authors and multi-million selling writers in the UK and US to define their online presence and connect with more readers.

All sites are fully responsive and built on the world's most advanced, flexible and secure CMS, ExpressionEngine 5, allowing clients to edit their own content easily. Managed hosting is provided so that the author can concentrate on the important stuff - writing! Additional features include forums, social media feeds, photo galleries, review sections, regional cover variations and events calendars.


"For well over a decade Liam Fitzgerald has been running my website completely effortlessly…at least for me. He actually designed it and then completely re-designed it when we felt it needed updating. I love everything he does."

Anthony Horowitz O.B.E. - Author

"I think it’s vital that authors have a little bit of the internet they can call their own, somewhere people can visit to find out more about them and their books. Working with Frequency on my own website, I learned a hell of a lot about what generates traffic and what doesn’t. Liam patiently answered my millions of idiot questions - and built a site that is simple and classic and, importantly, lots of fun to use. I’m thrilled to bits with it!"

Mark Hill - Author

"Couldn’t be happier with the process and the results. Liam is a through-and-through professional who brings his considerable talent and expertise to the process, who’s clear and prompt in his communications and who’s open to any suggestions. An absolute pleasure to work with…"

Peter Besson - Author

“As a person who is completely design-blind, and technically challenged, I was very grateful for Liam’s patience and skill in creating the perfect website for my reading audience. The process was smooth, enjoyable and felt like a real collaboration. Liam truly took the time to understand my preferences and those of my readers, meaning the end result was a real crowd pleaser. Since the new site launched, I’ve been delighted with the feedback and know of at least one person who has asked Liam to build their site because of seeing mine. It can feel confusing choosing the right person to help with something like web design, but I can unreservedly recommend Liam for their skill, dedication to getting the right result, and for going the extra mile.”

Mona Marple - Author

Action & Adventure
Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction
Mystery & Crime
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Thriller & Suspense
Young Adult
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October, 2005 – Present (almost 15 years)

I offer innovative design for authors and the publishing industry. Since 2005, I have created websites for best-selling authors, international rock bands, and businesses.

Clients include Anthony Horowitz, Eoin Colfer, David Gilman, Darren Shan, Charlie Higson and Mark Hill.

I specialise in building attractive and highly effective sites and online communities using the powerful and versatile ExpressionEngine CMS system.


The Take

This is the Take. It’s where you come to understand more about your favorite movies, shows and culture. Our video essays make the story worlds you enter richer and deeper. Think: Endings Explained, Character Studies, Hidden Messages and Symbols Revealed, Actor and Director Profiles, and more.

The Take website is a library of over 5000 articles and videos on movies and tv. The Take Youtube channel has over 1 million subscribers. The Take website is built on ExpressionEngine , which was chosen for it's highly performant and flexible architecture.

Bell Lomax Moreton Literary Agency

Bell Lomax Moreton
Founded in 2000, Bell Lomax Moreton represents a wide range of distinguished authors and illustrators, writing and illustrating adult fiction, non-fiction and children’s books.

Celebrating 20 years in business in 2020, the agency required a new website to showcase their impressive range of clients including: Vicki Psarias, Heather Burnside, Quintin Jardine, Denzil Meyrick, Ronnie Wood, Oliver Jeffers and Gareth Thomas.

The new site was built in ExpressionEngine and uses a range of custom-designed features to enable staff to manage their client roster and busy news calendar with ease and simplicity.

Harold Cross Website

Enigmatic writer Harold Cross lives in rural Ireland and is working on a number of books. The site aims to protect his pseudonymity while providing a little insight into his unique humour and jaded worldview. The custom-designed site was built in ExpressionEngine.

Darynda Jones Website

​Website design for New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Darynda Jones. Darynda is the author of the hugely popular Charley Davidson series. This year sees the launch of Darynda’s new series featuring Sunshine Vicram, a small town sheriff whose desire for a quiet life in New Mexico, doesn’t quite work out that way.

The new Darynda Jones website was built on ExpressionEngine and features a members-only area for short stories and other exclusive content. The site also features a merchandise storefront powered by Zazzle.

Devashish Sardana Author Website

An author website for Singapore-based debut author Devashish Sardana. The site was created as a single page with animated scroll navigation and using a custom-created motion background for a unique original design. Created with ExpressionEngine CMS.

Colleen Eccles Penor

Brand new site for Wyoming writer, Colleen Eccles Penor. The site is built using the advanced ExpressionEngine 5 CMS for maximum flexibility, usability and security. The site features a colour scheme to match the book cover and mood, custom created looped video backgrounds, a book release countdown timer, Adobe fonts and CDN media hosting for the fastest possible response times from anywhere on the planet. An automated signup mechanism has been used to send readers a free preview of the book when signing up to the mailing list.

Mona Marple Website

UK-based cozy mystery author, Mona Marple needed a new responsive website to replace her aging and slow Wordpress web presence. Using design guidance from Mona's own book covers, her personal colour preferences and much research in to the cozy mystery genre I was able to build a brand new website that appeals to her growing fanbase. The site was built using the advanced Expression Engine CMS platform which offers a fully customised editing experience for the author.

EJ Liston Website

Author website for debut author, EJ Liston. Kings and Killers, EJ Liston's first published book is a dark and violent thriller with a military theme that required a website to match the themes of the book. The website design was completed in conjunction with the cover design resulting in a seamless visual approach to the book launch. The site was built in Expression Engine 5 - the most advanced, flexible and secure open source CMS currently available.

Diane Cook Website

Diane Cook's real life story as told in So Many Angels, due out in 2019. Diane's author website was built in Expression Engine 5, the most flexible and secure CMS available.

Abbot Granoff Author Website

Dr Abbot Granoff is a renowned psychiatrist who has been practising in Virginia Beach, VA for over 40 years. As a published author of multiple scientific articles and an internationally acclaimed book on Panic Attacks and Phobias, Abbot has now turned to writing fiction. Crowns of Gold, his first novel is a modern crime thriller with an origin story that reaches back thousands of years to the ancient empire of the Scythians.

The Abbot Granoff author website was designed and developed using Expression Engine 5 CMS. It features a blog, contact form, embedded Flickr galleries, an RSS-powered mailing list from Mailchimp and advanced GDPR user-privacy controls.

Andrew Smyth Author Website

Andrew Smyth required a clean and simple site to publicise the launch of his new mystery thriller novel, Grave Island.

Built on Expression Engine 4, Andrew’s author site employs a classic colour scheme and typography that links visually to the book cover design. The site is fully responsive, speed and security optimised and features Amazon ISBN integration.

Set in the murky underworld of counterfeit drugs, Grave Island is out on the 9th of June 2018 from Bloodhound Books, a small UK publisher specialising in crime and thriller fiction. - cover design for authors and publishers is a new initiative to bring unique original cover design to authors and publishers. Providing both premade and custom designed cover artwork at an affordable price for ebooks and printed books.

Peter Besson Author Website

Peter Besson - Author Website Blog Page
Peter Besson is an author based in Los Angeles. He is also an award-winning filmmaker and trailer editor for Universal Pictures. His debut novel is a dark dystopian love story with varying shades of black humour. Set in a not too distant future in a disturbingly almost-plausible society, The Last Checkout charts a love affair that begins at the most inconvenient of times.

The Peter Besson author website is powered by the latest version of Expression Engine and features and author blog, customised embedded Twitter feed, mailing list and contact form. The site is fully responsive and runs on secure SSL and superfast SSD-powered hosting.

William Hawk Website

The William Hawk series is the brainchild of an accomplished inventor, machinist and CEO from the American midwest writing under the pen name William Hawk. A life-changing accident and spiritual awakening sparked the author’s inspiration for this story of humanity, hope, selflessness and redemption

Ignition, the first of a trilogy of books, follows William and Grace, on the run from the cops, as they develop their connection with each other and their skills as Change Agents, unravelling clues about the secrets of the universe and confronting evil head-to-head to discover the source of true power: loving selflessly.

The William Hawk author website was developed using Expression Engine CMS and showcases the stunning book trailer on the homepage. The website design mirrors the Ignition book cover design and uses dark sci-fi landscapes combined with clean modern typography to deliver it’s message.

Anthony Horowitz Author Website

Anthony Horowitz O.B.E. is the author of the Alex Rider series as well as television series Foyle's War. He has also written 2 Sherlock Holmes novel's, authorised by the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and later this year will release the latest James Bond novel, Trigger Mortis.

The new Anthony Horowitz responsive website was built using the Expression Engine content management system and features a forum, Flickr-powered photo gallery, Amazon powered shop as well as an extensive catalogue of all of Anthony's work across print, screen, theatre and journalism.

The Ampersand Literary Agency

The Ampersand Agency is a leading literary agency based in Oxfordshire, England. Ampersand’s impressive roster of best-selling authors includes Vikas Swarup, Helen Black, Sharon Bolton and Cora Harrison.

With a growing list of authors, the agency lead by publishing industry veteran Peter Buckman needed a modern website that reflected their status as a forward-thinking literary powerhouse.

The Ampersand Agency site was built using the Expression Engine content management system. The site is fully responsive.

Mark Hill Author Website

Mark Hill, the author, not to be confused with a certain celebrity hairdresser of the same name, is a British writer and former journalist. Mark's first book Two O'Clock Boy published by Sphere is a dark crime thriller. Mark's author website on the other hand is anything but dark. The bright and fresh colour scheme is inviting and allows readers to get to know Mark and his myriad influences from books and TV to his frequent interviews with other genre authors.

The website was built with ExpressionEngine CMS.

David Gilman Author Website

David Gilman is a British author and scriptwriter whose works include the Master of War historical fiction series and Danger Zone series for younger readers.

The Master of War series is a visceral adventure set during the tumultuous period of the 100 Years war and follows a young English stonemason across the villages and battlefields of medieval Europe. David’s screenwriting credits include A Touch of Frost and Dalziel and Pascoe.

The redesign of David’s site focussed on simplicity, legibility and responsiveness. The site was built using ExpressionEngine 3, an advanced CMS platform.

Body text is set in Halcom which provides excellent screen legibility with headers using Tribute, a font which was modelled on an original typeface from the middle ages. Both fonts are from the Typekit library

'Creative, enthusiastic involvement and design at a reasonable cost, with first rate ongoing client support. Liam Fitzgerald at Frequency Design has been my ‘go to’ website designer for the past ten years.'

David Gilman - Author

Liam has 7 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Devashish Sardana
It was absolute pleasure working with Liam. His professionalism is outstanding, his communication is timely, and his designs are thoroughly researched and thought out. He was willing to work with me on multiple changes over multiple rounds that really made the difference in the overall design of our project together. As a marketer, I work with designers and creatives in my day job. Liam is rig...
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Devashish Sardana, February 2020

Liam Fitzgerald
It was wonderful working with Devashish on his site. It was a true collaboration with lot of ideas and strong creative direction. I'm so pleased that working together we came up with a strong and u...
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Reply from Liam Fitzgerald

Morhaf Al Achkar
Liam is very responsive. He provided a draft and was open to feedback. He was also kind and considerate of my difficult work schedule and showed appreciated flexibility. you can see his final produce here

Morhaf Al Achkar, October 2019

Liam Fitzgerald
I was delighted to be able to contribute, in a small way, to Morhaf's really important and meaningful work. HTank you Morhaf.

Reply from Liam Fitzgerald

Colleen Penor
Liam is very professional and friendly. He was very responsive in answering my numerous questions and in making changes quickly. He provided what I wanted in a website and is very knowledgable about creating websites for authors. The website was delivered a few days later than quoted so I don't feel that I can give 5 stars, but everything about the project otherwise rated 5 stars. I would defin...
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Colleen Penor, October 2019

Liam Fitzgerald
Thanks Colleen. It was great to work on the website for your first book. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and wish you every success with the book.

Reply from Liam Fitzgerald

EJ Liston
Liam is a true professional. He was patient and accommodating with my specific creative requests here and there, and he provided high-quality designs for my book cover and website that I'm extremely thrilled about. I'll certainly be looking to hire him again for future works of mine. He's a bona fide gem!

EJ Liston, February 2019

Abbot Granoff
Liam was and continues to be a pleasure to work with. We easily worked out some technical details in the beginning and it has been smooth sailing since. He is competent, communication is prompt and clear and he worked faster than I thought possible. I whole-heartedly recommend him. Abbot Granoff Crowns of Gold

Abbot Granoff, August 2018

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