Sean Leonard

Sean Leonard – Editor

Proofreader/editor for 9+ years, reader for 40+, and as a lifelong fan, horror is my go-to genre.


I have worked with Raw Dog Screaming Press, BPP, JournalStone/Trepidatio Publishing, as well as directly with individuals preparing to submit their work to a publisher. Most of my work has been in the horror/sci-fi genres, but I'm open to any genre where a good story can be told.
When you hire me to proofread your manuscript, expect the big things to be found - misspellings, grammar, the usual stuff - but I'll be checking those commas and semicolons and making sure your quotation marks are all pointed the way they should be too. If I notice a word is being used a little too often, I'll let you know. If I see potential timeline errors, character discrepancies, or just strangely worded paragraphs, I'll let you know that as well. And if you have other specific things you want me to watch for, whatever they may be, consider it done. You will see every single change/adjustment I make through the tracking tools, and I'll include notes anytime anything isn't self-explanatory. Basically, I want your final manuscript to look the best it possibly can, and I'll put in the time to make sure that it does!
Anthologies Horror Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime Science Fiction Short Story
English (US)

Work experience


Sep, 2014 — Present

Bizarro Pulp Press

Jan, 2014 — May, 2017 (over 3 years)

Raw Dog Screaming Press

Jun, 2013 — Dec, 2013 (6 months)

Raw Dog Screaming Press took me on as a volunteer to help me establish myself as a proofreader.


The Occultists

Schattel, Polly


Leonard, Jessica

The Golden Road

dePackh, Selene


Winters, Ryan

Whitetooth Falls

Joschko, Justin


Wilson, F Paul

Touched by Shadows

Jackson, Vaughn A.


Monteleone, Thomas F.

The Wilderness Within

Smith, John Claude

The Narrows

Malfi, Ronald


Bastianelli, Gregory

The Last Night

Dunn, Mark

The Fall of Never

Malfi, Ronald

The Touch

Berkowitz, Adan

The Ghost Finders

McOmber, Adam

The Deer Kings

Wagner, Wendy

The Cuckoo Girls

Lillie, Patricia

The American

Thomas, Jeffrey


Post, Andrew

Strange is the Night

Miskowski, S P

Storm Shadows

Cain, Kenneth W.

Spectral Evidence

Files, Gemma


Schattel, Polly


Fracassi, Philip

Sisters in Arms

Ruppert, Erica


White, Gordon B


Gifune, Greg F.

River of Souls

Bodine, T. L.

Out of Tune

Armstrong, Kelley

Out of Water

Sarah Read

Of One Pure Will

Smith, Farah Rose

Moon City: A Limbus, Inc. Novel

Ethridge, Benjamin Kane

Limbus, Inc., Book III

Jonathan Maberry

Lady Bits

Jonez, Kate

King of Hell: Peter Octavian

Golden, Christopher

I Wish I Was Like You

Miskowski, S. P.

House Call

Schwamberger, Ty

He Who Walks in Shadow

Talley, Brett J.

Hardboiled Horror

Jonathan Maberry

Hallowed Days

Hale, Daniel

Halfway Down The Stairs

Braunbeck, Gary A.


Wornom, Rus

Fragile Dreams

Fracassi, Philip

Doorways to the Deadeye

Guignard, Eric J

Divine Scream

Ethridge, Benjamin Kane

Devil's Breath

Gifune, Greg F

Deep Night

Gifune, Greg F

Dead End

DiLeo, Chris

Dark Rescue (Forever Man)

Matthews, Brian W

The Conveyance

Matthews, Brian W.

Come to Dust

MacLeod, Bracken

Blue Hell

Gifune, Greg F


Kurtz, Ed

The Bleeding Season

Gifune, Greg F

Black Water

Norman, Bobby

Behold the Void

Fracassi, Philip

Blackwood Estates

Holloway, William

Aleister Blake

Cano, Valentina

A Still and Awful Red

Howarth, Michael

White Indians

Gills, Michael

Corpus Chrome, Inc.

Zahler, S. Craig


Wright, K. Ceres

Black Gum

Osborne, J David

An Augmented Fourth

McMillen, Tony

This Body of Death

Sessler, A.P.

The Last Projector

Keaton, David James

Pig Iron

Keaton, David James

The ADHD Vampire

Vaughn, Matthew


Bernstein, David

Necrosaurus Rex

Day, Nicholas


Johnson, MP

Battering the Stem

Freville, Bob

Psycho Therapy

Spencer, Alan

The Gypsy Moths

Gifune, Greg F.

Sean has 76 reviews





Alaric C.

Alaric C.

Jun, 2024

Another great job from Sean. Excellent value!
Rick Y.

Rick Y.

Jun, 2024

I have collaborated with Sean on my debut novel and again on the second book of the series. His efficiency and knowledge of copy editing are something I can't speak enough about. I am going to use Sean on ALL books in The Glass Button Series. Thanks again, Sean! Rick
C Y.

C Y.

May, 2024

Working with Sean was a breeze. He's affordable, fast, and accurate. What more do you need? Sean will be my first stop the next time I need a proofreader.
Daniel T.

Daniel T.

May, 2024

Sean was a joy to work with. He proofed my novel and removed any awkward wording in my prose. It was just the amount of editing that I was looking for to clean things up before publishing.
Bradford C.

Bradford C.

May, 2024

Sean is the best! This is my second time collaborating with him, and it was a joy. Sean is professional, helpful and even pointed out some of my mistakes I never would've noticed. He made my book a smoother read. I can't thank Sean enough for his work. I would absolutely work with him again.

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