Jain Lemos

Jain Lemos – Editor

As a developmental editor, I make sure your text is organized, well thought out, consistent, accessible and enjoyable to read.


I specialize in non-fiction editing, especially manuscripts requiring research and fact-checking. I enjoy working on a variety of genres, from memoirs and inspirational books to cookbooks and historical fiction. I work very efficiently with a high attention to detail and communication. My approach is to achieve excellence in all my undertakings, and I work to make sure our collaboration is exciting and productive.

With decades of publishing experience, starting as an in-house editor at Harper Collins with a New York Times #1 bestseller, I am primarily an advocate for the reader. My broad knowledge and life experience is extremely valuable to many audience types. What’s more, I truly care about your book as though it were my own and not just another job to get through.

Areas addressed in developmental editing includes overall thesis development and message strength to make sure the reader stays on the journey with you in the most compelling way. In the copy editing phase, I do a line-by-line read, fix errors, format for consistency, research facts, cross-check references, and edit for overall clarity. I also make comments and suggestions on your manuscript’s structure, flow, and tone. Finally, I format your Word document for the pre-design phase and provide a style guide for the proofreader.

Reedsy Testimonials:

“Jain is a rigorous practitioner of her craft. Efficient. A straight talker. She provided a great deal more than expected.” —Chip Hunter

“Working with Jain is a true pleasure. She has taken my manuscript and turned it from barely acceptable into a document that sounds great!” —William Merck

“This was a fantastic experience which exceeded all my expectations!” —John Holsinger

“Jain becomes invested in the project… she goes to great lengths to ensure the book is not only accurate and believable for the reader, but that it is engaging and flows.” —Jo Dibblee

Biographies & Memoirs Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits Home & Garden Philosophy Photography
Historical Fiction Plays & Screenplays
English (US)

Work experience


Jul, 2005 — Present

Decades of experience working with top creative teams at Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Harper Collins, Chronicle Books, National Geographic and Lonely Planet. As an in-house editor at Harper Collins, I produced the behind‐the‐scenes New York Times No. 1 bestseller, James Cameron’s Titanic, and edited dozens of titles including celebrity biographies and documentary coffee table books. Working independently since 2005, I continue to provide editing and publishing services to new and established authors.


Not to Reason Why

Decker, Robert L.

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Using lessons learned in a DIY house remodel, this book unveils the simple secret to taming chaos. Create peace, freedom and connection out of chaos by becoming a completist! The habit of jumping from project to project without finishing any spawns anchors whi... read more
Some jump, some fall, each dotting the water's surface like the period at the end of a sentence. Then, the stern slips under the water, plunging everyone into a coldness so intense it is indistinguishable from fire. Ten minutes. Twenty minutes. The inchoate wa... read more
Based on a documentary film, a photographic celebration of this strong bond explores the powerful connection between mothers and their daughters through five life cycles
Home renovation just got easier with The Home Renovation Workbook. This indispensable planner is a complete interactive, hands-on guide to home remodeling. From creating a floor plan to hiring help, this workbook is the key to getting the work done right (the ... read more
Good For One Ride

Gary McGinnis

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Forget the pollsters and pundits—America can speak for itself. Are you ready to undertake an epic two-wheeled journey through all 50 of the United States to hear what our nation has to say? Conversations With US chronicles some 16,000 miles of raw adventure an... read more
What happens when crazy becomes real? At twenty-two, Grace Avalon left her body to be swept into luminous kaleidoscopic light bearing images of places she’d never seen. Escaping from her abusive life, in joyous laughter she surrendered to the light. Her husban... read more
Healthcare today sits at the center of a perfect storm whose effects are inescapable for every living person from infancy to death. Driven by greed and unbridled power, the greatest healthcare system on earth has been brought to its knees and future prospects ... read more
This 304 page coffee table book takes a look at 26 of America s great authors and the places that inspired them. Unique to this book of literary biography is the element of the photograph. With over 140 photographs throughout, the images add mood and dimension... read more
My Path is an elegant and beautiful book, a collaboration of Turner's poetry and nature photography. It has been praised by George Lepp, Field Editor for Outdoor Photographer Magazine and Dewitt Jones, 20 years a National Geographic photo journalist, and by na... read more
The first major "insulin-conscious" cookbook with true culinary appeal combines the latest medical data with great dining instincts to offer delectable recipes for Grilled Shrimp with Red Pepper-Caper Sauce; Chickpea, Fennel, and Red Pepper Salad; and Fresh Fi... read more

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Zach D.

Zach D.

Mar, 2024

I have only great things to say about Jain and her stellar work. I am a photographer and do not consider myself a writer nor do I have any experience with publishing. During our collaboration, Jain was able to not only educate me in the field of publishing but she also gave me the tools and confidence to take on the next steps with ease after we finished working together. Her many years of expe...
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Alex M.

Alex M.

Jan, 2023

What I appreciate most about Jain is her tactful and sincere way of encouraging the voice of the author to come to the page. She is warm and welcoming, direct and deliberate to showcase the essences of the work. In Jain, you will find a detail-oriented, skillful, and dedicated human, passionate about her expertise! She has been a joy to work with and I would recommend her services immensely!
Carolyn P.

Carolyn P.

Dec, 2022

It has been a pleasure working with Jane! She helped me over stumbling blocks in my narrative and character timelines, brought clarity, and encouraged me in increasing the quality of my writing. I plan to solicit her editorial guidance again in the future.
Brian B.

Brian B.

Jun, 2022

When I first met Jain I was at a total stand still with my book. I was unsure which direction to go in and had not worked on it in over a year. After her editorial assessment, I was energized and had clear ideas on how to progress. She is very thorough and is not only giving me editorial advice, but helping me with advice on how to self publish. I cannot recommend her enough. Do not hesi...
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Jo D.

Jo D.

Jun, 2022

Jain is the consummate professional. Jain becomes invested in the project so much that she goes to great lengths to ensure the book is not only accurate and believable for the reader but that it is engaging and flows. Her research skills are impeccable, and her suggestions made me drill down, creating a MUCH better book. Writing is, at times, daunting and overwhelming, but working with Ja...
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