Hampton Lamoureux

Hampton Lamoureux – Designer

Greetings! I'm Hampton, a digital artist & designer. I enjoy creating works of fantasy & mystery for book covers and other mediums.


For over 10 years, I have been diligently mastering the in's and out's of Photoshop, creating art and design work for a variety of clients. Throughout my graphic design education and freelance career, I have worked with several debut and indie authors, developing a love for all things fantasy, dystopian, and mystery.

With a heavy background in both design and fine art, I enjoy merging my skillsets to create crisp, eye-catching covers. Creating awesome graphics that are true to the author's vision is always my biggest ambition. Steampunk romance, vampire hunter, or zombie outbreak, I would love to design the cover of your latest adventure!



Apart from book cover design, I am able to help with an array of print and web needs for your latest release. These include:

■ Social Media Assets (Profile Images, Banners, and Posts)
■ Print Promotional Materials (Sell Sheets, Posters, Bookmarks, etc.)
■ Author Branding (Logo Design, Business Cards)

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about my services or if you have any additional questions. Thank you!
Action & Adventure Dystopian Epic Fantasy Horror Post-Apocalyptic Psychological Thriller Urban Fantasy Young Adult Fantasy
  • 2018 AIGA Blue Ridge Flux: Identity Design
  • 2018 AIGA Blue Ridge Flux: Packaging
  • 2017 AAF Tampa Bay: Gold Addy, Packaging
  • 2017 AAF Tampa Bay: Silver Addy, Poster Design
  • Jul. 2016: DeviantArt Daily Deviation in Photo Manipulation
  • 2019 E-Book Cover Design Award Winner, Fiction TheBookDesigner.com (September)
  • 2019 E-Book Cover Design Award Winner, Fiction TheBookDesigner.com (February)
  • 2017 E-Book Cover Design Award Winner, Fiction TheBookDesigner.com (September)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design: University of South Florida St. Petersburg, Spring 2017
  • Certiport: Adobe Photoshop CS6

Work experience


Jan, 2014 — Present

• provided visual design and voiceover services to over 200 clients

• designed book covers, logos, album artwork, and commercial graphics

Severn River Publishing

Jun, 2022 — Present

• creation of custom e-book and print cover designs for bestselling thriller authors

Forbes Books

Feb, 2022 — Present

• creation of custom e-book cover designs for nonfiction publications, including books on business, leadership, self-help, finance, technology, health & wellness, and memoirs

• consulting clients directly to discuss cover design concepts


Made with Reedsy
The Road Ahead

Hali C. Broncucia

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Cover Design
Made with Reedsy
Sirens Unbound: Book 1 of the Fifth Mage War

Engelhardt, Laura

Cover Design
Made with Reedsy
Ropes in the Attic

Flora, Edward J.

Cover Design
Made with Reedsy
Deceptive Waters

Lauman, Carolyn Courtney

Cover Design
One girl. Two bloodlines. One pledge to be made.When Olivia Whitby’s mother vanishes, a cryptic letter left at her door leads her to a family she never knew – a family of Fae. But the secrets run even deeper and Olivia soon finds herself trapped amongst the po... read more

K.F. Bradshaw

The people of Damea are no strangers to magic. They have wielded it for years - woven it into their societies and everyday lives. From powering marvelous cities, to building dazzling infrastructures to maintaining even the tiniest of farms, magic is the backbo... read more
The descendant of a Greek Titan, a reluctant shape shifter, and an angel’s warning. The Agency's purpose coincides with its leader, Hyperion. As the father to the sun, the moon and the dawn, the Greek Titan endeavors along with his vast network to ensure the w... read more

Andrea Rose Washington

Sasha’s lived a simple life, until her mother’s secret came to light. Now, at the age of sixteen, Sasha learns that, not only has everything to that point been a lie, but now there’s a hit squad after her. To escape their attackers, Sasha’s mother, Jasmine, sa... read more
Dead Weight

Matt Casamassina

When 17-year-old Zephyr Rockwell wakes from a camping trip in the woods, he discovers that nearly everyone in the world has disappeared and most of the luxuries mankind maintained are already breaking down. What happened? Where did everybody go? Why is he stil... read more

Hampton has 108 reviews





Thomas B.

Thomas B.

Nov, 2023

It's hard to leave a review when he has yet to submit any completed work. Perhaps you should bring this to his attention. Thomas
Matt M.

Matt M.

Nov, 2023

Hampton helped me re-design the cover for my first novel. We had a back and forth where we brainstormed the ideas and then he took those ideas, along with a rough sketch and created my cover design. The updated cover looks fantastic, and it makes me feel like I have a professionally finished book.
Hampton L.
Thank you so much Matt, I'm happy to hear that you are loving your new cover design! It was great working with you and I hope we can collaborate again soon! :)
Sam S.

Sam S.

Nov, 2023

Working with Hampton for a book cover went very well. We had a little trouble getting in contact (due to site glitches) at the start of our working period, but once that was discovered and resolved, Hampton was very responsive, had great ideas, and delivered an awesome cover.
Hampton L.
Thank you so much Sam! It was wonderful working with you and I hope we can work together again soon! :)
Angelika K.

Angelika K.

Oct, 2023

Absolutely Wonderful Job. I was deeply impressed with the finished result. I will be hiring again and I highly recommend.
Hampton L.
Thank you so much Angelika, it was great working with you and I look forward to collaborating with you again in the future! :)
Patti B.

Patti B.

Sep, 2023

I'm a first-time author and Hampton has helped me through the process with patience and kindness. I am writing a series and plan to use him for every book cover. His work is great and his flexibility in working with a first time author has been excellent. If I could give him more stars I would. Thank you Hampton!
Hampton L.
Thank you so much Patti! It's been wonderful working with you and I look forward to future collaborations with you as well! :)

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