Kim Curtis

Kim Curtis – Editor

My speciality is editing non-native English speakers. Copy editing (grammar, punctuation) and language editing (style, semantics.)


20+ years experience editing writers from Europe, Asia, South and Central America. Equally comfortable with US and UK/EU style. Expertise with AP, Chicago and Yahoo! style guides. Specialize in nonfiction and science writing.

Whether it's a coffee table book about arts and crafts or a compilation of successful sports branding campaigns or even a report on climate science, I'll elevate your copy, making it clear, concise and accessible. I'm friendly, fast and flexible. Experience across regions, languages and time zones. And, in most cases, I offer a 48-hour turnaround.

"Kim helped me get my project to a state that I am very proud of. She challenged me to come up with a crisper flow overall, better words, resulting in a much clearer storyline. ... Kim is a direct, persistent, and encouraging editor. I've learned a great deal from her and will definitely hire her again shortly for my next project." - Helen M. Jacobs, author of "Finding Water: A Mom's Guide Through Death, Grief and Learning to Live."

"I love the way that Kim was efficient, quick, answered emails promptly, and gave feedback to my work. As a first-time author, I needed the help to get my manuscript in presentable condition. She was able to get it there." - Angela H. Bayer-Persico, author of "A Journey of an Accredited Provider."

Biographies & Memoirs Design
English (UK) English (US)

Work experience

Gingko Press

Jul, 2018 — Present

Dedicated copy editor for China-based Sandu Publishing, which specializes in high-quality design books, covering the fields of architecture, interior, art and fashion.

kn literary arts

Jul, 2018 — Present

Editor, writing coach for independent authors specializing in nonfiction.

Prosperity Fund

Jun, 2018 — Jun, 2019 (about 1 year)

Contract copy editor for scientific reports drafted by the UK government's Prosperity Fund.

The Associated Press

Jan, 1995 — Jan, 2008 (about 13 years)

Worked in the US and the Middle East. Specialized in writing, editing news. Supervised teams of non-native English speaking writers and reporters.



Publications, Sandu

The Journey of an Accredited Provider is the true story of one woman's bold crusade to offer the highest quality care for children in her home while overcoming daunting obstacles. Angela Bayer-Persico, self-reliant from an early age, transcends her entanglemen... read more
In an increasingly digital world, there’s nothing quite like the sentiment of receiving a thoughtful letter via snail mail. Keep in Touch introduces original designs for invitations, postcards, stamps, and seals, offering a fresh perspective on an age-old trad... read more
Weaving, as a traditional technique of interlacing yarns or fiber, has a long history and has been given many forms over the years. This book will invite 20 DIYers, designers, artists, and craftsmen to talk about their weaving stories. These projects are diver... read more
Asian myths and folktales comprise a vast body of lore. From Chinese folklore to Japanese legends and Indian myths, they include elements from a dizzying array of religions, including Buddhism and Shinto, and they contain the historical traces of thousands of ... read more
As an art medium back in vogue, ballpoint pen has been proven to be a versatile tool with infinite possibilities. Characterized by their low-cost, light and convenient traits, they are particularly handy for sketch work. Ballpoint Art: Complexity From Simplici... read more
In sports branding, visual language is key to establishing an identity, creating a fan base and generating positive influence. Win Out: The Best of Sports Graphic Design and Branding showcases more than 80 global designs for sports brands and events, and provi... read more
The dozens of artists and craftspeople featured in this volume create miniature representations of real-world scenes―everything from housewares, such as a thumb-sized rice cooker, to storefronts and cliffside dwellings suspended in test tubes, all the way up t... read more

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