Kessiah Carlbon

Kessiah Carlbon – Web Developer

I blend award-winning art with cutting-edge tech to create radiant websites for happy visionaries.


Hello, let me share what a project walkthrough might look like together. Aside from dropping your content and assets into a shared folder and providing some feedback, the rest is on me:

• Initial call so you can tell me about your project

• Onboard Form where you can lay out all the details

• Proposal and 50% payment upon acceptance

• Custom Google Drive Hub where you can drop all your assets

• Home page delivery and video walkthrough

• Feedback round and home page refinements

• Full site build, delivery and video walkthrough

• Targeted feedback rounds using custom feedback software

• Rinse and repeat until it’s perfect

• Remaining 50% payment

• Handover and offboard training so you can maintain your site yourself!

(if you want to - alternatively, I can support with ongoing edits)

• 30 days of free email support from me should anything arise post-launch

Looking so forward to hearing about your projects!

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Jun, 2012 — Present

Hi, I'm Kessiah, and I blend award-winning art with cutting-edge tech to make radiant websites for happy visionaries. I love collaborating with my clients to capture their specific "vibe" and make sure their website is totally "them." The best feedback I often hear is "it's so perfectly me!"


Jonelle Luther Website

Client: Jonelle Luther
Industry: Wellness + Coaching
Jonelle needs a website she can update herself as a way to market her pre-made programs and one-on-one coaching services. She wants a comprehensive one-page site with e-commerce functionalities for now that can be built out down the road.
I created this one-page site mockup for her home page, where she can easily populate her own content and I can eventually build out further pages when she’s ready.

Ginny Laracy Website

Client: Ginny Laracy
Industry: Medical, Wellness
Ginny was referred to me after seeing Sharon Kenney Rudy’s website and remarked on how it perfectly captured Sharon. Ginny needed a site of her own for her multi-faceted business, and she was considering having a friend build it, but as a professional herself, she recognized the value of working with a specialist. And her feedback was lovely: “I am SO grateful I hired you” and “better than I could have envisioned.” Thanks, Ginny!
I got to work building out two main sections for the two wings of Ginny’s work in therapy and meditation, plus an intro page and a contact page. Contact forms are strategically placed throughout, and it was important to integrate her instagram account, which was a breeze with Squarespace’s easy social media integration features.

Family Tree Psychiatric Care Website

Client: Family Tree Psychiatric Care
Industry: Medical
Lynn spent her career in medicine and was finally embarking on her own private psychiatric practice. She needed a website where her clients could complete an intake form after learning about her services and areas of expertise.
We focused on a couple of warm and welcoming, informative pages where clients could easily learn about her work. An easy patient intake form serves as an intro to a future patient portal.

CANUP Website

Client: CANUP
Industry: Nonprofit, Community
CANUP (say ‘canopy’) is the Coalition Addressing the Needs of Unhoused People of Greene County, Tennessee. They’re a nonprofit working to eradicate homelessness starting in their local community with the intention to scale beyond.
The most important features for this website were an informative section to introduce the group and a donation gateway to collect support. CANUP already used Mailchimp for their email newsletters so we easily integrated that into their Squarespace site so visitors could stay involved through a number of avenues.

Sharon Kenney Rudy Website

Client: Sharon Kenney Rudy
Industry: Wellness, Coaching, Women
Sharon had an old landing page but she’d been craving a full-fledged website and total brand redesign for a long time. Sharon runs the type of business where she *is* the commodity, so we had total freedom to go full blown wild with colors, custom artwork, and tons of flair to capture HER. She wanted colors of India, esoteric spiritual imagery, and an overall funky, retro, 70’s vibe. This site was a total blast to create (and led to a referral who wanted a site of her very own!)
Sharon adored the work of two artists, so since we couldn’t license their work to use on her site, I created the artwork myself, layering their styles to create something totally unique. The colorful backgrounds evoked that funky 70’s vibe Sharon embodies and loves, while the jewel tones were a nod to the colors of India. I drew the white-line artwork layered on top in images of meditative yantras, Indian temples, fierce tigers, and majestic peacocks in a similar style to her other favorite artist. The overall look is nothing but Sharon through and through.
Client feedback: “Everything is so beautiful and magical and connected and reflective of me, and I could not have done that myself. I could not have made it more perfect, more amazing, more awesome.”

Café Wren Website

Client: Café Wren
Industry: Restaurant
This was a fun and super hip site for a repeat client. I had already built a website for Aaron’s nonprofit, so when he called asking about a site for his new café, we got straight to work. He had been contemplating having a friend build the site for a couple hundred bucks, but after a smooth, quality experience working together on the nonprofit site, he decided to invest in a specialist again. Here’s the outcome!
Aaron wanted a clean site with all the cozy artistry of his unique and artistic space. We opted for bohemian design themes with customized styles to welcome the user and draw them in right from the first click. Special emphasis on easy menu access and the ability to order gift certificates.
Client feedback: "Kessiah, I love you." (I'll take it!)

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