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Kelsy Thompson – Editor

A seasoned editor who works with publishers and indie authors alike, I guide and empower authors at every stage of their journey.


Kelsy is a freelance writer and editor from Ogden, Utah. She has served as managing editor at distinguished literary journal Weber—The Contemporary West, acquisition editor for North Star Editions and its children’s imprints, Flux and Jolly Fish Press, and is currently a production editor at Erewhon Books. Additionally, she has worked as a freelance copy editor and proofreader for such publishers as Skyhorse, Shadow Mountain, Tule, and Sourcebooks.

Kelsy has edited everything from award-winning, traditionally published novels to passion projects. She specializes in young adult, new adult, fantasy, and romance, and loves working hand-in-hand with authors to make their manuscripts shine.

In addition to her extensive editorial experience, Kelsy also ghostwrites. She has written some of Radish Fiction’s most successful serials, and her ghostwritten works have been read by millions of readers all over the world.

Fantasy Romance Women's Fiction Young Adult
English (US)
  • ACES Certificate in Editing

Work experience

Erewhon Books

Oct, 2020 — Present

North Star Editions

Nov, 2016 — May, 2020 (over 3 years)

Judges queries and manuscript submissions for both Jolly Fish Press and Flux imprints. Writes proposal for manuscript acquisition and pitches acquisition to editorial board. Communicates with author and agent from contract offer through publication. Content edits, line edits, copy edits, and proofreads manuscript according to house style and the Chicago Manual of Style. Prepares manuscript for typesetter. Communicates with freelance copy editors and proofreaders through production process. Uses project management principles to meet production deadlines.


May, 2015 — Present

Offers variety of services, including submission package critiques, manuscript critiques, developmental editing, copy editing, copy writing, ghost writing, mentoring, consultation, proofreading, typesetting, academic editing, and marketing/advertising content creation.

Jolly Fish Press

May, 2015 — Oct, 2016 (over 1 year)

Judges queries and manuscript submissions. Communicates with author from contract offer through publication. Content edits, line edits, copy edits, and proofreads manuscript according to house style and the Chicago Manual of Style. Uses project management principles to meet production deadlines.

Weber—The Contemporary West

Apr, 2015 — Mar, 2017 (almost 2 years)

Manages and judges submissions. Manages subscriptions. Edits, designs, and formats the biannual journal release for publication. Communicates with authors on the status of their contributions. Manages journal finances. Manages student aides to ensure program requirements and project deadlines are met. Promotes journal through online directories, and academic library mailings. Manages, updates, and creates content for the journal website. Creates promotional materials such as ads, mailers, and fundraising letters.


The Doctor Next Door

Holt MD, Elaine

The Enchanted Sonata

Wallwork, Heather Dixon

Dark Energy

Robinson Wells

Day Boy

Jamieson, Trent


Matthews, Arya

Beautiful Dilemma

Florence, Roshuma

The Gay Best Friend

DiDomizio, Nicolas


Peter Bunzl

Desert Creatures

Chronister, Kay

Home Sweet Christmas

James, Charlee

Kiss Me in the Summer

Dunlop, Barbara

A Spot of Trouble

Wilson, Teri

Down with this Ship

Katie Kingman

Sea of Kings

Hope, Melissa

Of Silver and Shadow

Gruenke, Jennifer

The Knockout

Sajni Patel

Fragile Remedy

Ingrande Mora, Maria

Outrun the Wind

Elizabeth Tammi


Kate Watson

Sixteen-year-old cupid-in-training Kali is in an Olympus-sized mountain of trouble. Rule number one in arrow-toting matchmaking: don't stick yourself. But accidents happen, and Kali instantly falls hard for her indie rock, bass-playing target, Benicio. The God... read more
The Quiet You Carry

Nikki Barthelmess

Victoria Parker knew her dad's behavior toward her was a little unusual, but she convinced herself everything was fine—until she found herself locked out of the house at 3:00 a.m., surrounded by flashing police lights. Now, dumped into a crowded, chaotic foste... read more

Jenniffer Wardell

Sleeping Beauty never had troubles like this.For most princesses, a sleeping curse means a few inconvenient weeks unconscious and a happily-ever-after with their true love. Elena's curse, however, was designed without a cure, which means that she's getting a c... read more

Anna Silver

Living on the road with her mother, all she's ever really wanted is a normal, stable life in one place. Innocence is plagued by nightmares of a terrible event in her past, and the ever-growing fear that whatever she and her mother have been running from will f... read more
After jumping into the ocean at Piko Point, life will never be the same for fourteen-year-old Zader Kaonakai Westin, the adopted boy allergic to water. Zader’s answers to who his birth parents are only leave him with more questions. When confronted by The Man ... read more
David (The Unseen)

Johnny Worthen

Eleanor survives, it is what she does. But at what cost? After learning her past and seeing the terrible and tragic history of her kind, Eleanor must conclude she is toxic, a cause of pain and destruction. For everyone's own good, she will disappear forever. B... read more
Winner: League of Utah Writers, Diamond Quill With wit and humor, this modern mystery is a refreshing spin on the noir detective genre Tony Flaner is a malingering, part-time comedian who is full of sarcasm and never finished a thing in his life. He’s had 12 y... read more
When 15-year-old twins Malcolm and Valentine Gilbert moved to a new town, they never imagined that the old house across the street could bring them so much trouble. Inside the old house, a secret machine with the power to pierce time has reawakened. Meanwhile,... read more
Sea glass is the beautiful result of broken glass being naturally polished and smoothed by the ocean’s currents for extended periods of time. These beautiful jewels become weathered and frosted from abrasion and erosion in salt water, giving them a distinctly ... read more
Homesteading From Scratch is for people who want to do things differently—the type of people who want to eat real food, grow herbs, make cheese, raise baby animals, hunt mushrooms, pick blackberries, unschool their children, can jelly, ferment kraut, farm orga... read more
You want a revolution? So did Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Fathers!America has fallen in love again with Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Fathers. Here is a popping fresh collection of facts and forgotten trivia surrounding the American Revolution an... read more
When her five-year-old son passed the rigorous entrance exams to one of Japan's top private elementary schools, Makihara, a single mother, thought they were on their way. Taro would wear the historic dark blue uniform and learn alongside other little Einsteins... read more

Mia Siegert

Even though they're identical, Tristan isn't close to his twin Robbie at alluntil Robbie tries to kill himself. Forced to share a room to prevent Robbie from hurting himself, the brothers begin to feel the weight of each other's lives on the ice, and off. Tris... read more
The holograms lied to everyone on Earth and only Alexandra Lucas knows the truth. Now she's trapped in the year 2359 without family or friends--worse, without her anxiety medication. Alex attempts to reconcile the marvelous scenery, technological advances, and... read more
As if 17-year-old Alexandra Lucas' anxiety disorder isn't enough, mysterious holograms suddenly appear, heralding the end of the world. They bring an ultimatum: heed the warning and step through a portal-like vertex to safety, or stay and be destroyed by a com... read more
Outrun the Wind

Elizabeth Tammi

The Huntresses of Artemis must obey two rules: never disobey the goddess, and never fall in love. After being rescued from a harrowing life as an Oracle of Delphi, Kahina is glad to be a part of the Hunt; living among a group of female warriors gives her a cha... read more
In a desolate mining town, deep in the Mojave Desert, the struggle continues against unearthly predators straying across dimensional boundaries. At the forefront of the skirmish, teens Camm and Cal, have seen their feelings for each other deepen in spite of mi... read more
Sir Roland Beaumont's investigation into his birth parents’ deaths leads him to Guildon Castle, domain of Lord Craven. Roland’s plans are complicated when the earl enlists him to tame his stepdaughter, Audrina Gibbons, by training her as a squire. Roland soon ... read more
The Dog Walker's Diary

Kathryn Donahue

When jaded and overworked Los Angeles literary agent Daniel Ashe hires Annie Doherty, an Irish dog walker, he s simply looking for someone to care for his dogs so he can focus on landing a dream client and save his career. He certainly doesn't expect to come h... read more
All the Wrong Chords

Christine Hurley Deriso

Scarlett Stiles is desperate for a change of scenery after her older brother, Liam, dies of a drug overdose. But spending the summer with her grandfather wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. Luckily, Scarlett finds something to keep her busy—a local rock band ... read more
Things I'd Rather Do Than Die

Christine Hurley Deriso

Jade Fulton and Ethan Garrett are opposites in every sense of the word. Ethan is an all-American poster boy a star athlete dating the most popular girl in school and a devout Christian. Jade keeps mostly to herself. She abhors joining things, hates everyone at... read more
Shoot the Moon

Kate Watson

"Smart writing, complex characters, and high stakes abound--this sharp, clever novel is both fast-paced and heartbreaking." - Brittany Cavallaro, #1 NYT Bestselling Author of The Charlotte Holmes series Despite what his brother and sponsor think, Tate isn't an... read more
"If you love heartfelt, emotional, romantic, witty stories ... you will love Watson's debut. It was beyond swoon worthy!" - Kasie West, author of By Your Side and Lucky in LoveSixteen-year-old Finley Price has perfected two things: how to direct a world-class ... read more

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Melissa S.

Melissa S.

Jun, 2022

This is the second time I've worked with Kelsy and I was blown away again at her expertise! She was very thorough with her feedback and content notes. With her help, I was able to take my book to the next level. I had been struggling with some plot issues and her notes made everything click into place! Kelsy is very reliable and enthusiastic as well! I will definitely be utilizing her editing s...
Read more
Roshuma F.

Roshuma F.

Mar, 2022

I hired Kelsy for both a Developmental Edit, and a Copy Edit. Kelsy was very helpful in the production of my book. She gave me detailed feedback and advice on how to develop my story and my character arcs. Her tips helped me to create a better storyline for not only my characters, but the readers as well. I'm grateful for her guidances and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to ...
Read more
Melissa S.

Melissa S.

Oct, 2021

Kelsy was an absolute dream to work with. So much so that I have already booked her for my next project. What I loved most was how she genuinely seemed interested in the material and went in detail with her notes and comments. The edit letter was also detailed with pointers on how to make my writing stronger. She was professional, prompt, and just a joy to communicate with. I can't wait to work...
Read more
E.G. R.

E.G. R.

Jun, 2021

As always, it was a pleasure to work with Ms. T.! She has a great eye for narrative arcs, and her feedback is both friendly and very useful.
E.G. R.

E.G. R.

Jul, 2020

Kelsy has a uniquely artistic eye when it comes to developmental and line editing, the two services for which I hired her. She really knows how to shape the story so that it's deeply engaging without losing the author's intentions, and she's flexible in regards to different approaches to achieve the same well-polished end. I'd definitely work with her again!

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