Katrina Diaz Arnold

Katrina Diaz Arnold – Editor

Experienced developmental and line editor, formerly of a Big Five publisher, who loves helping authors refine their work into its best self.


Hello! I am an experienced developmental and line editor with more than ten years of professional publishing experience, who loves nothing more than helping an aspiring author refine their work into the best, most vibrant version of itself.

I was previously part of the editorial team at Scribner, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, where I worked with numerous New York Times bestselling authors, before deciding to become a freelance editor. I now own and run my own editorial services company, bringing quality editing straight to aspiring and established authors alike.

My ideals as an editor are that quality comes above all, passion is a necessary ingredient, and fostering real partnerships with writers is essential for any work to succeed. I'm wholly devoted to any project I take on and deeply committed to helping manuscripts reach their highest potential.

I have a soft spot for brave new worlds, fresh plot twists, and strong, complex protagonists. I specialize in Fantasy, Romance (all subgenres), Romantic Fantasy, Thriller (especially Espionage), Suspense, Dystopian Fiction, Post-apocalyptic Fiction, Speculative Fiction, YA/NA Fantasy, and YA/NA Dystopian/Post-apocalyptic Fiction.

Passionate about books my entire life, I have a BA in Creative Writing from Northwestern University and a MA in Shakespeare from University College London.

Contemporary Romance Dystopian Historical Romance New Adult Paranormal Romance Romantic Fantasy Thriller & Suspense Young Adult Fantasy
English (UK) English (US)
  • Northwestern University: BA in English in Creative Writing
  • University College London: MA in Shakespeare

Work experience


Jun, 2013 — Present

- Manages a team of independent contractors to complete various edits on manuscripts prior to publication
- Personally specializes in developmental and line editing, editing manuscripts for big picture concerns like plot arc, character development, structure, pacing, believability, clarity, and writing style
- Refines and strengthens manuscripts through extensive editorial assessments and in-depth line edits
- Oversees copy edits and proofreads on manuscripts
- Edits query letters, synopses, jacket copy, book descriptions, and more
- Coaches writers through every step of the editorial process and on overall
submission strategy or book publication
- Runs all company business strategy and administration, including master scheduling

Scribner, Simon and Schuster

Jun, 2013 — Sep, 2015 (over 2 years)

- Edited New York Times bestselling and award-winning nonfiction and fiction books for structure, voice, and use of language by completing developmental, line, and copy edits
- Wrote promotional copy, book copy, sales tip sheets, editorial letters, and more
- Evaluated submissions for publication potential and researches competitive titles
- Communicated with writers and agents on a daily basis as the first response to all requests
- Managed projects from the onset through to publication, organized publication master schedules, monitored deadlines, payments, and contracts
- Strategically solved urgent issues for an average of 20+ projects at any given time
- Created original, promotional and/or shareable content for Twitter and Instagram
- Supervised minute-taking for editorial meetings and trained all new editorial assistants

Self Employed

Jan, 2013 — Jun, 2013 (5 months)

- Consulted collegiate and postgraduate applicants on personal statements and essays
- Wrote marketing copy, brochure copy, and website content for small businesses
- Edited manuscripts through developmental edits

Thomson Reuters

Jul, 2012 — Sep, 2012 (2 months)

- Proofread, copyedited, and completed multiple proof checks using BSI Proofing Symbols for legal loose-leaf and book manuscripts from initial copy to the final press proof
- Wrote filing instructions, edited checklists, and prepped texts for e-book transitioning

Chalke Authors/Endeavour Press

Nov, 2011 — Jul, 2012 (8 months)

- Copyedited, proofread, and formatted novellas and nonfiction essays for e-book publication
- Wrote press releases, inquiry letters, and interview questions
- Brainstormed, researched, and implemented two to four publicity campaigns per month

Browne and Miller Literary Associates

Mar, 2011 — Jun, 2011 (3 months)

- Reviewed several manuscripts per week and wrote reader's reports
- Managed and responded to all office email and letter queries
- Assembled potential proposals for evaluation every two weeks


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Developmental Editing Editorial Assessment
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Developmental Editing Editorial Assessment
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Developmental Editing Editorial Assessment
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Developmental Editing

Katrina has 26 reviews





J.S. M.

J.S. M.

Jan, 2022

Katrina was willing to make adjustments to her delivery schedule as a result of changes in my travel schedule.
Michelle S.

Michelle S.

Oct, 2021

Katrina is a gifted editor. She gave me the needed content edit for my novel to help me see the big picture and she pointed out (with suggestions) plot, character and voice problems I have been struggling with for a long time. Her edits will guide me to the next stage in the process of completing my novel.
Kate E.

Kate E.

Dec, 2020

Katrina was really great! She gave me the feedback I needed to hear so that I could improve my style and help me strengthen my writing for the future. She's given me a lot to think about so that I can take action in my book.
Rohn F.

Rohn F.

Aug, 2020

I received your assessment. Harsh as reality presents itself, don’t discount the information you have afforded me. Since I can count on your honest assessment, would you be willing to likewise edit the next novel in this series called “The Bus Orphan?” If so, please send me an identical contract to the last one. This novel has less than 40k words, but needs the same viewpoint you can give me.
Laura H.

Laura H.

Aug, 2020

What you get from Katrina will make you a much better writer. She is thorough, perceptive, and professional. Her editorial assessment will give you the confidence to keep writing and continue improving. Hire her and believe that she will be the collaborator you need on the road to getting published! Laura H.

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