Kathy Nida

Kathy Nida – Editor

Freelance copyeditor and proofreader offering 25 years of experience in scientific and educational publishing


I am a deadline- and detail-oriented freelance editor pursuing freelance assignments in editing, proofreading, and writing, offering over 25 years of experience in scientific editing and publishing fields, with 8+ years as a freelancer. I am highly organized, self-motivated, computer-proficient, and professional. Currently I am a middle-school science teacher who has developed curriculum in science and utilizing technology in science, and am looking for freelance opportunities in copyediting and proofreading. I am also a practicing, exhibiting artist, and hold degrees in art and comparative literature, as well as teaching credentials in life and general science, with a M.Ed. in Cross-Cultural education. I have edited both scientific books and fiction.

Action & Adventure Classics Fantasy Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense Women's Fiction Young Adult
Art Education & Reference Health & Wellbeing Humanities & Social Sciences Medicine, Nursing, & Dentistry Nature
English (UK) English (US)
  • UCSD Copyediting Certificate

Work experience


May, 2015 — Present

Providing freelance services in copyediting and proofreading for clients.

Cajon Valley, Mountain Empire, and Palm Middle Schools

Feb, 2003 — Present

Developing curriculum for life science, incorporating technology in the classroom

Academic Press (Elsevier Science/Harcourt)

Mar, 1996 — Dec, 2002 (almost 7 years)

Copyedit and reference-edit manuscripts
Copyedit online using Word-based templates
Adhere to publishers' style, Chicago Manual of Style, APA, MLA, and other style manuals
Edit and code author-prepared subject indexes
Set and maintain publishing schedules and deadlines
Process and review manuscripts
Size, code, and correct art
Proofread word-for-word as needed
Communicate with authors and typesetter regarding problems, deadlines, design issues, etc.
Obtain permissions for previously published art, tables, or text
Review author corrections and typesetters' work
Hire subject indexers
Review page proofs and revised pages
Review marketing information for ad campaigns and back matter copy
Prepare documentation to release published material to printers

The majority of my freelance work has been for Academic Press, a subsidiary of Harcourt, Inc., now part of Elsevier Science. In this capacity, I have managed or edited more than 65 scientific books on topics including life sciences, molecular biology, physical sciences, social and behavioral sciences, chemistry, medicine, psychology, and online and computer resources. I have worked with numerous authors of different nationalities and language backgrounds.

Academic Press

Dec, 1994 — Mar, 1996 (about 1 year)

See freelance work, same duties, but in house

Academic Press

Jun, 1994 — Dec, 1994 (6 months)

Processed and managed journal submissions
Proofread page proofs and revised pages for books and journal articles, reviewing author corrections
Assisted in editorial responsibilities for books and journals

Brian F. Smith and Associates (Archaeologist)

Oct, 1993 — Jun, 1994 (8 months)

Edited reports for style, design, grammar, spelling, and numerical accuracy
Catalogued company's reference library, providing brief analysis of each reference

Converse Consultants West

Apr, 1990 — Oct, 1993 (over 3 years)

Typed and edited reports
Wrote and edited marketing proposals to city, county, and military agencies
Supervised word processing and report production departments and staff
Managed vendors


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Kathy has 5 reviews





Alysha H.

Alysha H.

Sep, 2023

Working with Kathy was a dream! We had a complicated educations text with many different components that needed to work together seamlessly. Kathy was thorough, responsive and wonderful to work with! Will definitely be working with her again for future projects.
Lydia G.

Lydia G.

Aug, 2022

Kathy is knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and flexible. I was impressed with her attention to detail. As a proofreader, she caught a lot of errors on my project, after it had been through many readers and editors. I'd definitely hire her again.
Kathy N.
Lydia was easy to work with and answered questions quickly. Her manuscript was as described.
Matt B.

Matt B.

Sep, 2018

This is the third time I've had Kathy edit my work. She is the best!
Matt B.

Matt B.

Dec, 2017

Second time working with Kathy makes everything easy and simple. Can't wait to work with her again in the future!
Matt B.

Matt B.

Jul, 2017

Kathy was a perfect fit for my book. Her copyediting was thorough and easy to follow. My book's quality improved dramatically thanks to Kathy's work!

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