Amy Butcher

Amy Butcher – Editor

I want readers to love your book and live in your world, gripped by your words, desperate to keep reading.


I'm a seasoned copy editor and developmental editor who is in love with drama, storytelling and style. I push you to create a searing story that grabs audiences and doesn't let them go. I pride myself on helping authors dig deep to write new and original books with solid structure and pacing that readers eat up.

With an academic background in drama, linguistics and editing, I can help you tackle any area, from pesky grammar mistakes to character arcs and story structure. I'm honest and encouraging and will give you feedback that helps you improve. Overall, I want to help you write the story you want to write while ensuring your book is something that readers want to read.

"Amy edited the first two books in my 'Dark Horizon' thriller series. As a new writer, choosing the right editor for your manuscript can be a daunting process. But with Amy, it was clear from the start I had not only found an eminently qualified professional, but an ally in making my work as good as it could be. Through her diligent work, both my manuscripts were significantly improved and tightened. Very skilled at the technical heavy lifting of copy editing, Amy also gives an expert eye across the big-picture view of a story--and has a genuine understanding of the genre. She has become a trusted copilot. Skilled, responsive, honest and always professional. And finally, she is just a nice person to do business with. Yes, choosing an editor is a difficult process. I was lucky to choose Amy."

"I knew in my gut that I had a strong book, so putting my manuscript into Amy's hands was a major step toward making it great. With a quick turnaround, she applied aspects of structure, motif, and character development to my re-write, aspects crucial to being taken seriously as a writer. Not to mention the 800+ grammar and syntax surprises she wrangled out of it. Most of my reviews mention that my book is well-written or well-crafted, and I owe much of that to Amy's skills as an editor."

"I'm so glad I hired Amy. Her editing improved both the overall structure and the little details in my manuscript. She added clarity, punch and focus to my book without losing my writing style. Amy's thorough, direct and caring feedback were essential to producing a final product that I'm proud of."

"Amy B. edited my first crime novel, 'The Dreams that Make Us', and I could not have dreamt of a better editor. She was fantastic. Her calm, positive, efficient and encouraging support and approach was just what was needed. I welcomed her honest opinions and sound advice as she threw herself into the project going beyond the call of duty. However there was a downside. Despite being an English lawyer, I realised on reading Amy's edits just how poor my English actually was!"
Mystery & Crime Thriller & Suspense
English (CAN) English (UK) English (US)

Work experience


Jan, 2006 — Present

For Crime, Mystery and Thriller Authors:
- Fix issues with plot, pacing and structure
- Help you develop characters, dialogue and scenes
- Make suggestions for stylistic editing
- Push you to come up with original ideas for your genre


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Matt A.

Matt A.

Aug, 2023

Amy is a pro and great to interact with. Her feedback and criticism is constructive and I value it greatly -- she calls it like it is. Very thorough and straightforward. I look forward to continuing to work with her on this project and others. Highly recommended!
Ann G.

Ann G.

Aug, 2019

Amy's thoughtful reading of my novel-in-progress and spot-on suggestions for improving the overall storyline provided the inspiration I needed to revise an early draft of the manuscript. Five stars for Amy's professionalism, speedy response to questions, and key insights into strengthening the narrative on several levels. I would happily work with her again!
Carole K.

Carole K.

Dec, 2018

As always, Amy work was excellent. She is crucial to the work to move my novel to publication. I am very thankful to have found her.
Frank M.

Frank M.

Sep, 2018

Amy is continuing to work with me as I plough through the second draft of my first novel. She is highly professional, thorough and extremely knowledgeable. She has helped me keep on track with premise, character development, plot and structure. Our collaboration is proving to be an extremely valuable cornerstone for the whole project.
Bonnie M.

Bonnie M.

May, 2018

Amy was a true professional who provided a detailed and insightful edit of my novel, providing careful recommendations for improvement respective of my vision. She listened and provided me the tools to take my book to the next level. I would highly recommend Amy.

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